• The above avatar starts chasing you, what do you think will happen?
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Garry will shoot me through his eyes
Oi Cunt. Go Home.
He will rub his mustache on me
I don't even have a mustache corn boy.
He will try to avenge his brother, I presume.
Do a scream
I'd probably get yelled at by a Weeb for stealing his waifu.
Outrunning explosions like a cool action movie guy
probably gonna bring me my wallet I dropped and wish me a good day
I'm gonna get run over.
Is it about to get steamy in here?
Ask me to ask about his unicorn fetish?
She follows me very very slowly
Catch up to me really fast because you can't really run when you've shit yourself in terror.
Junta will take care of him.
He makes other people chase after me and I don't stand a chance.
I'm gonna find dog residue all over my bag.
My anus does not like where this is going
*You used a Masterball*
Woah, now a normal dinosaur I can handle, but a dinosaur SKELETON? This shit is too intense for me. My heart would explode.
Scary shit.
I start wondering how she got in my house
I think I should be fine.
im going to make a bad review
I guess I dont need popcorn for my movie night now
Not sure whether to give it a banana to distract it or burn it with thermite.
babies can't run very fast so I have the advantage here
this guy has a motorcycle helmet that means he will most likely have a motorcycle too i am boned
Under arrest by a hippocopamus.
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