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finally i can identify windows 7 brothers ever since they removed the icon my life has been pain and specially considering MIPS and pentium "snow's come early in this work place" 4 are gone, life is basically worthless at this point
I was watching Oxhorn play it yesterday and someone asked him this and I think he gave a very good answer. He said all the people he's seen who haven't played the game absolutely hate it, while almost all the people he's seen who have played it are enjoying it, though not thinking it's the best thing in the world. There are of course people who have tried it and don't like it too. Really it's a fine game, it does what it sets out to do well and it doesn't pretend to be anything other than what it is. If you want a game where you explore a wasteland and dig up the stories of the dead then you'll probably like this. If you want a game where you talk to PCs and have moral choices then this isn't that at all. It's not an amazing game but it's not the garbage fire people are busy trying to convince themselves it is.
What do you want me to say? It's a fallout game without the fallout. Bethesda's games have always been utter jankey shit to play, but with interesting characters, thoroughly interactive worlds, and fun story lines or quests to make up for it. If you get rid of the latter elements, you are just left with the former. Now that I've actually sat down and played the game at a mate's house (admittedly on an xbox, rather than my preferred platform of PC) I really can't see the appeal, it feels like you are running around after a fallout game has happened cleaning up after everyone.
Aka a Fallout game
See the issue for me is that you're forced initially to go in this weird horseshoe shape to get to Vegas which feels super railroadie as any deviation results in encounters that are too high leveled for a low level guy to really fight. Now I'll say the landmarks in the map are generally better but iunno, it ultimately feels like there's less to outright explore if that makes any sense
It's an FPS MMO Fallout Spin-Off game, not sure what you expected
i mean with new vegas there legit is less to explore, but FONV's main good points weren't exploration. I'm glad Obsidian decided to focus on story rather than exploration value in the short 18 months they got to make NV.
Really isn't true, tbh. Have you ever been to the Devil's Throat? or Hell's Motel? Hell, have you even visited Crescent Canyon? These are a fraction of the areas in NV, people just get too tied up in quests to go explore 'em.
The names don't ring a bell but probably, I dumped a unhealthy amount of hours into the game. Just overall feels lest like a vast wasteland and more like a... I dont know, game arena? I don't want to say that because then it makes it sound completely constrained but by comparison
Fallout 3 has the "gamey" theme park world. NV has a world that adheres too close to reality - that's why it's not as fun to explore.
It’s not really an MMO
Correct terminology would probably be FPS live services spinoff.
I expected exactly what I got. (Although admittedly the game is actually in a worse state than I personally anticipated). Predictable disappointment isn't somehow an upgrade over regular disappointment.
New Vegas's areas are all absolute bangers through and through. They're intelligently-crafted, thought-out areas designed to fit both within the geography of the world (IRL and in the lore) and represent factional instances in a way that makes sense and stays consistent to the logic of the plot. Fallout 3 has a bunch of completely disconnected, completely irrelevant, and ultimately plot-unimportant dungeons with admittedly variable areas and visual design, but ultimately all they serve to do is push the player into the same cycle of shoot, loot, repeat. I'm not a raving NV fangirl either, but I will say that NV is the only 3D Fallout game that does this. Other games like STALKER and the recent larger Hitman games also have tailor-crafted worlds. A lot of FO3's actual dungeon levels themselves were auto-generated from snap kit models and then later re-jiggered by devs after the fact, whereas NV's areas were all, as far as I am aware, painstakingly hand-designed after the initial geo-gen. It's sort of amazing because it must have taken Obsidian a hell of a lot of time and effort. It's why I don't mind Lonesome Road or Dead Monkey being relatively linear compared to the other DLC's -- making open worlds is fucking time consuming if you want it to be more than a pop-up-ducks shooting gallery in a massive field. It's why linearity in games isn't really bad. I'd much prefer a linear experience that has depth than a massive sandbox with a puddle's depth. It's why I was sort of flabbergasted at Fallout 4's plot -- for a linear game where I would assumedly be taking the place of Nate or Nora, it would work. For a freeroam game where I'm expecting to take on my own character-- it's bizarre. A game like Mass Effect or Deus Ex (roaming to an extent based out of central hubs) would have much more suited FO4. As for FO3, it is indeed bigger in terms of actual world size but most of that is taken up by impassable barriers around DC, and fucking subway tunnels inside DC. I have no idea why people liked the metro transit mechanic, it was god-awful and pointlessly over-extended the otherwise anaemic main plot.
Well New Vegas does take place in a desert. It would be wrong for it to be packed every inch with locations. Though that said New Vegas only has a handful fewer locations than Fallout 3, and Fallout 3 counted a lot of useless power substations with nothing in them, the kind of thing New Vegas would leave unmarked. If we go by 'towns' then Fallout 3 has: Megaton Rivet City Paradise Falls Big Town Little Lamplight The Citadel The Republic of Dave Canterbury Commons Girdershade (Does a town of two people count?) Arefu Meresti Metro Station While New Vegas has: Goodsprings Primm The Brotherhood Bunker Novac Camp Golf The Fort Freeside Westside The Strip Jacobstown Red Rock Canyon 11 each, and I didn't even count the Mojave Outpost or Cottonwood Cove for New Vegas. Fallout 3 has more 'dungeons' but I'd argue that's because New Vegas doesn't sequester nearly as much content off into caves and buildings and is much happier to have events on the open map, where fallout 3 mostly has random fights between Brotherhood/Super Mutants, Talon Company/Super Mutants, Brotherhood/Ghouls, raiders/whatever they come across, and animal attacks.
