• Unpopular Opinions V9 trump is ok
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autolock at 800-1k posts is funny
Samsung's Android skin has a couple glaring issues but overall isn't too bad sure it's not great by any means but people make it out to be far worse than it actually is
there is literally nothing wrong with being jewish
garry's brain is a squirming toad
I'm not certain that's terribly unpopular at the moment, lol.
I'm not certain that's terribly unpopular at the moment, lol.
He should take a long holiday.
bleu cheese is delicious
The crust of bread is great.
The best sandwiches are those with a bit of Marmite in them.
the witcher 3 is shit it's fuckin shit
What makes you say that?
gameplay bad
Fantasy is a shit genre
dicks are ok
The Boss Baby was okay.
Samsung UX (Nougat and Oreo) isn't so bad but old TouchWiz ate ass
I consider Metal Gear Rising to be canon
the next poster sucks
your dick
Not counting SoulCalibur: Legends, I can't help but think that the Soul Series is long overdue for a guest fighter representing the Tales series.
when derivative and unoriginal. like all other genres.
Telltale sucks.
Nah i just hate the aesthetic, can't stand anything pre 1900
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has such terrible replay value that I'm currently torn about installing it for a second round or not
If we absolutely have to have more battle royale games, how about one that's more focused on melee combat with ranged weapons acting as a secondary?
I find cr1tikal boring
6 disagrees,yikes
Now ask yourself how many of those disagrees were serious and how many were people rating it sarcastically while thinking "no shit??"
So like, a gladiator arena?
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