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So, I really like Kabal's new look. He seems to be wearing his original getup minus the og mask. Not a fan of D'vorah's dreads or face now, but the new, more carapace-like body is bangin.
Rewatching MKX story and I forgot entirely how snubbed Frost was. I hope she's in this one, if at least a premiere skin for Subzero
I guess I'll spoiler tag this since some people may want to be surprised, but yea looks like a lot of you got your wish about another returning characters. Some Steam achievements are up (tho not yet visible) and they contain the first 3 letters of the corresponding character's names. And, well, https://www.reddit.com/r/MortalKombat/comments/anspcv/a_character_might_have_just_gotten_leaked_via_the/?utm_source=reddit-android https://steamdb.info/app/976310/ Soooo yea, can add Erron Black to the list of confirmed characters then. N1 NetherRealm.
I really don't get the D'Vorah hate. She's pretty unique and had a huge role in the X storyline where she was pretty cool to see, plus her moveset was really neat..
Most people I see hate her just because she killed Mileena
She killed "A" Mileena, I doubt she's gone.
Why is he the only one with an ach that’s not revealed? Maybe he will get shown in time for beta?
"A"? I thought the clones were failures. Sure there were floating Kitana clones with tarkatan blood but whos' to say they're in working order? I'm glad mai boi Erron Black is back. Missed his Clint Eastwood looking ass.
You forget we’re in time manipulation. We’ve already seen multiples of characters fighting each other. No death matters, Because we have timelines and travel going on. Kronika is even being retconned to explain mirror matches in MK arcade ladders iirc
No formal announcement per say, but it was shown briefly during the initial reveal event, and talked about in a couple interviews here and there. From what I understand, gear itself has no stats at all, but you have augment slots that can give you minor stat boosts but not nearly on the same level of Injustice 2's gear.
I wonder if that will effect the plausibility of AI Battle Fight being in. That was cool in IJ2
This is fan made but it would be amazing if it happened: https://twitter.com/linkueichampion/status/1092551064363114497 We have Ronda Rousey as Sonya, and a Kano who looks a lot like Trevor Goddard's portrayal from the MK movie. If we're gonna throw big(?) names into the ring, I can't be crazy for wanting Shang Tsung to be reprised by Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, even if it's just in voice acting. I'd lose my shit if it happened
Ed's been hinting at at least one more big reveal for a voice actor iirc, and yea if that was it I'd be fuckin thrilllllled.
Musetta Vander as Sindel! https://youtu.be/MIt0VY7Yg2w
So a Steam DB leak happened Mortal Kombat 11 · Mortal Kombat 11 · AppID SKA ERR BAR SUB RAI SCO KUN KAN CAS DVO JAD CET FRO SON KAB KOT JAC TER KOL LIU Jesus Christ, Jacqui is back but Noob/Smoke are nowhere to be seen, whyyyyyyy Note that is missing Geras and Johnny so who knows how complete it is
Considering NRS wants to do a year of support, that's like 12 more slots.
No Reptile on that list has me worried....
If Noob really doesn't factor into the story for MK11's campaign, then that is such a huge waste. I swear it seems like Ed and co just don't know what to do with that character lol, he really should be more prevalent then he always seems to end up being imo. O WELL!
Dragon king boss
No Borgs either? What a waste. Why add Frost, who is just gonna be a Subby derivative when you could've introduced unique "elemental" characters like Fujin. Why does Takeda get cut and his fight style integrated into Scorpion when he was easily one of the more popular Kombat Kids and yet Jacqui sticks around Hopefully they both have major reworks, like Jacqui being a cyborg or something
There’s supposed to be hidden/secret characters ala Cyber Subzero aren’t there? Some may still be in as unlocks
It would be such a missed opportunity if Triborg weren't in the roster. He would be a perfect fit for the customization system and it would be a good excuse to get the four main cyborgs in the game without taking up multiple slots.
https://twitter.com/noobde/status/1096122121200242689 Just two more hours guys
Oh shit so not Kitana. Cool.
This makes me sad because I know it's Jade and not Reptile....
Jade? The character that was actually canonically killed off? I know Reptile isn't that popular, but come on
You should know by now death means nothing in MK. Especially in MK11. Also this: https://twitter.com/tylerlansdown/status/1092922773305999360
Also according to a lot of the arcade endings in MK9 and X theres a lot of potential that Jade will be important in 11. Could have something to do with Kronika.
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