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Tuskin fighting the forum: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/324948/38f10d73-01a2-44c3-b011-a51864e71e2a/image.png I love you all though, and your opinions, too. No shade.
"I played the tutorial section and am very well positioned to say this game sucks and is not Fallout".. if you leave the spawn zone and go explore and pay attention to the lore a bit it's actually very Fallout, I'd say moreso than 4 even. If you go into a game with the intent to prove to yourself how awful it then yeah man, you're not gonna enjoy it lol Does anybody understand fully the nuke system? You collect the letters and you need 8 to launch, I get that.. but you also need a code word that is written in the Enclave bunker and this is the part I can't find any info on. Does the code word change? When does it change? And apparently it is revealed bit by bit over time? How often?
You know, it's a shame the game isn't doing that great. Despite the flaws it seems like there were a lot of nice additions. More weapon and clothing options, greater variety of enemies, some of which have special interactions like the Mothman for instance. If they had just added in NPCs and a proper story I'm sure the game would've done great. Also would have helped if they turned multiplayer into just a 4 player co-op instead of all the silly PvP stuff they did. I guess once people find a way to crack open the game we'll be seeing the community fix these errors. In fact, I'm sure if someone were talented enough they could create an entire single player story for the game. Complete with NPCs.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/241170/dad9cdbf-e5a7-4ca8-b8c4-37786ce7b05c/german todd howard hq.png Hallo an alle, ich bin es, Hans Howard, und ich hoffe, euch allen gefällt das neue leichtes Maschinengewehr im Fallout 76, denn ich bin sicher!
I played on her character, I didn't make a new one. So I didn't just play the tutorial thanks. If you actually read my post, I explained why I don't like the game. Without the elements that actually make Bethesda games great, there isn't enough there for me to overlook the mediocre gameplay and lethal levels of jank. Without the interactive world, quests, and interesting characters- there isn't enough incentive for me to put up with the clunky UI, middling gameplay, constant bugs, odd visuals, weird floaty movement and the terrible online VATS alternative. These elements are ESPECIALLY off putting in an always online live service. I dislike the Pipboy UI at the best of times, having to fiddle with it in real time is a nightmare. Also I hate this idea that anyone who didn't like the game ~wanted~ to hate it. Yeah I wanted nothing more than an instalment to my favourite franchise that had absolutely nothing that did it for me. This is secretly a dream come true, I love to not enjoy games, you have cracked the case. I get that you like the game, for whatever reason, but that doesn't mean you need to scramble for reasons why the opinions of people who didn't are objectively wrong!!!!. Chill out man.
I'd say that other than the Fallout flavoring itself, 76 largely doesn't have what I play Fallout games for, it does have what I play Bethesda games for, that being expressing myself as a created character in a wide open world I can explore and discover at my leisure. I mean, mostly when you get a new Beth game, you either ignore the main quest or knock it out real quick so you can just experience the world without worrying about it, right? The other night, I spent like an hour in the Charleston Capitol Building, exploring the grounds, reading the notes, and piecing together what happened leading up to the start of the game. When I briefly ran in there during the beta, I saw the Christmas trees, was confused by why they were there since the war hit before Halloween, and kinda chided Bethesda for being silly. Now I know the whole tragic story and it has much more of an impact than I expected. Of course, the multiplayer aspect completely undermines the benefit of this kind of writing. The reason I scoffed at the Christmas trees during the beta was because I went there while playing with a friend, and we just ran around shooting the monsters and grabbing the loot. We saw the notes and terminals, but we didn't want to wait around or make the other of us wait around while we read terminals. So all the story elements and depth that Bethesda filled the dungeon with becomes completely irrelevant thanks to making the game multiplayer. I feel like a lot of 76 is at odds with itself like this. It's a loot and shoot, but there's no one to trade with and hardly anything to trade for. The game encourages you to grab everything not nailed down for the crafting mechanics, but then doesn't give you space enough in your stash to store it. I'm passing up bullets and meat from animals because I don't have any more carry weight - in what kind of post-apocalyptic setting does this make sense? The game is made up of a bunch of little systems and parts that, even if they're good on their own, don't exactly mesh together very well. Still, I am enjoying the game, I just kinda wish I had someone to talk to, and that other players would stop entering my dungeons while I'm reading terminals and causing all the enemies to respawn around me.
I have so much god damn .308, WHERE DID YOU FIND THIS.
Honeatly I just found it on a random super mutant while hauling back across the divide. I guess the over encumbered system has its perks but still. Honestly, although it maybe just because of the mods/balance, but this gun is kinda bad. like holy shit 9 damage .308 german machine gun < 23 damage .38 pipe gun
Weird how, even though I looked through the internet, i found no fully definitive answer to how long it takes for areas to respawn in fallout 4 on hard core mode, so I decided to look through the game files to find it. It takes 7 days for a normal area to respawn, and 20 days for a cleared location to fully respawn. I play on hardcore mode, which lengthens these times differently. normal area respawn is a whopping 35 days, and cleared locations are an astounding 80 days to respawn. Bear in mind that you need to avoid the area to prevent the clock for that area respawning to reset.
