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Hey there, I have to take a two week vacation and I can't decide where and when to go. I scheduled my vacation for the start of june without thinking, so now I'm thinking of rescheduling for after summer (late september/early october). Don't really know what to say. Last year I went to Italy and Amsterdam in the first half of may. It was too hot and there were too many people, also personal problems amplified the stress that I felt. But I liked it nontheless. What attracts me are places like south-east Asia / Balkans / India. Basically I want warmth, maybe a water source nearby, flora. Anybody got any suggestions? Maybe some reading material which would help me decide? Looking for personal tips as well. Thanks in advance.
I hear Syria is nice this time of year. Beheadings are down 20%!
I have virtually no real travel experience, but I wanted to bump this topic, traveler blogs might be a help. Also yes, a travelling megathread would be excellent. Someday I might take a week off to visit New York City and the Metropolitan museum, There'd be a lot of people though!
Singapore is a lovely place to go, cheap food and public transport. Don't know about accommodation I've got people I can stay with there and it is hot all year round there so I don't know if you would like that.
What about German? Berlin is nice place for hang out
realized this thread was posted 6 months ago after i wrote this entire thing, so i'm just gonna post it anyway: i spent my summer in indonesia and japan. SEA is an amazing place for food and warmth, not to mention beaches. while we were in indonesia we went to both bali and lombok. bali is ok-ish, it's very touristy so ymmv. i didn't really have too much of a problem with it. lombok is the real gem though. we rode on a fishing boat and went to a bunch of beaches that were pretty much empty so we could take in the ocean view. afterwards we rode to a floating restaurant and had fresh-caught seafood. definitely the highlight of the trip imo. unfortunately, lombok got hit with a serious earthquake a few months ago. the rest of our indonesia trip was spent floating around java visiting family and trying out local food. a thing to be careful about while trying food in indonesia (and some SEA countries in general) is food quality. i got sick twice after trying out food, so definitely watch what you eat. i wouldn't suggest going straight to the first street vendor you see. try to ease into it. also, don't drink tap water or have ice. it also gets REALLY HOT during the summer, and if you couldn't handle italy during the summer you might be miserable during indonesian summers. it doesn't help that the only other season besides extreme heat is the rainy season. while not strictly SEA, japan is also an amazing country to visit. you don't have to worry about food quality and japanese cuisine is so good. not to mention that tokyo is extremely foreigner-friendly, especially now that the 2020 olympic games are coming up. i knew a little japanese to kinda get by, but i think you can get away with only knowing a few important phrases and gesturing the rest of the way through. most restaurants i went to even had english menus. next year i'm gonna go to japan again, this time checking out other cities besides tokyo. i also want to visit taiwan, and one of my friends want to take me boating in thailand.
Come to Brazil
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