• American Football thread v4 - In here, it's always gameday
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https://i.imgur.com/Dc5oVol.png Welcome to the incredible fourth edition of the American Football thread! Home of one of Facepunch's longest running competition, the Facepunch Fantasy Football League. This thread primarily concerns the National Football League (NFL), but also includes Canadian football and other American football leagues all over the world. Since I couldn't find the old thread in the switch to Newpunch and could only find NHL and NBA threads, I figured it was time to bring back the hard hitting, hail mary throwin' footbaw thread. Facepunch Fantasy Football League The FFFL is a fantasy football league held every year through ESPN Fantasy. The FFFL has been running annually for the past seven years and continues to be one of the most fun, friendly, and competitive fantasy sports leagues ever held. Be the head coach you always wished your team could have as you draft a team of players, choose who to start each week, and earn points based on their individual performances. Make trades with other players or work the waiver wire to land a clutch player just in time for 1pm kickoff. Lead your team to the playoffs and win the coveted Mons Pubis Trophy! We typically have 8 teams competing every season, though we can accommodate up to 12 teams at any time. An even number of teams is required to start the season, so invite a friend to join as well! How do I join? First send me (FFStudios) a PM with your e-mail address. You will receive an invite directly from ESPN that will direct you to either log-in with an existing ESPN account, or create a new one. After that, you will have automatically joined the Facepunch Fantasy Football League. Make sure to add the league homepage to your bookmarks! When is the draft? We typically use this thread to schedule a draft time that works for everybody. Since drafting is a major part of having a successful team, we make every effort to get everyone in so that we don't have to see the dreaded Auto-Draft icon next to your name. What if I've never played fantasy football before? Players of all skill levels are welcome! If you are new to fantasy football, I highly recommend reading ESPN's own Fantasy 101 page, located here: ESPN - Fantasy Football 101 If you have any questions about specific things, people in this thread are always available to try and answer. PAST WINNERS of the MONS PUBIS TROPHY 2012: Orange Crush (runner-up Boston Bandits) 2013: Orange Crush (runner-up Flint Tropics) 2014: All Hail Breesus (runner-up You Fukken Druggos!) 2015: Strickland Propaniacs (runner-up Orange Crush) 2016: Jack Is Back (runner-up I MISS RexRyan's5Chins) 2017: Atlanta Falcons Blew 28-3 (runner-up Raltimore Bavens) 2018: to be determined - it could be you!
pre-season starts today friends! NFL football is officially back (fuck the hall of fame game) - in the loosest form of "back" possible. who's ready to watch their teams play their shitters?
i wanna repeat as champion of the FFFL!
Time for another season of me going "buffalo, why" Hopefully Allen was worth the trade.
Oi go Pats
who dey
dey tha peeps who gon win the supah bole
who dat
https://twitter.com/NFL/status/1027737715469512705 Jeff Driskel is my dad and if he doesn't win the backup job I'm going to be pissed.
Over under on Bill's making the playoffs again?
if you played FFFL last year and want to play again, please log-in to ESPN and re-activate your team! i'm gonna take the under on that one
How do we reactivate? Is there something beyond just signing on?
nope! as long as you log in and visit the league homepage, your team is reactivated. oh, also let me know if you are reactivated because apparently I don't have a way to see who has/hasn't done it in the LM Tools. gonna start the team list in the OP
Rust Belts are back.
hell yeah welcome back friends! that's 4 teams already in to go
Hey reactivated my team just a bit ago, under Alan B.
awesome! as of right now we've got 6 teams, more than enough for a competitive league. i'm confident we can still get 2 more if not 4 to make for a full ten teams
I think it would be neat to do a physical trophy and let the champion (me) decide whether they actually want you to go through with getting it made and shipped.
fair enough, i like that idea. i have a couple irl friends joining this year and we talked about it for shits and giggles so i was curious how much that sort of thing costs and it's pretty reasonable
The Rust Belts first Mons Pubis should be immortalized.
yer all fackin jokin cuz i'm taking home my own trophy this year you big dummies
Facepunch Football League Figured I would post this here, but I am running a small Facepunch Football League(not fantasy football) in which Facepunch themed teams play a season in Axis Football 2017. You do not need to own the game to participate, just understand how to manage a football team. If you like football, I'd check it out as this could be loads of fun. All the in-game players are going to be based off of Facepunch users, and the uniforms, fields, and team names are based off of facepunch culture(or you can make your own team entirely unique with no reference to FP at all, except for the players it uses)
still looking for one more team to have a full 8 team league! invite your buds to come on down and join the fun
im gonna reclaim my trophy :^)
I have secured an eighth team and Facepunch Fantasy is now FULL. Best of luck to everyone and see you at the draft tomorrow night!
Jon Gruden confirmed sub 40 IQ
We couldn't afford Mack anymore. That's all it comes down to.
Room's open now and the draft starts in 55 minutes you fuckers better get in here
RIP @PILLS HERE! and @Discofex , taken by autodraft long before their time
JFC, Buffalo. What the fuck did I watch the other day? "lol lets throw away the game till the 4th quarters and then magically score 25 points from our ass" YOU CANNOT KEEP TRYING TO REPEAT THE GREATEST COMEBACK, STAHP.
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