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Potentially interesting thought: do we know if David Hayter mentioned that he was recording new lines for Ultimate or if he just said he was being paid/credited/whatever for the ones he did in Brawl? They’ve reused ZSS’s lines since that game so there’s no reason to think he’d mention being contacted for it unless he was doing new material, right? What i’m saying is it makes codecs coming back more likely
Didn't he confirm he didn't do any codec lines or am I making things up
Alright you over-analysing and retentive dweebs. What are the odds of there being any "Spirits" from a Final Fantasy other than 7?
lmao fuck. well glad he said this at least so I can change my expectations because yeah, that pretty well obliterates Geno. Banjo could still have a chance tho if Banjo Kazooie is on the N64 Mini, but ehh it's slim. It's gonna be new game tie-ins all the way across most likely. o well hope they're something fun at least.
I used my Piranha Plant code and the store just said "thanks for using your code!" and booted me back to the home screen with a sound effect, no other indication or progress bar or anything to tell me it added the content Due to past experiences with digital storefronts getting flaky about DL codes if you don't do things EXACTLY right, I am now paranoid it didn't actually give it to me
i don't think there's been square spirits seen in the trailers and videos besides geno, so unless nintendo's contract with square prevents them from using it in pre-release showcases, i'm not too hopeful.
The only codec in the game is activated when you press down on all 8 Snakes at the same time on Big Battlefield, and it's just the video recording of David Hayter saying "Raiden, squeeze my hog!" from the video he sent to Vinny from Vinesauce
How about an entire FFX event Shulk possessed by spirit Tidus, with Zelda possessed by Lulu, and Ike by Auron
Does shulk have a endless laugh taunt?
It's fine to be iffy on Nintendo making a list for Sakurai to look over, but at the same time I think people should at least try to give a slight benefit of the doubt. If the first pick sucks ass or hell, first two then I'd consider it a wash but watch Nintendo bend over backwards for Sakurai and try to get him the rights to stuff like Geno while we're all doomsaying.
Real talk, the gimmick would be that "Tidus" keeps casting Haste (portrayed by the Speed Monado art) on all three of them, doing so every time it's off cooldown It's a race to KO him in particular before he can cast it again, since "Lulu" and "Auron" become significantly more threatening with more speed
As a aside, I'm sure we'd get Erdrick or a DQ Slime in smash the second Sugiyama's stupid ass drops dead and not a minute before it because Sakurai wouldn't implement a character/stage with 0 music. I genuinely think that's the only reason it hasn't already happened. I'm looking forward to that day though.
My reaction to any DLC related news sans character reveals sans character reveals sans
I'll resign to the fact that they likely didn't record new Snake codecs But I hope to god he says something in World of Light Imagine the box was just a ruse and he's actually alongside Kirby to save the world
Snake can be to World of Light what Sonic was to Subspace Emissary - the last minute hero who steps in to tip the scales towards victory
If Disaster Day of Crisis can get in as a spirit there's no reason FF can't go all out I just want obscure characters from videogame pasts- give me wario and Luigi as the Bonanza Bros, or sheik as goemon
https://twitter.com/ChaseJ_T/status/1059859756188422144 https://twitter.com/BestBuy/status/1059948536773726208 Hmm...
I was talking to my younger brother about how I wasn't too upset about trophies being cut from Smash, and he responded with "I don't think you're allowed to be upset". what the fuck is that even supposed to mean
Dude you just got called a trophy by your brother might as well just pack it up.
I didn't care either way but as long as it makes someone happy sure whatever. It's kinda hard to argue keeping it when it was pulled from a genuinely racist game- one that nintendo itself had to backpedal and change in the collection. Literally no big deal. Also I fell off smash 4 after like...a year or so. When I did mewtwo was considered good moveset wise but insanely flawed to the point he was middle tier, but apparently sometime after that he became really good. Was something discovered or were his flaws really minor in the grand scheme of things?
Mewtwo is essentially a really really good glass cannon to put it bluntly. Good combos, good kill options and setups, great movement, also a busted airdodge. His flaws are outweighed by his strengths, essentially.
I am glad to see Nintendo is working with ResetEra to make sure all individuals feel included when play this game. https://www.resetera.com/threads/smash-ultimate-has-74-characters-yet-lacks-black-brown-characters-read-op.78580/ I wonder if this is next.
It was a blatantly racist reference from an old game and it's being removed. Darn ess-jay-double-yas oppressing the racist gamers
The smash fanbase is toxic enough, please don't drag this kind of shit in too
We got black villagers now, so progress. Also, Mewtwo kept getting buffed each patch the game got. And I'm okay with that, solid and fun to play.
Shit, that means Cluster from Cluster's Revenge is basically deconfirmed. fucking rip
I've only seen a handful of people being very upset about the original sprite, meanwhile I'm seeing tons of people complaining about it getting censored. Kinda fucked up that people are upset about a racist carricature being removed.
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