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Guess we'll have to wait for his apology video. If it's something like "yeah sorry lol" then he's never gonna recover from this, at least not for a very, very long time.
He does deserve all the harassment he gets, and probably some more. The tf2 community coming together on important things is one of the few redeeming qualities that the outside world sees in contrast to the mindless toxicity, cheating, abuse, and subhuman social interactions tf2 as a game is known for, especially recently with the numerous articles about it in gaming news. And he jeopardized all that, and especially how valve views these kinds of things, considering they had enough faith in his legacy that he left the game to inscribe his name and final wishes on every single axtinguisher in existence or created since his death because he known for using it. That honor has rarely been seen in the history of gaming as an activity. And he threw that all away, for literally a non-reason. What do you think valve thinks of us now? "Yeah. These guys deserve an update"? I don't think so.
Harassing him even more is just gonna make the tf2 community look WORSE, and probably kill even more of the tf team's morale. He's one person, tens on thousands of people play this game ever day. He didn't kill a person, he didn't commit a heinous crime, he just did something dirty. Don't harass him over this, be a better person, etc. etc.
Well, that's a bit of a stretch. I mean, no matter how massively idiotic, borderline retarded some people in this community can be, when has it ever canceled/delayed an update?
If you genuinely think anybody deserves harassment like what we can assume somebody like this would get, where best case scenario, they're called an asshole, worst case scenario, people are actively going out of their way to abuse the guy, getting personal info, even sending death threats, then you have no right to be in any community, let alone this one. We're human beings. He didn't just decide randomly "i'm ognna fake my own death". He had motives. He can learn.
Item servers are down for maintenance, imagine if they remove the Axtinguisher text this quickly lol
I wonder if the TF Community will rip him a new one like they did with MatPat.
what happened with matpat?
He made a trashy OW vs TF2 comparison and it had so much misinfo about TF2 and other stuff that various TF2bers made fun of his video due to how poorly researched it was.
IDK if this is what he's referring to but he released a (dumb) video where he claimed the Pyro's gender is female because his fingers were modeled a certain length, and at the very least I was like "nah, you're bad at this, this video sucks"
oh jesus now I remember oh lord that was bad
You are 100% right, and I really do wish that's how it would happen. My point here is that he can't pretend doing something like this doesnt have consequences. I stand by him deserving whatever he gets, because he wouldn't be in that situation of he hadn't created it. Would it be great if this was handled politely and him dismissed with no toxicity or threats or anything? Absolutely, that's the best way to go about it, and something I wish would happen. But that isn't the world we live in, nor one he should reasonably expect. I am not going to dox him or send stink bombs to his house (see: reddit) but if he does encounter this, he has nobody blame but himself.
fun side story: Years ago, back when this video was relased i attended a con with a friend and (at the time) my GF, all three of us cosplaying as pyros. as we were standing in line to enter when some generic low life dweeb approached us and asked if we knew that "the pyro is gay, lol". we were dazzled at the genuinely stupid smirk in his face for a moment until he crawled back to whatever hole he came from. even to this day we remember that one dweeb that asked us if we knew about the pyro being gay and genuinely wonder what the actual fuck matpat was going on on that video and how people literally took him as "hard facts" for years to come.
title change pls everyone hates shektchet
I get the impression sketchek greatly overestimated how famous he is (or was), has the ego of the size of a blimp, or he's simply really really young, because a normal person would've had the foresight to predict that people would get upset over faking a terminal illness (which he answered with a simple "sorry" and the promise of an apology video). Not only that but he hyped up his return using an ARG and a few videos while saying that he'll make an apology video next, when the apology video should've been the first thing he should've done. I feel the apology video isn't going to be much, because there is simply no excuse to fake a terminal illness at all - his apology on TFTV should've been more formal and mature to begin with. Although he did apologize and admitted it was fake (which I'm sure it took a lot of mental strength to admit, half-assed or not), I get the impression that he wouldn't do an apology video were not for the community's negative reception to this situation. Only time will tell if this comeback was even worth it or not.
I mean Reddit is mad now but they forgave MaxBox and Delfy despite their long histories of going out of their way to ruin the game. They still want Star_ back despite him insulting his fans and lashing out at other personalities for even mentioning him. Expect him to be 100% fine after the apology video.
the fuck did MaxBox do
Ex-hacker. Hacked for literally years and was basically the spokesperson for lmaobox. He'd sell premium to people interested; he's part of why it got so popular.
I imagine it'd go like this "Fuck you Sketchek for faking your death/terminal illness." sketchek proceeds to make a (possible) mediocre apology video "wtf i love sketchek now."
and then he went on to make the Spot the Hacker series, what ingenious irony he seems to be a pretty alright fella though.
which is particularly funny because he's actually accused a good few legit players of hacking. hacking experience does not equal an ability to gauge (or even have) legitimate skill, it turns out.
yeah, a lot of his "hacker" verdicts are extremely debatable
Using his expansive hacking knowledge to be able to do it. Granted, anybody with enough experience could but there's a novelty of "ex-hacker saying why it's obvious they're hacking" just like the concept of "ex-murderer tracking down murderers using knowledge only a murderer would have".
i just dont think sketchek really knew what would happen when he said he was ill. I think he just wanted to walk away from the notoriety. Maybe he did a really bad way of doing that, but i dont think he meant harm, he just wanted it to be a one and done thing and move on. We've all done really stupid stuff we regret, he's at least admitting to the fault. As for how he kinda hyped up his comeback, and the action itself, it definately warrants criticism. Just make sure to leave it at that guys, and not let it turn into personalized attacks.
I think that if he were to announce that he wanted to stick to doing IRL stuff he could've just said "Hey guys I don't feel like making videos as much, so for now until whenever I'll be on an indefinite hiatus. Later." instead of having to make up a terminal illness.
There's pretty much nothing he could say to make up for what he did
he could have, but it woulda left a big backlash with alot of complaints, as we can see with star. Of course does that say thats a worse decision than lying about being sick? No. But it seems he took the easier, less honorable route. Which is where the criticism should lie. Again not defending him, just want us to keep in mind we havnt been in that position, and we all make stupid mistakes. Mistakes that deserved to critiqued, but still keep in mind some understanding so we aren't just villianizing him as a non human entity, least we feel we are immune to such same mistakes. Question i think worth debating is SHOULD the axtinguisher attribute of his name be removed with this new controversy? I feel regardless of the controversy, this attribute name shows aknowledgement to a player in the community who pushed a weapon and game's engine's to the max to perform amazing feats, and as such, those feats i think should still be remembered. But thats just like my personal opinion, its the community's call as a collective.
i'd give him that he managed to make himself even more hated than mundy.
Question, since I'm out of the loop; did this dude literally fake a terminal illness? Or was it like "yeah nah I'm gone for health reasons" kinda thing? Because if he literally said he was dying and took advantage of the outpouring of community support despite being perfectly healthy, he's a right cunt.
I’m not supporting any cheating or hacking, but I’ve got to say, that his post-cheating videos are pretty cringy.
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