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[URL="http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=935682"]Link to the sequel because it was locked for some reason.[/URL] HEY GUYS. You may (probably don't) remember the last beautiful story I posted on this delightful forum, but here is another one for you, because I love you all so much. If you're not going to read it, don't post "DUR HUR TL;DR" it doesn't make you cool or clever. I HOPE YOU ENOJY IT IMMENSELY. Engineer punched the door keycode in as if it was second nature. The wide steel doors flung open wide, allowing the day’s brightening shine to flood into the dark chamber. He swiftly stepped in, both hands tucked firmly into his overalls, a profound grin spread across his countenance in preparation for this monumentus event. The others followed suit, grabbing around blindly in search for a wall switch. “No need.” Engineer laughed, grinning whole heartedly as his hands quickly clapped together. The luminescence of several dusty lights above filled the room, revealing the musky shack in its whole. Random bits of scrap decorated the room, as well as various tools lying around and blueprints lazily taped to walls. The distinct bitter smell of gasoline was near nauseating, causing several people to clench their noses besides the engineer who remained completely unbothered. Engineer anxiously jumped onto a long, cloth covered object, his hands smoothly caressing as if it were a growing fetus. “Eight years.” He began, tears trickling down through his dusty goggles and falling off of his unshaven cheek. “Eight years, and now it’s finally complete. My life’s work.” Engineer vivaciously tugged at the cloth, sending a wave of dust into the air. The men stared in awe at what laid before them. It was magnificent! It was beautiful! It was- “A table?” Scout said incredulously. Engineer bent over in an over dramatic, gut wrenching laughter, his face flushing red with sheer amusement. The others began to stare on awkwardly, not really sure why he was on the brink of suffocation. Engineer finally let up and inhaled deeply, flicking a small switch on the side of the table. It began to whirr and tremble violently until several hi-tech power tools attached to robotic arms retracted out of the table’s core. “Heavy, didn’t ya lose yer minigun recently?” Engineer inquired. “Da.” Heavy whimpered, a small tear running down his cheek. The table began to work in a frenzied blur, smoke and random chunks of metal flying off of it. Finally, the arms came to a halt and retracted backwards, revealing a shiny new minigun. “S-sasha?!” Heavy exclaimed, his pudgy face filling with delight. “Heh, I bet that thing couldn’t make fatso over dere one’a his sandwiches, eh?” Scout commented, grinning with pleasure. To his surprise, the machine went right back to work. Scout stared, jaw dropped at the toasty sandwich now lying before him. Engineer’s visage now looked as if it were going to burst at the seams with pleasure, but to his dismay, an alarm began to ring from the intercom above. “INTRUDER ALERT. RED SPY IS IN THE BASE.” All of the men besides the Engineer dashed out of the room, leaving him there by his lonesome. “Ah well.” Engineer said with an excited twist to his voice as he ran his finger along the table’s metallic surface. “I guess we could use some ‘lone time.” He clapped twice, causing the doors to lock shut behind him and the lights to dim before him. “Start sequence 45b3.” Engineer said softly, unfastening the thin strips of copper, causing his overalls to quickly fall to his trembling ankles. He quickly threw off his undergarments as the sharp, dangerous robot arms retracted back into the table, only to be replaced with tools of a more sensual nature. The unclothed Engineer gleefully hopped onto the icy table, several locks holding him in place. He was assaulted from all sides by pulsating vibrators and long, lifelike dildos. A large black one flung towards Engy’s waiting butt, flying in and ramming into his prostate with immense pleasure. Several other dildos appeared and began spraying out artificial man juice all over Engy’s gleaming body. He grabbed hold of two and began pumping them furiously, squeezing every last drop of spooge out of their throbbing heads. Another robot limb, armed with suction cup dashed towards Engy’s gleaming erection, completely engulfing it in a tightly sealed suction. His moaning was quickly interrupted when a large dildo rammed down his throat, rubber balls flapping up against his red hot face. The Scout waited as he watched the others dash off to destroy the new assailant threatening their base. “Zeems like ze coast is clear,” the Scout said, brandishing his butterfly knife. A wave of smoke appeared as his disguise faded away. “Zose fools” the Spy grinned maliciously “Zey let me right into zer base. With zis sapper, I can safely extract data from zat awful machine and ensure our Engineers vill be building zem in no time.” He stepped up to the keypad and typed in the password which he had remembered from earlier, smiling fiercely as the steel doors swung open. The Spy began laughing maliciously as he looked up into the air, his plan, so flawless, so systematically and brilliantly pulled off, there was nothing that could stop him now tha- The Spy’s jaw dropped to the floor, his heart jumped a mile, and his