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Hi there, I am an avid Rust player. I love the game. I made a stupid mistake and opened up a loader sent to me whilst in game which opened up a strange panel whilst in game. I later found out it was some kind of cheat but it didnt work or do anything, but it did open in game asking for max distance and some other things. I saw a message which said CLICK F4 to disable and clicked it straight away and deleted the loader. In the morning when I logged back on I found my account had been totally banned. I am gutted. Its the only game I play and I play with 3, 4 guys 4, 5 times a week. You can see on my account I have many hours, have never been banned or ever had any issues and certainly have never cheated. Is there anyway I can have my account reinstated? I really cant believe I deserve to be totally banned for this. I am a loyal rust player. I even donate to servers i play on. My account ID is: tribalzen PLEASE HELP FACEPUNCH. It was a genuine mistake and silly thing to do, absolutely no malicious in anyway
No lol.
Why no?
damn man that's quite impressive, you a real player.
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