• Resident Evil Franchise Megathread V.2 "MR X's Stomp Stomp Revolution"
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I was feeling pretty good with my situation since I had so much health and two flashbangs. Plus I needed to lose some gear anyway so I could pick up some key items. I just screwed the pooch by not having my flashbangs equipped in the case of getting palmed by Mr.X. Maybe that's a hidden part of the adaptive gameplay. The game just unequips your items.
I'm not a fan of adaptive difficulty in general, but I think RE2 handled it way better than RE4 did.
I'm fine with adaptive difficulty that makes the game easier if you're struggling, but making the game arbitrarily (and inscrutably) harder just because I've mastered the gameplay is absolute donkey shit and I will piss in the coffee cups of any dev who thinks it's good to do that.
See I'm completely the opposite. I hate when games get easier if I die a few times. Let me learn to do better.
In an ideal world I'd just want an option to turn both off in the gameplay settings.
Okay, finished Leon A S+ G3 is harder than final boss in hardcore, go figure ||I just spent the last 20 min blasting my way through the first half of the game with the rocket launcher, i like this game||
Apparently the adaptive difficulty only really takes effect on assisted/normal. On hardcore it starts at maximum and barely goes down throughout a full run.
Also, realized now watching someone else play it, the reason I had so much trouble with runaway, is I somehow managed to miss both the machines with healing items inside them, so I went through the full thing only being able to heal once I hit the prison, amazing.
I'm... starting to think that all my issues with getting grabbed in bullshit ways is now due to me using an uncapped frame rate. I've been watching runs of the Ghost Survivors on youtube and recreating some moments are actually impossible. Like running past some zombies that they do casually -doesn't work- even though I'm further away. Like something is wrong kind of difference, I've watched multiple runs of people just casually brushing past zombies and them reacting slowly and then in my game they snap to me and grab me from crazier distances.
Does uncapped FPS affect the grabs? I know it increases knife damage but that's all I've heard about it. Though that might explain why a few times I've gotten grabbed it's felt like bs if the uncapped FPS does make getting grabbed easier.
I don't know, something is just wrong when every video I've watched has had people casually breeze through sections where I get chaingrabbed. I know I'm not this bad at the game, I know for a fact I'm not.
Experiment with capped and get back to us with the info, I'm interested in the data.
Yep, seems like high frame rates fuck with stun/animation duration, I've been wondering why people have been gushing about the different grenade types as I never noticed a difference other than fire doing more damage to plant creatures. Apparently enemies just don't get properly stunned this entire time I've been playing the game!? Oh good lord I've made the game way way hard than it needed to be. There is a problem, if I limit the framerate I get two issues, screen tearing like crazy (Isn't VSync supposed to prevent that?) and weird choppy gameplay
Set the framerate to 60. The variable option will cause the stuttering with vsync on.
Lock it at 30 and try again.
Setting it to 60 on Vsync still causes the visual glitches even if I use my GPU's settings to force it, but the game is legitimately playing differently.
yeah I get like 200fps sometimes in the sewer and the g monsters will just immediately grab me again after a stun when i try to run past. i used like 3 grenades on a single one in a row once
The G monsters can just grab you if you try to run past after a grab, it's not an FPS thing. I play locked at 60 because by FPS varies between 55 and 80 if I don't and I don't like the constant framerate changes. I've been grabbed repeatedly by G monsters just trying to run passed. You have to bait them into doing the grab or the slam and get past before they recover.
Honestly, don't waste your time countering the G monsters with Knife, they get ZERO staggering and can grab you immediately. Just bait their grab or run past them when they're vomiting the little guys. If you have to counter, use Flash or Grenades, those give you more room to dodge but just a bit.
So we got two more waves of ghost survivors coming. I'm assuming from who we have left that the Berkins are gonna be playable, the journalist, Irons, Marvin, the cop that got ripped in half, and the truck driver. I'm also guessing that each wave will have a bonus chapter. For all we know someone unexpected like Brad could be playable.
Gonna have to req a source since I can't find one that proclaims for definite that we're getting two more sets.
I think Kendo's mission has physically aged me. It's like an hour long I swear
Yeah I thought they said there would be three Ghost Survivors missions, with the fourth unlockable one being a secret until release.
https://bloody-disgusting.com/video-games/3542733/capcom-reveals-free-post-launch-ghost-survivors-dlc-resident-evil-2/ https://www.gamespot.com/articles/resident-evil-2-free-dlc-mode-coming-post-launch/1100-6464524/ Bear in mind this info was released a few weeks ago, and the articles seem to get a few things wrong. This could be due to problems with translation as the launch stream is only in Japanese. If someone is well versed perhaps we could have a clear answer about the number of volumes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMD1-XRSdmQ
Could have done this with one save, but wasn't sure if I'd be able to do G5 with one rocket and knives. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/112325/8bbb9130-c323-46da-8e1f-b5eb953d02e8/re2_2019_02_17_18_27_05_822.png
Also, due to the tight corners of the gas station in the fourth Ghost Survivor's mission, I got to experience the animation where you get grabbed while running but shrug them off for no damage quite a few times. Never had it happen once in the main game, as it's very specific to have occur.
You have to hold the opposing direction of the zombie but it's finicky as fuck. I've had it work only for the same zombie to immediately re-grab me. Zombies seem to reset their animation state at will sometimes.
I though the zombie shove thing was a Assisted only.
I just had it happen on hardcore my last run. Was the first time I ever saw it.
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