So two lads over level 50, one in x-01 and the other in that special t-51b or whatever tried to take the ammo factory from me. (for ref - im 35 with half a suit of regular T-51b) Layed into them with the Gatling laser and did really not much while their hunting rifles did pretty much the same to me, had mates but they killed them all so it was just down to us 3. Decided fuck it, if im going down ill do it in style and pulled out my sledge hammer, turns out sledge hammers kinda wreck shit. Power attack took out half the non x-01's hp in one swing, he was dead before he even had time to react to the second swing to his head. Turn around and the other guy immediately starts back peddling towards the door. No escape. I think I might have to give up my dream of using heavy energy weapons in favor of just beating people with a hammer
Oh fair enough, I didn't know that But it does have an interactive world with quests? Characters and dialogue are definitely a significant missing factor, I agree with that, though like I said I'm finding the log based lore more compelling than any Beth NPCs where I can pile buckets on someone's head while they're giving a serious speech lol. Chalk it up to taste I guess. Yeah this part is pretty terrible. Idk if it's my controller or Beth but somehow selecting things in the quick select wheel is really fucky I mean you were posting about how shit it was before you even played it lol I think you're overestimating how invested I am here dude, I'm talking to you about video games on a video game forum. Sorry if it seemed like I had a shitty attitude, I wasn't trying to go at you or anything man.
I got one off a Wendigo, but I scrapped it because it was lvl 40. Now I've hit lvl 40 and haven't found another since. Guess I just need to move my camp into a higher level area and get farming.
I was posting about how awful it looked before I said I had played it. Everything prior to that was strictly impressions gleaned from other people's gameplay, and honestly it's about as bad as I expected it to be. When I talk about interactive worlds I'm talking about the player's ability to influence their surroundings and the characters in them. If I drop a book under a tree in skyrim, it will still be there the next time I walk past assuming it hasn't janked through the level geometry If I kill an npc- he's now dead, for the rest of that save. If you complete certain quests certain ways, the story changes characters react differently. If you pick up a cool sword, you can drop and display it anywhere you want in your player home. In fallout 76 you can't even keep a group of mutants dead for longer than 30 seconds if another player decides to bumble in and respawn them all. Yes I know, "it's a live service! what did you expect!?", but I rarely enjoy those kind of games anyway, and that's before you consider the fact that most live services don't use Bethesda's janky engine and gameplay mechanics.
(and then it turns out there's only one in the entire game)
in a different FO related thread someone posted a picture of FO76 of a dead NPC, except the NPC was in a T pose, in the ground with only their legs sticking out Here's something related: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/112970/4a89d8f5-8a1f-434c-95a5-b96c7e9bf962/ScreenShot5.png
That was me, and it was this thread.
Wait was it FO4? Thought it was FO76. My picture is from 4
Is having a mic necessary? My PC and Xbox share the same headset but at the cost of mic functionality.
On the next page someone posted a picture from FO76.
Those are the bodies under the car tree where you get jumped by a radscorpion, right? I've never seen those bodies load right, not that bodies loading correctly is too common in general anyway.
Made someone rage quit after killing them for assaulting me in my camp so I’m going to be rock fucking solid for the next 24 hours
You should probably go see a Doctor, it's not supposed to last for 24 hours.
I don't have a microphone (and couldn't use one if I wanted to) and I have encountered precisely zero people using voice chat. Most people just kind of shuffle around each other and occasionally use an emote. Also, emotes being locked behind the atom store is the worst thing. It's literally the only non-verbal way to communicate in the game, don't make that an unlockable.
This is especially sad in a game like 76 where death has little concequence besides losing a few caps and whatever junk you were holding. I accidentled some lvl 72 guy while we were fighting ghouls and he took the opportunity to push my shit in. 15 seconds later I'd respawned and we were fighting together again like nothing happened.
I heard someone trying to talk to me when I was trying to figure out my mic. There was some dude screaming into his mic when i exited the vault. That kinda ruined the experience.
so uh, i think Bethesda broke the game WORSE with this new patch, because i had recently started a new character because i messed up my stat allocation. The quests in Flatwoods just stopped starting permanently soft locking me out of the Responders' storyline. And uh, i could infinitely rank up perk cards as long as a i had two of the card, so i'm level 4 with like 2 rank 3 cards that i cant equip because i'm under leveled.
Oh man the Riverside Manor is awesome https://i.imgur.com/W6FLWK4.png If you think you know who that's from... Click this. That's right, it's your favorite Ghoul from Goodneighbor!
Imagine being able to live your dream of indulging in your fandom autism for literal centuries.
How did I not catch that? Nice.
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