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I don't recall ever seeing a thread here on Arrested Development and I feel as if it needs one, and since search is disabled for the moment, I decided to make one. [img]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1482927/arrested%20banner.png[/img] Arrested Development is the undisputed champion of sitcoms. Anyone who isn't a fan of the show, hasn't watched it yet. With a joke in every line of dialogue, it's quite easily the wittiest and most well written comedy to ever air on television. Having it's lifeline cut short by Fox, presumably due to the general population being too stupid to understand the humour, it wrapped up rather quickly after it's third season, Fox having ordered fewer episodes than originally planned. The show is about the dysfunctional families to top all dysfunctional families. After Michael's father, head of the family's Bluth Corporation goes to prison for numerous crimes, Michael is left to take charge of his company, now officially being in charge of the rest of the oblivious family. This is one of, if not my favourite sitcom of all time. If you haven't seen it, then what the fuck is wrong with you why aren't you watching it right now get to it. And now, some fan service, Characters: [b]Michael Bluth[/b] [tab]You can't do that on the balcony, buddy?[/tab] [img_thumb]http://quizilla.teennick.com/user_images/T/TR/TRA/tracyb515/1196718940_ArrestedMichael.jpg[/img_thumb] The main character of the show. Running gags: [list] [*]Is it? [*]Her? [*]I'm out of this family. [/list] [b]George-Michael Bluth[/b] [tab]I thought you meant of the things you eat.[/tab][img_thumb]http://www.facebook.com/profile/pic.php?uid=AAAAAQAQ7kE3IUmDM0pacuXbr88EtQAAAAr1ODOWm3oEdJJNLG4JFlzC[/img_thumb] The son. Michael Cera's nerdy, awkward teen origin. Running gags: [list] [*]Mr. Manager. [*]Being awkward. [/list] [b]George Oscar "GOB" Bluth[/b] [tab]Illusions, Michael.[/tab][img_thumb]http://static.tvfanatic.com/images/gallery/gob-bluth-picture.jpg[/img_thumb] The brother. GOB is a practitioner of '(not magic Michael -) Illusions'. The all around family screw-up. Running gags: [list] [*]I've made a huge mistake. [*]The final countdown. [*]$3,000 suits. [*]We demand to be taken seriously. [/list] [b]Byron "Buster" Bluth[/b] [tab]Yeah, like anyone would want to 'R' her.[/tab][img_thumb]http://ohforfun.typepad.com/oh_for_fun/images/arrestedbuster_1.jpg[/img_thumb] The 'other' brother. Running gags: [list] [*]Hey brother/uncle/campers/hermano/nephew. [*]Mom's great. [*]I'm a monster! [*]I'm going to Army, mother! [*]Panic attacks. [*]We're just blowing through nap time, aren't we? [*]Backrubs. [/list] [b]Lindsay Fünke[/b] [tab]Fuck me.[/tab][img_thumb]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1482927/linsday%20bluth.png[/img_thumb] The sister. Running gags: [list] [*]Shémale. [*]Nose job. [/list] [b]Tobias Fünke[/b] [tab]I'm afraid I just blue myself.[/tab][img_thumb]http://cache.gawker.com/assets/images/jalopnik/2009/03/DrTAndTheNoWomen.jpg[/img_thumb] The brother in law. Running gags: [list] [*]Tobias, you blow hard! [*]More than you'll, [i]never[/i], know. [/list] [b]Mae "Maeby" Fünke[/b] [tab]Why would that teach them a lesson?[/tab][img_thumb]http://i47.tinypic.com/2czc4dw.jpg[/img_thumb] The niece. Running gags: [list] [*]Steve Holt! [*]Parental defiance. [*]Always getting caught. [*]Marry me! [/list] [b]George Bluth[/b] [tab]I'm having a love affair with this icecream sandwich.[/tab][img_thumb]http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_n95Aynxd7Qs/RoqYfbB5YHI/AAAAAAAAAAs/Rt4oE8WZZkE/s320/a3409517_33232778_3325.jpg[/img_thumb] The father. Running gags: [list] [*]No touching! [*]There's always money in the banana stand. [*]Worst fucking lawyers. [*]Pop-pop's lonely. [/list] [b]Oscar Bluth[/b] [tab]Ow.[/tab][img_thumb]http://image3.examiner.com/images/blog/wysiwyg/image/Oscar_Bluth.jpg[/img_thumb] The uncle. Running gags: [list] [*]Backrubs. [*]Being beaten up by police. [*]That beautiful head of hair. [*]Yes. A [i]father[/i] figure. [/list] [b]Lucille Bluth[/b] [tab]I liked mine better.