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------> Blat Blat Binder <------- --------------------------------------------- This is a thing I have been working on for quite some time that I hope can be useful and informative to others. It is a collection of resources such as court cases, articles, databases and research papers to be used when discussing the finer points of firearm related controversy. Generally this thing is printed and carried around in a fuckhuge binder but I am putting it here by request today for easy access online. It includes an index, links, and PDF's of all resources as well as a foreword of sorts and a disclosure statement. At the time of writing I am working on newer versions which I want to include many more resources (if any of you guys find any send em' my way!), and a "quick take" / TL;DR section where I can go topic by topic making my points, explaining them, and citing the various works within this collection. To use, go to the V2 doc and either use the list of links or the index to find out what resource you want to use, and then find that resource in the various categorized folders. Comments/critiques/suggestions always appreciated.
As a vehement anti-gun-rights advocate, I'll be happy to go through it when I get home today. Thank you for compiling it. I saw the categories on mobile, quick questions, do the court cases have any relevance to gun crime numbers or is it more about interpretations of 2a? Can I just ignore the 'articles' category since they probably just use data from the "papers and studies" section anyway and focus on the papers? Can I ignore sources compiled by hard-right publishers with mixed/low factual reporting on Media Bias Check site?
No. Data and facts are still data and facts, even if theyre reported by right winf sources. If you dont like the right wing source, follow the citations and read the papers for yourself.
V3 is done, getting pretty thiccc at 1,931 pages of resources I also started something I am calling "The Chain" (working title, will probably change), and would love feedback through the google docs comment function. I have the outline done with bullet points for each sub-topic so I can go back later and fill it out once I am sure it is arranged properly. If the compendium was a rock solid foundation, The Chain would be a palace sitting atop it. The compendium is great to reference and learn from but to use it in a conversation you still need to put in the "grunt work" of connecting all the pieces together. My goal is to synthesize all the resources together into one large argumentative document that covers as many topics as possible, making it easy to get a pro-gun summary of any topic of interest while the citations would lead to the specific information that was used when coming to the conclusion so that people can investigate themselves if they so choose. This is because I got tired of going through the same pattern of arguments in the same order again and again. So if you have some time please take a moment to look it over and let me know through the comment function if I missed something, or things should be in a different order, or I made a grammar error, or you have a better idea for a chapter title etc etc. I want to make sure everything is set up properly before I flesh it out and write out the bullet points in full text, expanded format.
Let's see.
The FBI is a good go-to for stats here in the US; the problem with left-wing stats is that they include things like suicide and police shootings as "gun crime".
CDC has also proven biased and unreliable several times this year: Evidence of Selection Bias Involving Firearms at the Center for .. CDC Finally Corrects Major Gun Data Error Uncovered by John Lott CDC Study Confirmed Kleck's 2.5 Million Defensive Gun Use Statis..
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