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Good lord that ending sequence. Just that slow realization that this is some weird alternate timeline, that something is def wrong after you find that creepy bunker in the woods, and then ofc that final bit. Yeesh. other than that tho, great music, the checker boss fight was hilarious (both times) and yeah like the above post mentioned, that "GOD DAMN IT" line cracked me up. gr8 stuff, can't wait for what's next, sure hope it's not too long a wait tho.
jfc I just came back to sleep and 3 pages
i had to stop for a solid 5 minutes there, i couldnt stop laughting it was SO perfect
is good game
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/491/bf803511-3e07-4c5e-a8ab-9d16f14c6487/image.png top 10 overpowered anime characters
Why you haff be mad
Ok, but can we talk about the comedic brilliance of the bake sale? You have the stand on the left selling chocolate diamonds for d$40, the stand in the middle selling heart shaped jelly donuts for d$40, and the one on the right selling lancer cookies for d$40. You go up to the "bad guys" and buy a lancer cookie for d$40, which they say will go to fund their wicked scheming, and they run off the right of the screen. They then run back in from the LEFT, and immediately use those d$40 to buy one of the jelly donuts from the middle stand. Holy crap, I was laughing so hard at that bit I almost passed out. maybe I'm just easily amused.
"Can you show us your new puzzle?" "No" The fucking lack of punctuation had me in stitches
The thing that got me, and I'm sure many others, was when you're making the machine, and you choose to make it into a duck. "Your machine sucks ass."
The soundtrack is now out on Bandcamp: DELTARUNE Chapter 1 OST | Toby Fox
I don't think I got to submit my response in time
Just finished it. One thing to note is that the whole your choices don't matter goes on over to fighting. Not sure if it was said already but all normal enemies seem to run away if you try to deal the final blow and the other fights seem to end before you can kill anyone. Given the ending what if the game will alternate between these in chapters? something like when you try to spare it will result in killing no matter what? Kind of like how Susie initially will only fight.
I think that "ANOTHER HIM" is yet another instance of Toby Fox paying homage to EarthBound. The weird buzzing static noise in the beginning is very similar to the sound effects that play in one of the tracks of the final battle ("Giygas' Intimidation" ) in EarthBound, when the Devil's Machine is turned off and Giygas' true form is unleashed from it. https://wikibound.info/wiki/File:Giygas%27_Intimidation.ogg
I actually think that whole sequence at the start is an homage to Earthbound; it's like when you pick character names, interests, favorite colors, etc.
Something minor I noticed when watching a stream of the game- Sans mentions that Toriel bought you chocolate kisses, saying that she'd need to lock them up. Remember who else loved chocolate? Always have to appreciate little touches like that. Apparently the ending sequence does change- in the non talk route, I've read in this thread, Susie is able to distract King enough to be put to sleep, as Lancer comes back to tell everyone to run as the population is here to save their king. It's not a genocide route, but there is change here.
https://twitter.com/tobyfox/status/1057987819765936128 https://twitter.com/tobyfox/status/1057988038914138114
i've said it before and i'll say it again absolute madman
Hotter! Seems like EVERYONE got a brand new sprite in some way be it costume or full overhaul. Right?
Makes me wonder how concurrent development of Deltarune was with Undertale.
June 2, 2012 is over a year before the Undertale kickstarter began
That's not entirely surprising actually, if you factor in the creation of undertale itself into that time it seems reasonable that it would take a few years between having literally just the script and actually making the game.
Naw. Won't say more. But just something to think about I guess Also fun fact: Temmie did all the sprites and animations this time. Just for cohesiveness, Temmie is hella talented goooood gosh
Other indications in the game Your side of the room is completely bare. Nearly everyone in the Overworld says you don't seem like yourself. Rudy asks if Toriel put you up to visiting him. Saying no surprises him. Rudy also refers to you as the creepy child next door(Promoted to creepy child standing in the same room) Kris does terrible at school and is often late. Asgore mentions that he forgot you hate being hugged after he hugs you. Kris hiding under Noelle's bed to scare her. Also with fake blood. Anyone else find Asgore's barred door a little disturbing?
I found a lot of the stuff in Asgore's flower shop disturbing tbh
I wonder if chapter 2 is gonna be 'full-length' or if toby's actually going for an episodic route with each chapter released individually.
I would honestly like the idea of slowly releasing different episodes over time, that way we'd have content coming up slowly and constantly, plus it'd be more interesting to see how the comunity will make theories as the story slowly progresses. Idk, in my opinion, i'd like it a lot tbh.
It's actually neat having the speculation fueling up like this even with just the first chapter alone yeah. The community participation in these kind of things always has been pretty nice. Reminds me back in the days where Telltale's Walking Dead just first came out, and everyone discussing what they just played through, and speculating what might happen in the next episode.
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