[/tab][img_thumb]http://images1.fanpop.com/images/quiz/17793_1214096888935_300_278.jpg[/img_thumb] The mother. Running gags: [list] [*]Getting off on being withholding. [/list] [b]Carl Weathers[/b] [img_thumb]http://farm1.static.flickr.com/42/82308120_353c2a9160.jpg[/img_thumb][tab]Let's get a stew on.[/tab] Carl Weathers. Tobias' brief acting instructor, stew aficionado, lover of ham. Running gags: [list] [*]Carl Weathers. [/list] [b]Annyong[/b] [tab]Annyong.[/tab][img_thumb]http://static.tvfanatic.com/images/gallery/annyong-picture_168x226.jpg[/img_thumb] Annyong. Running gags: [list] [*]Annyong. [/list] [b]Barry Zuckerkorn[/b] [tab]Does this look infected to you?[/tab][img_thumb]http://static.tvfanatic.com/images/gallery/barry-zuckerkorn-picture.jpg[/img_thumb] The lawyer. Running gags: [list] [*]Being incompetent. [/list] Go on, just start posting quotes. You know it's what you want to do.
One of the best shows of all time.
I just started watching this recently. So hilarious. [B]THERE IS [I]ALWAYS[/I] MONEY IN THE BANANA STAND![/B]
I love this show so much. Can't wait for the film now that it seems to be actually making progress.
[QUOTE=Rusty100;23824589]Arrested Development is the undisputed champion of sitcoms.[/QUOTE] I think you should watch Spaced before making claims like that but yeah. [url]http://z0r.de/874[/url]
I have watched Spaced it's not NEARLY as good
[QUOTE=Rusty100;23824954]I have watched Spaced it's not NEARLY as good[/QUOTE] Man Spaced is amazing It has like a million billion jokes that you won't get unless you watch it a few times though.
I've found the same with AD. I've lost count at how many times I've watched through all 3 series, but I still noticed background jokes that I never did before.
Love this show. Lots of little jokes like how the lawyer hops over a shark, and he was the one who started the "jump the shark" thing. Also Bob Loblaw's Law Blog :v:
I just started watching this show from the beginning the other week, it's fantastic. Sometimes the characters' stupidity actually pisses me off a bit lmao.
[QUOTE=dustbusta;23825126]I just started watching this show from the beginning the other week, it's fantastic. Sometimes the characters' stupidity actually pisses me off a bit lmao.[/QUOTE] nah it's hilarious to watch other people be stupid
Come on
yeah, the guy in the 3000 dollar suit is going to come on. COME ON
I recently watched every episode back to back. Before I had only seen a few episodes here and there when they were shown at 4 in the morning at one point. It's the best show anyone will see in a long time. I'm suprised Ann wasn't given a bio in the OP.
[QUOTE=FoxMeister;23840258]I'm suprised Ann wasn't given a bio in the OP.[/QUOTE] Who?
Gob's sexual harassment speech was probably the funniest thing i've heard on tv
OP looks too much like badage boys
I remember watching this on G4 when i still had it on my cable. Amazing show.
[QUOTE=kestner;23841359]I remember watching this on G4 when i still had it on my cable. Amazing show.[/QUOTE] Same, here. Including, still having the cable.
Amazing show. Probably too good for it's time, resulting in it being canceled. Can't wait for the movie though.
Tobias Fünke: Anal/rapist The first few episodes of the show I didn't really like. But I know exactly where I started to love it. It was when Buster whent on his Archealogical dig thing and their dusting the Teradactyl remains and he breaks the skull and says "That was like, 90% gravity...".
[QUOTE=Rusty100;23840271]Who?[/QUOTE] Damn. Well played.
That's a coincidence. I started watching this series some weeks ago. It's easily one of my favorite sitcoms.
Is it? [img]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1482927/is%20it.jpg[/img]
[media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M05Z08OhunY[/media] Go TOBIAS GO
[QUOTE=Rusty100;23840271]Who?[/QUOTE] Very clever or you could've had her bio but (Not pictured)
yeah but then i wouldn't have been able to make that joke
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