• Great Ol' Half-Life
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A short video I made for fun about all the little amusements in Half-Life. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnFwW5ASzys[/media]
Oh my god, I lost it at the first clip.
dat gorillaz music
You're back from your break man? Awesome!
Amazing, enormous win.
Good shit.
hahaha the best part was shooting dumpster guy in the face
That was awesome
"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"
"Wouldn't you like get one of these blood samples under a microscope?"
Hahaha, your movements made it even more awesome than it already was.
Oh man I forgot how good those sounds were. And body explosions, oh how I miss you.
The movements were great, I laughed heartily when you frantically pushed the button when those zombies were behind the door.
I laughed quite a bit through the whole thing
Wow, I never seen Half-life that glitchy
Holy shit dude cool
ahhh that was scary. i was just listening to that song, paused it to play the video...
I loved how you could just tell that when you saw G-man you went "HOLY SHIT".
2:15 was the best
What the scientist said at the end pretty much summed up my thoughts about this.
Lost it at the zombie elevator.
Holy shit, dumpster guy!
It's funny to think that this was the best graphics there was at one point
That was brilliant!
Makes me want to play trough half-life again.
I really enjoyed this a lot, u should make one of half life 2, if it hasn't already been bone
1:26, where he turns the flashlight on and Gman is there.
[QUOTE=professor cool.;27638491]hahaha the best part was shooting dumpster guy in the face[/QUOTE] he [u]ALWAYS[/u] pisses me off. also , laughed out loud when you open the door to the zombies , then proceed to mash down use at the speed of light
How did you get motion blur in Half life?
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