• [SidAlpha] PUBG implements in game advertisements for VPN Service
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[video=youtube;idSWEcRopZk]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idSWEcRopZk[/video] [t]https://i.imgur.com/wn43AB9.png[/t]
Due to government regulations getting official game servers into China can be incredibly expensive and usually requires bending over backwards to work with the companies who do officially host in China and meet those regulations. You also have limited direct access to those servers for patching and other things. Many AAA level mobile games and smaller titles never get servers in China because it isn't worth the cost and effort despite the massive potential player base. I have a feeling this might just be a holdover until they can make a deal with one of the large hosting companies, but who knows. Being based out of Korea probably isn't helping things either...
Where is the Asia server located anyways? I would assume it would be in South Korea which shouldn't give you the same ping as connecting to a North American server.
Aren't VPNs/proxies now illegal in China? This could get them into hot water quickly.
How come they are using VPNs to lower the latency when VPNs do the exact opposite?
[QUOTE=chipsnapper2;52774996]Aren't VPNs/proxies now illegal in China? This could get them into hot water quickly.[/QUOTE] *only VPNs that circumvent China's censorship, otherwise it's perfectly legal. I believe Russia has something similar to that too.
How do you new people always dig this shit up lol.
Me thinks is bot
Oh shit, good point... didn't even read all of the post...
there is a korea/japan server (which is a fucking nightmare in itself, sometimes you get a korean server and its not too bad other times its a japanese server and its unplayable). bluehole also dont give a shit it seems because the only regions you can still play are asia, na and eu. they made it so you can't select what region you play, you're just lumped into matchmaking with everyone else so if you live in australia or anywhere else outside of those regions, its a laggy piece of shit. it's not like there isn't enough players in the regions that used to exist, it just makes games quicker by putting aussies into na and eu servers so it does.
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