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Thanks for the info, seems like a bit of an oversight on their part as far as 100%ing goes and keeping track of it all. But I'm at 1,064 spirits, so I may as well go all the way!
I've spoken to a couple of people I have on the inside at the companies involved with the DLC, and I have additional information. Joker is the first character to come, but he was not the first character they worked on. The "jack" in the files refers to someone else.
That leaves us with Jack Black Jack Frost Jack in the Box Jack Daniels
Can't forget Jackie Chan and Jackson (Michael)
Smash filenames are full of gratuitous English. For example, Klap Traps in Jungle Japes are known as "GardenKrap".
Eeeeeh how's it going? I'm Jack, and today... I'm here to tell you about the game Smash Brothers
It sucks that Erdrick is getting such a bad rap in this thread just because he's a classic JRPG guy. Like yeah he has a big sword and shield but people are aware he's a able spellcaster right. In a game where we have a resounding two of them? (3 or 4 if you want to count Ness/Lucas) Unless they give him standard ass stuff like Sizzle Slash I could see him using Light magic, Fireballs, Ice, and Thunder as well as others. Having a Robin-type fighter that doesn't have the stamina system would be pretty cool. Hell, it didn't come until later games but let Erdricks final smash be him going into High Tension and using Gigagash and you literally have him turning into Vegito using that weird light sword I also would be fine with him because I love his armor design. He super benefits coming from before the age of plain clothe tunics and he looks like a bulky fantasy warrior. It really really sets him apart from everyone else visually. Erdrick is cool y'all
gimme this guy https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/200490/d01f8f98-6cb4-45e9-b663-014e55eb60e9/image.png and let him summon some of these dudes for his special attacks https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/200490/3dc1b760-d73e-444c-88af-f1b14ebe9aaf/image.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/200490/c97b8845-5e25-4118-831a-162390515f09/image.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/200490/4a9a870e-b8ca-4013-8308-1b40bd17c2a2/image.png and we have a unique, cool character!
Holy shit K Rools in Elite Smash fucking suck I just fought one that did nothing but throw his crown and fire his cannon while I sat on the opposite side of Battlefield for half a minute taunting Once I got him out of neutral he couldn't fight at all. The skill floor for K Rool is literally higher than the skill floor required to enter Elite Smash.
I wouldn't mind four as I know he's one of the more popular leads but if a DQ rep got in it's impossible to not be A) Erdrick Dude is a centerpiece in the first 3 games and is a hidden part of 11and is the most referenced hero because of it. His gear is always legendary and he's kind of a colossal deal. Yeah Yangus and others are super popular but they're not as important to the series as a whole like him. B) Slime/Rocket Everyone knows these little drips! Even people that don't know much about the series as a whole seem to recognize their big dumb goofy smiles. They've got a lot going for them thanks to the series finding fun new jobs for them but I'm not sure how well they'd translate to smash. Final Smash would be a giant hell tank though please. C) Luminary Came from the most recent game, Eleven would just be the marketing guy. He's cool but it's the most obvious choice for a sales push- especially with DQ11 Switch on it's way.
crouch taunting
in the absence of good taunts (or the use of taunts at all I guess? didn't realize that was a thing) I'd assume rapidly spamming crouch works just fine. Get that good dedede side-lay
i can't believe you'd lie directly too me how can i ever trust you again...................
So uh, in case you missed it, screenrant is running a front page story claiming a reliable inside source has told them the entire dlc roster https://screenrant.com/super-smash-bros-ultimate-dlc-characters-leaked/ funny, but ofc I call bullshit lol. This guy comes forward immediately after the next DLC character has for sure leaked, and that’s no coincidence. It’s just so his leak will look legit for a little while lol but I mean if it is somehow real, I think the lack of Banjo actually wouldn’t bother me that much if we instead got fucking Doom Guy
Sounds fake as hell to me. Why would they have a Minecraft with a master chief alt, like why would Nintendo promote Microsoft.
It's fake.
Technically there's already a Master Chief costume in Minecraft and it's in the Switch version. I still doubt this though
Biggest give away by far though is them using the name Doom Guy instead of his actual title Doom Slayer. It's just shitposting tbh
Funnily enough for me, the rep I want the least out of those is Ryu Hayabusa. We already have two ninjas who basically cover the role.
I will still deny that any leak featuring Steve is trolling and can be ignored. I really want to know who told that guy on GameFAQs there was Minecraft content.
I don't think there are enough words to describe how fun Simon is. he just fits me entirely. He's everything I loved about Toon Link and more.
Ryu actually uses a katana more so than the "arm swooshes" and kicks that Sheik and Greninja do. I say he'd easily be able to distinct himself from them. ALSO FUCKING IZUNA DROP
I just assume anything with Minecraft content is fake just o preserve my sanity.
Even minecraft itself is fake
I would honestly be fine with Minecraft representation in the form of a stage. I feel that would be a better representation of the series than Steve. Of course this was a thought I had before then said every DLC character will be getting a stage to along with them so vv
Man i just really fuckin' hate the Spirit Board stuff, i really do. The battles feel so incredibly frustrating and cheap and any match with assist trohpies just straight up feels like unfair cheating. Normally i'm perfectly fine admitting if i'm just bad but in this instance i think it'sjust BS, especially followed up by the worst minigame in order to actually get the spirit, a last fuck you after slogging through each fight. Ugh. Y'all grinding it out are absolute legends, you're better than i could ever be
They wouldn't put an M Rated Game Rep in Smash
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/57873/117f432a-60a2-43a8-8f17-297ee68df280/image.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/57873/2a198d4a-bde8-4500-acc5-71f9a6dc0453/image.png ???????
Here's how you do it 100% WoL Wait until there's lots of shield spacers or sluggish shields in the store and mass buy both until you have like 40 of each Get the most overpowered set you have (usually Soma Cruz with Giant Zapfish and Victini) and choose Ganondorf Beat every non-4 star spirit in the game in one to three hits Buy 4 star spirits in the shops instead of fighting them (unless they're event spirits which give you infinite tries). If you need more spirit points, follow my advice on the last page on how to get lots of those.
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