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Are there any New Vegas mods besides Beyond Boulder Dome and Dog City Denver that add lore/series relevant locations?
It makes me sad that after Fallout 1 none of the games gave us more grotesque monstrosities like The Master. Show us more horrors of the wasteland, please.
You're missing Fallout 3. https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/fallout/images/b/bc/Centaur.png/revision/latest?cb=20110204015102
Yeah centaurs are pretty cool, but the main plot revolving around them is what I really want. No more "where's muh son" or "where's daddy", I want to see some existential dread type shit
76 has the Snallygasters which are pretty fucked up. There's also the red vines that mind control people.
I didn't even notice it right away when I first encountered it (I was in power armor, with a headlamp darker than the pip boy light) I just thought it was just random roots and branches and I almost shat myself when it moved. It's like a super advanced and fucked up version of Harold.
I didn't know my boy J.C. played video games. Maybe I'll run into him someday.
So, in my absence I missed news of TTW 3 being released and now it's 3.2. Guess now is as good a time as any to do my mega-long coast-to-coast playthrough of a quiet, well-meaning but pyromanic Vault Dweller that will inevitably end up another sneaky sniper.
Also, Kojima retweeted that. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1977/4fab2f89-6f2c-467d-8e4b-bf598e574e32/image.png
I finally "finished" Fallout 4 (did the main quest, bunch of side quests, discovered most of the map). I only played FO3 and New Vegas before as far as Fallout games are concerned. This is the first one I felt like I couldn't make my own character. The super simple dialog system, the voice, the motivation, hints of backstory just didn't let me play anything else but a father looking for his son. Now I usually play a good guy but the dialog options were so uninspired I found talking was just a way to progress in quests. I think I could count on fingers of one hand when the dialog was exciting. All the factions are uninteresting, the Institute especially seems to have split personality. On one hand they terrorize the Commonwealth with scary robots but think they are saving humanity? I don't know if I missed some dialog but I didn't hear enough justification for their actions. The quests that keep appearing, I think they are called radiant quests? Fuck. Those. I can see them useful for XP/ affinity farming but give them their own sub-menu. Somewhere in the middle of the playthrough I wasn't sure which quests are important. The rest of the quests lacked in diversity, mostly go there, kill the enemies, sometimes bring something back. On the bright side, I actually like the improvements to gun play, changes to the perks, even the settlement building was kind of fun. I also liked how many models they created for the crafting, the Vault jumpsuit and Pip-boy redesigns and the Power Armor mechanics. In short, for me they made "pure" gameplay improvements but they removed a lot of the character choices and interesting quest lines. From what I hear and read Fallout 76 is made of stuff I hated in FO4 so I will probably stay clear of it. Sucks for the diehard fans with the quality issues and price drops.
Death Stranding is actually Fallout 5, And the main villain is Howard Todd.
"All you have to do to survive is play fallout 76 for 200 hours! Of course it does!"
There is no justification to the Institute. The reasoning for anything is never explained.
Reminder that the Institute wanted to make child synths. Meaning they are going to kill innocent children in order to replace them. There is no moral grey about those fucks, Institute is straight up evil in my book.
If hit-and-miss mentions in the game proper and extra materials outside of it are to be believed, the Institute's main reason in (A) developing Synths, (B)perfecting their bodies and mind as to mimic human beings and (C) kidnapping and generally screwing around with the people above using them is about them wantint to gradually infiltrate the society of the Commonwealth with their creation and guide the next human evolution towards the path they desider (hence their motto, "Mankind Redefined"). Notice however that even this "canonical" explanation for their behaviour still doesn't cover anything they say, do or claim to work towards in-game, at least as far as your character is concerned
Are there any recommend extra spawn/etc. mods for Fallout 4? Default is just too barren.
Can one of you show me on the map this mine? I want to see it
I remember thinking the same and tried War of the Commonwealth. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/12395 IIRC it comes with a holotape that lets you configure the size and intensity of spawns. The minimal option should give you enough extra things to shoot already. Maximum setting turns the whole map in an absolute warzone.
you're my hero, I'll be hitting that up after dinner
Amazon gave me a $5 voucher after a small mess up on their part, so I ordered a copy of FO76 to my sister's place in the States for $30 so she can send me the key. Not bad. Even if it is a fairly broken game I think I'll get enough enjoyment out of it to justify that price.
Aight. I'll give it a look. Thanks.
if any of this counts for spoilers ill take em down, but just some screens from the past couple of days of playing: https://puu.sh/C8lLH.png https://puu.sh/C8lMf.png https://puu.sh/C8lLW.png
The Institute considers themselves as saving humanity because they don't see a future on the surface, so it's kind of up to them to act as this time capsule for the brightest minds and technologically advanced domestic technology they continue to build. They would rather stay underground and outwait the surface world to die off, which is something they consider inevitable. The only problem is there are some implications the current directorate has decided to passively be hostile to the surface by contributing to some level of instability you can find on the surface world. They weren't always hostile, but certain ambiguous circumstances caused some irreconcilable hostilities to the surface world, and they've kind of just embraced that reputation of being a bogeyman since nobody was trusted them at that point, and it works in their favor to keep people out of their operations. And synths are really just seen as one of the pinnacles of their technology, blurring the lines between man and machine, and being able to create robots that can act far more autonomously and do things normal humanoid robots can't.
Marsupial mutation best mutation
found an old fallout 4 clip I recorded, figured I'd throw it up here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znJLIHaBkQQ&feature=youtu.be
Apparently there is a bunch of creepy mascot costumes in 76. I already found the mole. im putting a diamond bounty on whoever can find the Mr Fuzzy costume and verify the location with pics. Specifically the Tattered version
I've checked in FO76Edit, and it looks like it's only available through Mr. Fuzzy tokens redeemed at the terminals in Camden Park. 175 for the Costume (even though the terminal says 150), and 300 for the Head. It's also only available as the Soiled version, despite the clean version existing in the files. The tokens are only obtainable through the 3 dailies at Camden Park, so it'll take a while to get the full set.
https://www.reddit.com/r/fo76/comments/a0lt2z/ive_compiled_a_list_of_all_known_bugs_in_fallout/ I have a feeling that this list doesn't manage to list even a quarter of the bugs present, but still...wow
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