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It's fine to be iffy on Nintendo making a list for Sakurai to look over, but at the same time I think people should at least try to give a slight benefit of the doubt. If the first pick sucks ass or hell, first two then I'd consider it a wash but watch Nintendo bend over backwards for Sakurai and try to get him the rights to stuff like Geno while we're all doomsaying.
Real talk, the gimmick would be that "Tidus" keeps casting Haste (portrayed by the Speed Monado art) on all three of them, doing so every time it's off cooldown It's a race to KO him in particular before he can cast it again, since "Lulu" and "Auron" become significantly more threatening with more speed
As a aside, I'm sure we'd get Erdrick or a DQ Slime in smash the second Sugiyama's stupid ass drops dead and not a minute before it because Sakurai wouldn't implement a character/stage with 0 music. I genuinely think that's the only reason it hasn't already happened. I'm looking forward to that day though.
My reaction to any DLC related news sans character reveals sans character reveals sans
I'll resign to the fact that they likely didn't record new Snake codecs But I hope to god he says something in World of Light Imagine the box was just a ruse and he's actually alongside Kirby to save the world
Snake can be to World of Light what Sonic was to Subspace Emissary - the last minute hero who steps in to tip the scales towards victory
If Disaster Day of Crisis can get in as a spirit there's no reason FF can't go all out I just want obscure characters from videogame pasts- give me wario and Luigi as the Bonanza Bros, or sheik as goemon
https://twitter.com/ChaseJ_T/status/1059859756188422144 https://twitter.com/BestBuy/status/1059948536773726208 Hmm...
I was talking to my younger brother about how I wasn't too upset about trophies being cut from Smash, and he responded with "I don't think you're allowed to be upset". what the fuck is that even supposed to mean
Dude you just got called a trophy by your brother might as well just pack it up.
I didn't care either way but as long as it makes someone happy sure whatever. It's kinda hard to argue keeping it when it was pulled from a genuinely racist game- one that nintendo itself had to backpedal and change in the collection. Literally no big deal. Also I fell off smash 4 after like...a year or so. When I did mewtwo was considered good moveset wise but insanely flawed to the point he was middle tier, but apparently sometime after that he became really good. Was something discovered or were his flaws really minor in the grand scheme of things?
I am glad to see Nintendo is working with ResetEra to make sure all individuals feel included when play this game. https://www.resetera.com/threads/smash-ultimate-has-74-characters-yet-lacks-black-brown-characters-read-op.78580/ I wonder if this is next.
The smash fanbase is toxic enough, please don't drag this kind of shit in too
We got black villagers now, so progress. Also, Mewtwo kept getting buffed each patch the game got. And I'm okay with that, solid and fun to play.
Shit, that means Cluster from Cluster's Revenge is basically deconfirmed. fucking rip
Smash's final boss is not Galeem, but the IP/copyright laws and expensive paywalls/royalties that roadblock Sakurai from easily getting in the characters he wants for so long
I don't know how I feel about a painter's pallet having only 1 colour on it.
We don't know her personality lol
Lel funny anti-"SJW snowflakes go home" epic gamer meme dude!! At least it would (read: still wouldn't) be if it was true - Dark Pit and Villager both have alts that make them clearly black.
Those aren't black villagers, they're just heavily-tanned-from-standing-in-the-sun-because-there's-no-option-to-just-pick-a-skintone-so-you-have-to-time-travel-to-summer-and-wait-some-hours-just-so-your-villager-looks-like-you Villagers. Unless they added the ability to be black in New Leaf because honestly I remember the above scenario too vividly for it to not have been a thing.
I think most people who are now kicking up a fuss are mostly annoyed that it seems like Nintendo edited the game after only a handful of people complained coming from a place like Resetera. Difference here is that the subject of controversy in question actually is actually deemed offensive and Nintendo has shown in the past that they've edited this exact same thing for this reason already.
Mewtwo was initially regarded as slightly worse than his Melee incarnation upon his original release, but thanks to patches, he became a threat. Abadango managed to take Pound 2016 with the newly buff Mewtwo, and players such as WaDi have been fairly consistent with high placings with the character.
Never played AC, so can't really say anything. In any case, the US are FAR more racially diverse than Japan, so it is to be expected. A shame in any case. Also, I mained Mewtwo in Melee, and grabbed it as soon as it came out for Smash 4. It started out feeling very similar, then it kept improving, moving faster and faster. And my flatmates never managed to win against my Mewtwo in 2 and a half years.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-pfpTx6b1Q The best music.
You couldn't be black in New Leaf but you could be Black in Happy Home Designer and Pocket Camp, for that one guy that asked/mentioned it. And fair enough on mewtwo replies. Now if only Dedede could get something to save him from the dumpster bin. Iunno, maybe make his air speed faster than a beached whale for starters?
The fact that Nintendo might actually be monitoring what happens on ResetEra is actually quite disturbing, before you know it they'll be removing battling wild Pokemon in their latest game because its an illusion to hunting wild animals in real life, make your supposed to be Pokemon rivals in to nice friends to occasionally battle because being mean isn't good. While I do agree that its a good idea to remove the feather, the fact that it comes from a small outcry from ResetEra, should be setting off alarms, since ResetEra is populated by the same people who populated NeoGaf. The same kind of people who would harass foreign Indie Devs out of the market because of a "deeply problematic" issue that boils down to a cultural difference or language barrier.
I got to thinking about the Direct, and how Sakurai apologized for not having any announcements regarding the DLC fighters beyond their existence. I wonder if they have it down what characters they want, I wonder if they'll tell us all five prior to their release.
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