lungs inhaled in horror. Before him was a cum drenched Engineer, his red, gleaming ass being spanked fiercely with a large wooden paddle, two rubber cocks both jamming down his semen erupting throat. “Oh scheit!” Engineer exclaimed, cock in mouth. “SECURITY ALERT!” the table roared, another robot arm came out, brandishing a large machine gun. “Ahhh!” Spy screamed, blindly throwing the sapper in front of him and covering his face, awaiting his impending demise. He peered through a slit in his hand and noticed the sapper taking its effect on the table. It began to rumble and thrash around until the robot arms fell down in a dead heap. “No!!!” Engineer’s cum drenched mouth screamed. He began to sob but his cries were drowned out by the Spy’s laughs of delight. “Jour precious toys could not save you, queer boy!” the spy exclaimed, slowly walking towards the weeping engineer with butterfly knife in hand. “G-G’head, do it. Everythang I loved in this world is dead to meh now.” The Engineer cried, tightly gripping onto his metallic lover. Out of nowhere, the sapper exploded, and the table sprang back to life. The machine gun rose up and pointed at the frightened Spy with pants shitting terror. He barely made out the first two letters of fuck before his head exploded in a goey mess. His body hit the ground and his open neck began to pour blood with the tenacity of a fire hose. “TH-TH-TH-REAT NEEEEEEUTRALIZED. RE-E-E-E-ENNNNNGAGIIGIIING SEQUENCE 45B-B-B-B-3” “That dun sound good.” Engineer observed with mild panic. What sprang up to pleasure Engineer once more was not his army of dildos and vibrators, but instead the terrifying presence of the power tools. A robot hand erratically sprung for Engy’s erection and grabbed hold of it with a bone breaking force. He screamed like a shrilly girl as a large drill above him began to rev up, aiming directly at his urethra. The drill slowly entered the dick hole, sinking lower and lower into the Engineer’s throbbing cock. Soon the drill had finally punctured the Engineer’s bladder, sending a rush of urine, semen and blood flowing out of the tip. The drill ripped out of the cock and the penis fell, half flaccid with a large gaping hole where his dick hole used to be. The semen drenched Engineer desperately tried to break free from the locks binding him, but to no avail as two arms grabbed him by the legs and spread his cheeks wide in preparation for an incoming saw blade, its razor sharp blades designed and built by the Engineer span quickly towards his open ass. He screamed in pain as the machine began to shred his ass in two, the two cheeks folding over the blade as it went deeper and deeper like a bun on a hotdog. Feces and blood splattered out of his ass onto the walls of the shack that the Engineer once called a welcoming home. The saw blade finally ruptured the thin layer of muscle holding in the Engy’s guts, releasing his intestinal track which began prolapsing out of his mutilated rectum. The table, confusing the long, veiny tube for Engy’s penis began to “satisfy” it by sending two robotic arms up to pump it up and down, further releasing his internal organs onto the table below. Engy’s desperate screams were muffled by the blazing welding torch being forced down his tender throat. His gag reflex kicked in but the horrifying wave of puke made up primarily of semen was blocked off by the flaming torch incinerating his throat. “Bastard got away.” The Soldier growled while trudging back to base. “Mrph, mrph mrrrph mrph!!” Pyro exclaimed. “Yeah I guess you’re right. Let’s head back to Engy’s shack, hopefully he won’t be too pissed that we all left like that.” The gang ran up to the open shack, oblivious to the events that had just recently unfolded. They all gasped in horror and Heavy puked onto the feces, blood and semen covered floor after gazing at the mutilated carcass that laid before their very eyes, the machine still desperately trying to “please” it’s master with the saw blade repeatedly jamming in and out of his spewing rib cage. And they all lived happily ever after. The end.
... :wtf::wtf::wtf: WTF im...scared...to play...tf2 now...
[QUOTE=s.n.;20788438]... :wtf::wtf::wtf: WTF im...scared...to play...tf2 now...[/QUOTE] Did you love it? c:
no seriously, what
doubletoast, snip
Help. :gonk:
Ok i am actually reading it now, The real life dildos? :Gonk:
Why are you doing this to me internet?! WHY?!?
I-i-i Finish-e-ed Read-i-ing :suicide:
[IMG]http://i43.tinypic.com/2mhihds.jpg[/IMG] What the flying fuck
Uh Alrighty then.
Should I actually read it now. Everyone else seems to be having all the fun.
[QUOTE=xpod1;20789400]Should I actually read it now. Everyone else seems to be having all the fun.[/QUOTE] I'd read the definition of fun before I read the story.
[IMG]http://filesmelt.com/dl/avgn1.gif[/IMG] I dread to think of what your other stories are like
[URL="The post was sarcastic you idiot."]I know the definition and you are all having it[/URL]
Fuck you _Junkie_ I'm going to track you down and set fire to your house.
[QUOTE=Blargtastic;20789525]Fuck you _Junkie_ I'm going to track you down and set fire to your house.[/QUOTE] Lol blarg. gb2 steam forumz
I got a boner WHAT THE FUCK!
Someone needs to read this in a completely monotone voice and record it for the ultimate micspam.
What did i just read?!
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