• Favorite TV Shows Of All Time
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House Chuck South Park Family Guy Futurama Simpsons Scrubs Mythbusters CSI:SVU Legend of the Seeker The Office Fringe
SG:Atlantis SG1 Futurama South Park Family guy Mythbusters.
House, Scrubs and Lost
Supernatural The Simpsons Family Guy House M.D. Top Gear Smallville Bones Big Bang Theory How I met your mother Two and a half men FOX News :smug:
Sout Park Bennyhill Friends Everybody Loves Raymond Family Guy Mythbusters TimeWarp Jackass Viva La bam
Married With Cildren Everybody Loves Raymond Tales From the Crypt HOUSE M.D. C.S.I.: New York C.S.I.
Dirty Jobs
Doctor Who House
Doctor Who Invader Zim Spongebob Robot Chicken Monk :crying: Psych NCIS Courage the Cowardly dog Dexter's lab Justice League Justice League Unlimited Southpark Mythbusters Stargate SG-1 Stargate Atlantis Star Trek there's more but I forgot what they are.
Old Cartoon Network.
Mr. Show Burn Notice Lie to Me Stella The Office (US and UK are both good) Mr. Show [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TyrM7GxyzGg[/media] Burn Notice (it has Bruce Campbell in it so you know it's good) [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqG_H2_Yuyc[/media] Stella [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GiakvajdAY[/media]
[QUOTE=ssa gib A;19221348]Mr. Show [b]Burn Notice[/b] Lie to Me [b]The Office[/b] (US and UK are both good)[/QUOTE] That's two of the shows I forgot to list.
Yeah same here, definitaly burn notice and the office on my list as well.
[b]The Wire[/b] You most likely have heard of it, whether it's a translation on your language or not. But in all seriousness, it's an example of a very well, if not perfectly written TV-Show. Not a single actors role is left out at all, and you get to know each one of them. I'd say it's a must see. The theme is some-what American gangster series of Polices, crimes, cases, drug dealers and the like. It's [b]brilliant![/b]
Ed Edd and Eddy (Just funny and loveable) Courage the Cowardly dog show (Eerie, with a hint of humour although it gave me nightmares) The Simpsons (Just an all round great show) Futurama (Same as above) South Park (Rips the piss out of everything and its mostly stuff I hate) Family guy (Just an awesome program) Red Dwarf (Same as above) Earthworm Jim (Love the humour in it)
The Office and South Park
Weeds In Treatment Real Time with Bill Mahr House Millionaire Listings Tabatha's Salon Dirty Jobs
Dexter It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Arrested Development Law And Order: SVU
wild n out was fun too
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