• Resident Evil Franchise Megathread V.2 "MR X's Stomp Stomp Revolution"
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Yeah I don't get why that one is considered easier than Kendo's.
I really don't care for these missions, they're just frustrating, and represent all the things that I didn't care for. Specifically how locked into grabs you get even though they aren't aligned with me at all
Seriously, how is that considered two star difficulty? I can't beat it after over a dozen attempts, while I was able to beat Kendo and Ghost in just a handful.
Because it's a shit ton shorter
Finally beat it, unlocked the survival mission, and got stuck in a zombie stunlock party of like 5 bites in a row when I was at 93/100. Still easier than the Runaway mission
Kendo's is almost stupid long, the section with FOUR FUCKING G CREATURES was not fun
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/107265/73dd371a-b71c-403a-959c-9d279002b3f4/image.png Oh.
discovering i could just knife lickers to death easy style was the precise point where i stopped being scared by this game
I've gotten to the end of the soldier's route three times now. This isn't fun, this is just tedium. In the base game it was "How can I manage my resources properly" and even that carried to HUNK, but this one? Nah, fuck it, I really don't care enough to get lucky at the end and have the enemies not get out of stun at random duration to double grab me
I don't get how people are claiming it's just luck. I can get through each scenario doing different shit pretty consistently. Honestly I find Ghost's scenario really easy cuz you can get the GL.
You guys are so far ahead of me, I got this game at launch and only beat Leon A and about 20% of Claire B It's sounding like I'm in for a world of pain and restarting.
Never restart. Endure through the pain. Survive.
Kinda disappointed we didn't get any new areas for Ghost Survivors. Gets boring going through the same areas again and again.
this might be a shocker to you, but how about, for fun?
I had more fun with ghost survivors just playing on training mode with a fuck ton of ammo, blasting every zombie.
So have you done a hardcore S+ yet or are you just mad cause you aren't go fast enough to do what has to be done to defeat the enemies?
there literally is adaptive difficulty though? it's not only obvious, but they've stated there is
The replayabilty comes from beating your times and getting all the unlockables (and then playing around with them). And there's also making up your own challenge runs which is pretty popular among people.
The adaptive difficulty in RE2 is how much damage your bullets do, how likely you are to get a critical headshot, how quickly zombies react, that kind of thing. The game doesn't change item placements or how many enemies you face. If you're doing particularly well then zombies will require a lot more ammo to kill or dismember and they won't stagger as easily, then you're doing poorly you'll get critical headshots pretty regularly and only need a couple of bullets to dismember. Just because you didn't notice doesn't mean it wasn't there.
I sometimes even take a few bites on 2nd run so that I can clear a lot of the zombies in the beginning. Makes coming back to the station easier.
This is why I'd really like to see a more action oriented gamemode like Mercs or Raid for this game. It's satisfying to shoot stuff but the nature of the game means it's usually not the best strategy. A mode where combat is more of a focus and enemies are rebalanced to fit that would be so much fun.
I mean you kinda brought it upon yourself I'm currently doing a S+ run, and I'd rather lose 10/20 second to take the time to walk past the licker's range than lose 20/30 min of progress since the last save Speaking of, i died to G3 yesterday and my last save was before G2 Talk about a bad save, especially since I killed him quick the first time, and i could have waited to be at the lab to save Especialy since i have 40 min left to clear the game to actually get S+, and only one save, and i kinda want to save it for the escape sequence
The adaptive difficulty is abject bollocks in a game with difficulty presets and I will fist fight anyone who disagrees with this, because I will never stop calling them objectively WRONG.
I was feeling pretty good with my situation since I had so much health and two flashbangs. Plus I needed to lose some gear anyway so I could pick up some key items. I just screwed the pooch by not having my flashbangs equipped in the case of getting palmed by Mr.X. Maybe that's a hidden part of the adaptive gameplay. The game just unequips your items.
I'm not a fan of adaptive difficulty in general, but I think RE2 handled it way better than RE4 did.
I'm fine with adaptive difficulty that makes the game easier if you're struggling, but making the game arbitrarily (and inscrutably) harder just because I've mastered the gameplay is absolute donkey shit and I will piss in the coffee cups of any dev who thinks it's good to do that.
See I'm completely the opposite. I hate when games get easier if I die a few times. Let me learn to do better.
In an ideal world I'd just want an option to turn both off in the gameplay settings.
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