• Monster Hunter: Iceborne is like the Bloodborne of Iceborne
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FP Discord: https://discord.gg/5xbGudT Steam group (for squad): Steam Community Event schedule for PC: Event Quests | Monster Hunter /vg/ has a picture guide that introduces MH better than I ever could and a Google Doc for FAQs, so have that: FAQ: /mhg/ Frequently Asked Questions (Hit the Monster, Don't Get Hit.. Resources While World has put in a "resource" in-game to look things up, there are still things you can look at outside of the game, especially for older games. The best wiki-esque resource is Kiranico where you can look at weapons, armors, monsters and what they drop, and much more. Alternatively, there's the program Ping's Dex: https://sites.google.com/site/pingsdex/pingsmh4dex And there's Athena's armor Set Search (ASS), where you can put in a mix of skills that you want from armor/decos, and it'll spit out a corresponding clown set that'll be min-maxed. Honestly though, fashion > min-maxing. For videos: Gaijin hunter has been a good resource for a long while, posting tips and tricks and weapon tutorials as time has gone by. Mostly for 4U and World, though Need a weapon build? Have a weapon build Need an armor build? Have an Armor build: Events: Event Quests | Monster Hunter Wiki: Monster Hunter World Wiki | Monster Hunter World Wiki Further MHW content this "season" will include hunting this sexy beast and also some chumps named AT Xeno'Jilva and AT Nergigante https://thumbs.gfycat.com/ImmenseAcrobaticAntarcticgiantpetrel-size_restricted.gif and also some chumps named AT Xeno'Jilva and AT Nergigante Iceborne: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5L0i5fctAtU Iceborne will be G-Rank style expansion featuring new weapons and armors, a new biome, and new and familiar monsters to hunt. Iceborne is due Q3-4 2019 for consoles.
in other news https://steamcommunity.com/games/582010/announcements/detail/1698319070809028416 at teostra + dante layered armor coming january 4 - january 17 utc
I found this site pretty good for the DS games, it's a bit lacking on World info though. Don't know if you want to add it to the OP Kiranico
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgsONkfQ0TE Holy shit a Para Gunlance with normal lvl 4 shelling? YES PLEASE.
Taroth Buster Sleep replaced the Royal Burst if you can manage to get it. Speaking of which, how hard is it to get used to gunlance? I've dabbled a bit in regular lance but Hammer is my main wep followed by HH.
Not that hard tbh, I'd say give it a try, it's got a lot of playstyles, charged shelling with Long, quick shelling with wide, poke shelling with wide, no shelling and just using the melee swipes and normal shelling which is a mix of both shelling and melee, it's honestly my favourite weapon now and heck I used to only play with the Switch Axe. Also, technically with how that Para Gunalance has Crit status built in, which saves you using Zorah Mag pieces, it's better than that sleep gunlance, heck I'd say it's the best gunlance for normal shelling now.
The leap from Lance to GL isn't big at all. They're probably the second most similar pair of weapons after LBG and HBG. You won't have as strong of defense or mobility options compared to Lance, but you make up for that in the variety of offense, like @Janeway points out. I'm mostly the poke and/or swipe player, so wides and long types are my go-to, but I've slowly been mixing in proper shelling now that I've got some artillery gems to make use of. Normal shells are good for big, consistent damage where you need it. I don't like 'em because it takes a while to get there, and I like to be mobile, aggressive, and get damage wherever I can. Long shells are good for one-off shots you've got time to charge for (the skill Focus helps). Longs get a bonus to charged shots and you can easily do ~90 for each one with maxed Artillery. Get good enough, you could theoretically replace pokes entirely with it, if you didn't need to poke to start charging. Longs also get a bonus to the wyvernstake, which comes off of swipes and three consecutive shells. Makes it easy to pair with swipe builds or shelling builds to top off some damage at the end of combos. Wide shells are best sprinkled into combos instead of dedicating your time to shelling elsewhere... until you have a big opening to wyvernblast. Wide's get a bonus there and are an excellent way to buy yourself some time, either as a massive hail mary to get a stagger or an eject button to get yourself out of the way while dealing serious damage. Just be sure to hold R2 after initiating the wyvernblast charge and you can actually aim it about, including straight above you. Makes it great for breaking wings, or other hard to reach parts like Vaal's head.
so behemoth is out on pc now I guess, I didn't see it in the event schedule and as someone who never got into ffxiv, im proud to voice my biased opinion and say that the fight fucking sucks
I had a lot of fun with it. I can see the fight being a bitch with other weapons though.
Drachen armor is straight up broken
So broken it's mostly meta still even with all the shit console has.
Something else that's broken that's fucking great anyway. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/112325/aa312000-c055-4ba3-ac2f-52b732983cf3/Replay 2018-12-20 23-48-19.webm
Can Behemoth be soloed? Nowadays I can't play online without getting dropped from the session every 10 minutes.
He can, it'll just take a while. I recommend evade window and evade extender.
Yes, but if you only want his equipment you can just break his parts and leave, you don't actually have to kill him for the Drachen armour.
I was trying to solo it all morning and needless to say it's the hardest monster to solo so far... in my opinion. If you don't have great equipment its a time crunch for sure but with a group it's just another hunt
left foreleg.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/215573/94dc940d-0f4d-4257-b740-bac0eed3ed46/3t6rf3fr83.png you might be on to something
https://i.imgur.com/kBjt4k9.jpg Finally managed to repel this bastard after trying constantly all day. Solo seiges aren't all that much fun. https://i.imgur.com/15VD10h.jpg Yeah get lost, asshole.
honestly even in multiplayer they aren't that fun. you can't just go find something else to entertain yourself while playing them either, since you might actually fail them.
I'm just glad I got the Urgent done; even with every single cannonball/Demolisher shot/Dragonator impact landing, I still had to try and stagger him manually at the end so time would run out and he'd leave.
This video helped me out in regards to soloing Lao. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TnFCxKhuEU
You can kill him without the skills but even if you have, it's still a 30 minute fight with no way to really get it faster aside from maybe get a few more people to go through it with you.
Oh goddamn it there were more cannonballs and ballista ammo in the main base? I just used the supplies around the actual forts and started wailing on him to flinch him after I thought I ran out of everything. I can probably kill him now that I now.
Elder's Recess is so fucking boring to play. Thank god that they are making a new snow map. I hope it'll be like Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste or Coral Highlands. Elder's is just big empty spaces of nothingness.
Got a Saitch and have been playing GU, enjoying Alchemy SnS a lot. I kinda missed old MH jank but boy did i sure not miss the online community not healing themselves or knowing how armor skills work, though to ne fair some might be fresh faces from World. I still can't say as i'm a fan of Styles/Arts overall though and i still hate the gear leveling system, feels like progression slows to a complete halt sometimes.
You may just be in too low of a rank for the general populace to care about or understand how armor skills work. As you progress into HR and G-rank the randoms you encounter will have more helpful skills on average, so expect clownsuiting. It's refreshing making a Hyper room or joining an Alatreon room and not once does anyone in the party cart because they understand how to fight and have the armor skills to do so. Can't say I'm very good at Alatreon anyway though.
the gear leveling is pretty much the same as the previous game except now all weapon can upgraded to max imo. The Styles system really adds to the variety on how different weapons are played, like Valor LS is play very different from Guild and Aerial SnS are different from Striker.
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