• Island Punch III - A New Beginning
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Island Punch is back and better than ever before Some of you may remember my old social experiment from four years ago where I had an island map on a Minecraft server with limited resources and limited space. The results were... interesting and I'm looking to bring this back. Now I know everyone has moved on from Minecraft, but it's what I know and it works the best with the particular things I want to see. What is it? Island Punch is simple, it's an island with a limited size and limited valuable goods. Populated by Facepunch members, the desire is to see what happens over time when given next to no rules and limitations. Next to no rules? Yes, next to no rules. You are allowed to be a thief if you so choose, and you're allowed to nuke the map if you so please. But know that your actions have consequences. We will not stop anyone from killing you on sight if you blow up their dick sculpture. The only rule is do what you want. Except creating something to lag the server intentionally. Don't do that. (Also don't cheat) Okay, so how do I join? Join the discord and look in #whitelist-requests - https://discord.gg/xX9m4c3 The caveat is you must have been a member of Facepunch for at least a day and have 10 posts, this is to rule out random people joining because I don't care what some rando from Reddit wants to do. I care what some rando from Facepunch wants to do. You will be denied if you do not meet the requirements or follow the instructions. So what's the connection information? Well that's the thing, currently the map is being created by our lovely @EddieLTU so the server is ready to go, but lacks the part that makes this fun. So for right now, this will do you no good. Minecraft Version 1.13.2 islandpunch.flakthemighty.net Server provided by @Reagy <3 This thread is just being created so that I have it ready to go, and can work on making it look super pretty later. Also to gauge interest and start getting people added to the whitelist.
The server should be more than enough but if you all manage to somehow cause it to bugger up, gimme a poke and I'll look into the resource limits. While testing we nuked the island with so much tnt and flooded it with AI that it still shrugged it off without a thought. Either way have fun.
Aww shit, it's FP Lord of the Flies
It's live!
Brushtool has offically started the anarchy. No survivors.
Lemme join 'sierios'
Would be cool if someone were to document the goings-on of the server in this thread. I don't think I'm going to play that much (if at all), but it would be interesting to read along.
Fuck me, Anvil is just completely gone Holy fuck Surface farms were completely obliterated, chest room is empty Sugarcane farm actively had the torches taken out, watermelon farm is gone Only major event so far.
Anvil has been abandoned. Luckily SECURE LOCATION is much more grief-proof.
not even few days and some dick griefed already
Did you use worldpainter to make the map? Also, I've always wanted to make one of these servers, i'd suggest next time around probably decreasing spawn rate of diamonds. I found that most servers just become unfun when someone grinds 80 hours and has stacks of diamonds and is unkillable because of enchants. I've actually played servers where the spawnrate is reduced, It's adds some fun with the decision of using diamonds on armor vs on tools or other items. It ended up creating alliances because you could no longer 1v3 with SUPER OP MEGA DIAMOND ARMOR, so it was actually worth teaming with others to take control.
I believe Eddie upped the percentage.
yea and i kinda regret it i also regret not upping the cave density, because there are barely any caves.
I remember having a lot of fun on the last first Island-punch server, but i feel this map is too big. The first map was a good size, everyone had space but you still needed to plan around eachother. Also, while the idea of no-rules anarchy is fun and would fit a server like this, i really dont have the patience anymore to spend hours on a server for someone to tear my stuff down.
Yeah it ended up not working this time so I've rebranded
That map was great. I rushed on day one and built a mansion on the highest point on the island. Also, I can't for the life of me remember my Minecraft password, and have no way to recover it, I really wanted to play this.
This sounds like a interesting way to play Minecraft, why not. Everytime I try to play its boring lately, but with limit resources, this could be interesting.
Yeah, I might be down for joining in on this at some point if there's still room.
No automated way no.
Will most likely check it out tomorrow
The Anvil 2 market is open for business! https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/58250/530fa138-f05f-4837-b3b0-251d9e5e81a4/Hmmm.png
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/58250/ae20d85f-24db-46f9-a2df-1887b5253ceb/MissionComplete.png Now I just have to find the end portal and the world will be conquered.
This sounds suspiciously like Eco in aim. I can't run Minecraft on my current laptop so I likely won't be participating, but I might join the Discord server just to see what goes on.
I had the idea first, better get in contact with them for royalties.
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