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OneShot did a pretty good job at giving me the same feelings Undertale did It's also the only game that's managed to make me sob. Damn that solstice ending...
Soul crushing emotions, a lingering feeling of "Darn its over" that I can never escape from, and the scars from the endless smack-down that was genocide aside, Undertale taught me valuable life lessons: Big smiles rule, and burning down your home with a stranger is a great bonding experience.
Oh yeah oneshot was fantastic too, absolutely 10/10 everything. Still one of the best 7 hours I've spend in one sitting playing a game. Go play it.
OneShot has one of the best "gimmicks" I've ever seen in a game and I desperately want more of the same. Everyone who has it in them to give it even a slight chance should play it. That "gimmick" being you and the player character interacting with each other. Never have I ever been so connected to a character in a game as fast, and it's such a simple thing too.
It isn't that easy. I seen a few devs be like "Oh you just have to be meta and put love and effort into the characters and tackle heart-rending subjects" but completely discount the nuances such as Undertale utilizing gameplay as storytelling and flipping player behaviors in their head, or Oneshot's ability to engage and fish reactions out of the player and approach a sombre theme with that level of innocence. Sure more people would wish more of those games would exist but I'm just more than happy to giggly euphorically whenever a rare one came out of nowhere. Try Wandersong. It isn't as powerful but it's still good.
OneShot and Nitw didn't leave me wanting more tho, but now with Deltarune and the fact that Toby said he doesn't want to connect it to UT for some reason didn't give me much hope. I just want to save the goat
Seconds later with Susie https://twitter.com/RFSwitchArt/status/1105508061408563200
You know what would totally ruin Deltarune for me? If the next chapter was an Epic store exclusive.
I've been mulling over the "I'm with you in the dark" song a few times now, and I've started to become more convinced of a theory I have. "When the light is running low And the shadows start to grow And the places that you know Seem like fantasy" Really makes it sound like the town we see in Chapter 1 will also turn into the "Dark World", for one reason or another. Something about the town layout also makes it seem plausible; if each day more areas of the Town are seen through Dark World, going upward, it'd leave home as the last one, which seems like a fitting place to conclude things - especially because Asriel is going to come visit on the last day. What's more, on the exact opposite side of the Town is the locked mystery gate that plays out Gaster-related sound effects. I don't think it's a coincidence it's essentially juxtapositioned with home in terms of location.
The return of Asriel is giving me some serious Doki Doki Literature Club vibes. The game will probably just end right before he's supposed to turn up like with the festival that was constantly teased in that game.
If that will be the case, which it could of course, I wouldnt be suprised if the "dark world" would still be our wild imagination, and Asriels return would make us come back to reality, With him hugging us and saying kind words, wich would coincide with how everthing seems in reverse/not right, so Him hugging us/Kris would be the Parabolic Imitation of us/Chara hugging Asriel in the pacifist ending of UT
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/107118/6896154a-625c-4dfa-9d90-313505d15d97/image.png Source
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxFZn6r9OxI This is a little too well done
https://www.reddit.com/r/Deltarune/comments/b105rd/ralsei_casts_machine_gun/ I may not have been optimistic for the deltarune meme lifecycle but if we carry on this trend I think I might have to change my tune.
i did the christmas cheer https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/109809/1869447a-ac19-41b9-bfc1-f6cad65dc9de/nolle.png
I really wish the original Vs. Susie was longer. Like sure I understand why its so short since its for a scene that's not much longer than it is, but it would EASILY be my favorite song if it went on for another 2 minutes. The song's evolution as it goes on is nothing short of 1:21 of brilliant.
Fresh high quality rip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hg96TB19pwQ
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