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Or maybe that email is fake too, it is a mystery ooOOoooOOooo
This is what happens when you prioritize what gets views and net revenue over truth. Either Tyler McVicker is highly gullible, or he knows it's always fake and just wants plausible deniability to ride the wave on top.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/230993/f99838b1-3607-4433-82bf-a8b990f6a583/image.png https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ag1o3koTLWM
Well damn. I feel like kind of an idiot for going around saying that Tyler wouldn't upload that without having corroborated that the email is real to people who were doubting it. Oh well. Hopefully he learns from this and it doesn't irreparably hurt his credibility cause from 2015 to now he's been absolutely stellar in his leak accuracy, etc.
He apologized and didnt make any excuses for himself, said he was dissapointed and thought he was better than this and let excitement get the better of him, and knows it will be a hit to his credibility. He also said he did try to verify it quite a bit. Overall a good apology, dont hate tyler too hard here, hes just a guy.
Tyler's a good guy, seems super nice, just a bit too excitable afaict Completely understandable given what we're used to, really
I appreciate it, and I’m really trying my best to improve and avoid shit like this. I’m learning that there is a group dedicated to feeding me fake yet believable leaks, and want to see the brand burn. I’m not slowing down production, but if anyone here has seen live-streams you likely know I went through a fairly hard dark time over the last few years that I’m starting to get out of, and I’m not letting this change that. I’ve obviously made an ass of myself again, and I’m working to change that as soon as possible.
Rootin' for ya buddy.
In GoldSrc, is there a way to "tie" func_tracktrain to a model? I would like to have a moving vehicle which uses a model.
Unfortunately, no. However, you may have some luck with Spirit of Half-Life, which contains new entities that can do cool stuff https://youtu.be/O-OCaQtPsZw?t=86 Here's the tutorial: Spirit of Half
Thanks! I considered SoHL for my mod but ultimately decided go with the vanilla in case I want to put my mod on Steam or something (AFAIR Valve has a legal problem with it?) I already made some progress with coding, would switching to SoHL be difficult because of that?
You're probably confusing it with Xash3D, which is very legally iffy for a lot of reasons, SoHL on the otherhand is perfectly fine as it was made within all of the conditions and rules Valve laid out for the SDK. For the code question, it should be as easy as comparing your modified code with a clean copy of it with WinMerge and then applying the changes to SoHL.
https://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/b2yhk8/mcc_pc_halo_reach_and_halo_insider_ama/eivzqaf/ Thank god I'll be able to experience them with my 1280x1024 monitor from 2008
I think you missed the Halo thread
Did some googling and you're actually right! Thanks for all the help, modding for HL is awesome because it has so much documentation and a really helpful community <3
Can you not parent the model to the train? Collisions would probably be wonky, but you could disable them on the model and add brushes for the important bits.
GoldSource doesn't support parenting. Spirit has movewith but it's not perfect.
Oh, how did you do that? I want to create a "custom" scientists for my avatar but i have no idea how
Crowbar for decompiling HL2/HL1 content. https://steamcommunity.com/groups/CrowbarTool Blender for modeling/rigging/UVs. blender.org GIMP for the textures. GIMP
Made this two years ago. If you get the reference it's even more poignant in light of how little Valve did in response to HL's 20th. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/229956/cf314b37-dbce-461b-b040-eec50cce62d6/whatyearisthis.jpg
Huh, didn't expect to see a Twin Peaks reference with Half-Life models, or even that I would recognize such a thing only having only seen The Return once when it aired.
the ValveTime.net forums are toast, most of them haven't seen posts since 2016
We better archive them ASAP. Don't want to see them go the way of the HIT Forums!
how is this not expected? It reflects our favorite AAA developers.
Its kinda crazy this thread is as alive as it is.
It'd make sense for it to be at least half-alive
Can't think something that fits the discussion of a dying series more than a dying forum.
The forum's not dying, it's just that it could get killed.
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