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SPOILERS https://youtu.be/Vc_1mHqrYBA
I’m curious if, and how expanded the wardrobe for Online will be. Cause i also remember gta 5 single player lacking in clothes compared to online. It did help that every big updated added more clothes, like i want an eye patch or more bandanna colors! Or even the choice to have the formal wear at all times ( I’m not counting missions where they dress you)
Barely anything in their articles change so they can stay in trending, well fuck you Daily Star and you piece of crap site, got a thing to just block them completely, and the Express, fuck them too.
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/242400381353721858/515954159392915456/DsyYov1WwAE4AJL.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/242400381353721858/515954176958660618/DsyY1gxW0AATrcS.png this game has good silly hat potential (minor spoilers?)
Yeah I hope they do that right this time around. It sucked when things started to be released for gta online only (not only clothes, but weapons and vehicles too). I just want my colt navy and lemat even if I don't bother going online.
I'm just hoping it's not a grind-fest that relies on shark cards shark moneybags to squeeze any fun out of it
Yeah, a lot of hope indeed but something tells me they'll be keeping that to GTA Online and won't shit up this online with that, if what they've said about the multiplayer world is anything to go by, unless they're bullshitting us, in which case I'll be disappointed.
Huh, how do you trigger that?
Get arrested I suppose
https://rockstarintel.com/red-dead-online-release-date-revealed/ "The beta for the online portion of “Red Dead Redemption 2” goes live in waves this week with those who purchased the Ultimate version of the game gaining access Tuesday, anyone who played in the first few days of the game’s launch gaining access Wednesday and Thursday and everyone else by Friday.
What vest is that?
and here I was thinking the ult edition was a complete waste of money I am so hyped for tomorrow, gonna log on the second I can
If anyone has the ultimate edition digital and can't play tomorrow cause of work, I'll gladly log into your account and test it for you :v
It's part of The Grizzlies Outlaw outfit, which is among the preorder bonuses https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/225139/f87911ec-2b36-4a3d-bd61-7039bd075dac/Red-Dead-Redemption-2_20181026211701.png By the way, I turned in a bounty target some time ago and I encounter a somewhat beneficial bug: the money clip awarded for bringingin the criminal not only spawned on the sheriff's desk, but also for a nearby table in his office, allowing me to cash in the bounty twice
Finally, now these clickbait sites will have something legit to "report" on.
All I hope for Wednesday is that I get to see the character creator Keeping my expectations low as possible
Meanwhile the Sub-reddit is getting it's share of ignorant morons reposting what we know already and making a low quality threads like, "Who else can't wait for online?"
I was reflecting on the game since I've beaten it, and the ONLY thing I really dislike story wise is Javier. I always felt like we were boys, so his sticking with Dutch really hurt. It almost feels like I missed something regarding him, but maybe that was the point.
If you do the homestead robbery with him, Javiar makes it clear that he's with Dutch til the end, he and Dutch "See things the same way".
The RDR sub reddit sucks. It's all poorly thought out and super obvious quips about spoilers (thanks for ruining a couple cool things for me) and the same "can't wait till rocket horses!!!" joke rehashed 1000 times over.
Isn’t that, like, every sub-reddit in existence?
Well this is.....something https://twitter.com/DualShockers/status/1067103713439797248?s=19 Apparently the offer is only available in Sweeden right now. Any Swedish facepunchers wanna hunt for a Whopper?
Fuck man, playing rdr2 and winning a free burg is probably the only thing that’ll get me to eat BK.
I wouldnt spend money on one but shit a free burger is a free burger
Is losing that honor worth a free burger.
I'll just "Howdy, partner", throw fish back, or donate precisely $20.01 until my sins are forgiven
It's pretty distasteful to post stuff like this when the game only came out a month ago
I'm somewhat peeved that there are finite bounty hunter missions and finite stagecoach robberies.
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