I sort of drifted around points there but what I meant to make a point of is that Bethesda really doesn't put any value into the worlds they create, and any ideas you guys have that FO3 has a deeper or more interesting world to explore are honestly just pure nostalgia. I feel a sort of pang for the first time I explored FO3 too, but when I look at it objectively there's utterly no comparison with FONV and FO3. FO3 has the depth of a Borderlands game in terms of world structure and design, and the obtuse stonewalling when you get near DC makes the game almost insufferable to re-play in anything less than a year of your last playthrough. It's like playing Deus Ex and remembering the Mole People segment exists. That slow, begrudging realization you've got a hell of a slog through boring, boring segments. Will say that all of these are completely random and based out of plonked-down creature spawners. Variable opinions on this, personally. It was more entertaining and had variety on the one hand, but on the other it made the early game sometimes unplayable because you'd get a whole fucking heap of deathclaws spawning in the middle of nowhere.
Speaking of FO4 dungeons. I went through the lovecraft mining quarry (where you can find that unique machete) That was fucking top notch, really enjoyed that one Makes me kinda wonder how bethesda would deal with making fallout a almost horror game like. Bethesda may be shit at a lot of things, but they can make some absolutely ace horror dungeons.
I'm interested to see how they handle "faction" PvP. The only mass PvP event ingame right now is the Civil War re-enactment, which sucks because no one's ever over there and it uses your own ammo. That's pretty awful tbh.
Does anyone else take damage randomly when nothing is around? No players, no enemies. Just standing there then randomly my screen acts like I'm being meleed.
sweet they added ghost mechanics
Dunwich Borers and the Dunwich Building from FO3 are my favourite Bethesda-made areas. They're not tremendously effective as horror levels (at least for me) but they've got an otherworldly depth that always makes them a hoot to play. They remind me of the Ocean House Hotel from my beloved Bloodlines.
A big part of the reason I enjoy Fallout 3's world has to do with the fact it has an abundant list of random events that populate a number of its cells that help pad the in-betweens of locations, most are repeatable, but others are unique, which makes traveling around feel kind of rewarding knowing that you might find something different. To me, that's what makes it feel significantly more alive, even if it doesn't really play into some logical pattern. NPC's fighting and engaging with each other is something I always find tremendously appealing in any game, and I think a big part of what made me consider the Mojave feel so hollow to me is that there weren't really a whole lot of areas where you can see NPCs interacting with each other to the same degree. In fact, the only real zones I can name off the top of my head that see the most action is the general region around Camp McCarran, where the NCR can usually be heard engaging with fiends. And sometimes a little south of Novac, there are some minor skirmishes between the NCR and the Legion, but nothing really substantial. I guess because it's a desert that kind of makes sense, but it's a game, so I'd rather concessions not be overwhelmingly made just to make it seem real when I really am playing a game for fun and I really just want to be entertained. Even though some locations in Fallout 3 can really just be defined as a "just because" location that doesn't really have anything major in it besides maybe a holotape telling a story, or just some minor loot or an amusing scene, I think part of the reason I like that is because it still kind of expands and makes me feel like there is more to this world than just what you see on the surface, even if it's some no-name apartment nobody has entered in decades. Between Fallout 3 and NV's world, while I do prefer 3's, I still do like New Vegas' shaping of the world when it includes things that complement the survival mechanics, which I think New Vegas did a good job of incorporating. I liked knowing where to find edible flora, and where I could always hunt specific enemies, like big horners for some nice steak. I guess if I were to divide the strongest feelings to each game, I would say Fallout 3's world keeps me entertained, and incentivizes my exploration, but New Vega's world makes me feel a little immersed with the location and surviving inside it. Fallout 4 was the perfect middle ground for me because it incorporates aspects of what I like from both game, since it does possess survival mechanics, and there are some more sensible, and logically placed objects and scenarios depending on the location you travel to.
So a friend and I were exploring and found a scorchbeast. Saw a cave nearby and decided to duck into it so we wouldn't be seen. Found another friend inside. https://i.imgur.com/mxp3wrx.png Also attracted the scorchbeast while running outside to avoid the deathclaw. Eventually I ran into the bus for shelter, which didn't work very well, then we noticed the scorchbeast "attacking" the deathclaw https://i.imgur.com/ltzKO2p.png Finally ended up killing the thing then hiding in the cave until the scorchbeast lost interest. It's the little things like this that make me keep playing even though there are huge glaring problems with it.
That questlog tho.
Oh and yeah, this happened to me once. It scared the fuck out of me, one time it happened to me in Flatwoods as I was restocking food, and I got staggered. I never actually take damage, but it still makes your character wince in pain.
I get it all the time, im having instances where my teammates can see an enemy that I can't and its whats attacking me so im assuming it must be some kind of client server desync
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