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Think we lost someone here. Please stop nuking your accounts. Thank you.
The homestuck epilogues have started.
Ahahahaha just how HIGH do you even have to BE to DO something like that https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/184908151185866752/566669175280500747/unknown.png
Meat or Candy? I cant believe the epilogue is finaly happening,i read on the discord that based from tweets from vfromhomestuck that in 4/20 there will be 100k worth of words in the epilogue and after that there might be more homestuck stuff Also the crazy tags might also be added for just referencing or talking about stuff judging from what V said ,so apart from faygo or early 20th century dances(?) the epilogue might not be that wacky.
I'm too low IQ to understand the Homestuck lore.
I don't even have an IQ for that.
Homestuck writting boils down to whether or not hussie wants to make fun of the fandom or how far he is going to shove his head up his ass about vriska but god damn it im too curious to see how it goes. Problem sleuth 2 never ever
word of advice for anyone thinking of reading the homestuck epilogues: don't that was the worst fucking six hours of my life. it's hundreds of thousands of words of pure character assassination. it was actually painful to read. i wish somebody had been around to warn ME not to read it, it would have saved me some suffering
What do you mean by character assassination? Like, literally? I don't really care about spoilers so can you give me the gist? Put it in spoiler tags for other people.
I only read the "meat" epilogue and it was bad enough that I'm not touching the other one, but a lot of characters completely derail from what they used to be there's some in-universe explanation because one character literally becomes the narrator and mind controls the rest of the cast for malicious reasons, but it's not explained and left on a cliffhanger in the end
I have only started reading up to chapter 13 of Candy so i cant see any spoilers but apart from a few oddities it seems fine to meroxygen bias perhapsbut i will compare it with meat when i get done reading it.
when i say character assassination i mean absolutely nobody is in character. everybody is so ooc it reads like a godawful fanfic. it feels like it was written by somebody who fucking despises anybody who actually liked these characters, which it probably was. there is no closure provided to any characters' storylines. nobody is happy, in either storyline. and outside of that, it's just... really awfully written. in a way that makes you wonder if things were intentionally bad, before realising it's just bad. how bad? "the sky looks like something painted by a crazy person." get outta here, hemingway, here comes a new master of prose. but seriously, it's so horrendous that it actually managed to erase any and all nostalgia i had for homestuck. no word of a lie, it actually made me embarrassed to have ever liked it. my rose-tinted glasses flew off my face and tumbled down a cliff before exploding at the bottom like a ytp.
Didn't Andrew always dislike his own fanbase?
I'll just pretend that I live in the timeline where Hussie died in a tragic accident after Cascade. The heavy burnout that immediately ensues after it is a trainwreck in slow motion wrapped in bad decisions and extreme spite for his fanbase. I really like it up to the end of act 5, I don't give a fuck how bad the fanbase is and how I should be ashamed for liking it.
I liked Homestuck up until the end of Act 5, though I was admittedly lost for a lot of it. I just went back and watched a few of the flashes and couldn't remember a whole lot just because of how many character arcs and plotlines intersected, especially in Cascade. Problem Sleuth still best MSPA.
unrelated to the current discussion but i found a new comic and everyone should be reading it "as long as you keep watching i keep getting stronger" IS SO GOOD
I don't know what I expected going in but it sure wasn't any of that tbh
I didn't mind the epilogues but they were definitely pretty shit. Apparently one of the writers did an AMA saying that they are not completetly canon or some shit like that.
Not exactly webcomics, but I love this blog that pokes fun at newspaper comics: The Comics Curmudgeon
Damn, I love Problem Sleuth. what a glorious train wreck the first time I read that was. "Oh, they're at the final boss, I'll just finish it this evening." Man, next thing I knew it was 2:30 A.M. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/217092/886fbc2c-b7fb-468b-b077-6fe131fcc0d1/mspaintadventure08.gif I discovered afterwards that the "final fight" is literally half the comic's total length. I'd love to get the physical printed books of it sometime, but it's hard to bring myself to drop several hundred dollars on 5 books.
unironically great stuff, thanks for letting us know this existed haha
I dislike what homestuck devolved into after cascade as much as the next guy. That said, comparing how I felt about the state of affairs when the comic ended two years ago to how I feel about it after reading the epilogues, I think I much prefer the extra material. Don't get me wrong a good chunk of the epilogue material is really fucking ridiculous but thats the name of the game with this story. Plus I feel like I've got a much firmer grasp on some of the vaguer shit the original story handwaved away. If you made it past cascade and all the way to the ending it's worth a shot reading, otherwise you won't get much out of it. Pick candy first 6/10 too much water.
Finished the Homestuck epilogues, good god Candy is ridiculously long. There's a lot of stuff I dislike, but also some stuff I did like. Terezi and John's conversations were the best of it all for me. And I did like the entire concept of characters struggling to fight for whatever little relevancy is left in two rapidly dying realities, ones damned to eventually fade into nothingness. Most of what I liked is in Meat. But there's also a ton of shit that's god-awful to read, and I eventually found myself skimming the stuff I didn't care about, the stuff that made Act 6 unbearable to read. Characters that I previously liked I found I no longer cared for, and I get that the epilogues pander to literally every base Homestuck has, but fucking hell Candy was a chore at times. Stuff that I found interesting were that nearly all the deaths here were ironic ones, and that in despite the event horizon of relevancy consuming almost all the living victors, undead iterations of John, Rose, Dave, and Jade still managed to escape back to the realm of relevancy before the event horizon closed forever. If there's anything coming after this that continues the new story, then I am genuinely interested to see it. Should the MSPA thread be bumped with news of the epilogue?
From how Huss has always operated, there won't be any continuation to the story for years and the hypothetically resurrected thread would be doomed to die off before that
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/302829/12bcaea4-4a07-4dba-ab73-3966a1500052/image.png so about that new gunnerkrigg court https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/302829/674e044a-4e46-4150-83c0-55bb1a73bb31/my boy.gif
Ava's Demon has finally got an update with a video. https://youtu.be/xs6qFjsk8VY
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