• Shit That Gets You Happy v5 - Because We're Too Angry
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Being in the cold when it's hot outside ❤
The memories of sweet oldpunch
I recorded myself playing a 1 minute song and I sped it up, it sounds so much better sped up and it makes me happy.
trying new foods and loving them! I don't usually like any new stuff I try, but when I do, I get so happy
For the last week or so I've been taking care of abandoned kittens. I've never had to take care of cats this young before but they seem to be doing pretty well.
Just finished seeing The Incredibles 2. It was pretty good.
I bought DA:I and I'm sooo excited to play
https://youtu.be/iXTucGkxjZg David Attenborough makes me happy
My new fishing reel came today! https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/439504192457932802/458707577648447488/image.jpg
me in the morning: today is gonna be a shitty day me in the evening: today was a good day
Ha. Just as I was thinking of buying a used monitor to my workplace (I had a 20" 1600x900 potato screen), mom told me a friend of hers has a spare 24" 1080p samsung. Hell yeah, proper sized screen at work!
every other friday
Ya know what I dislike? When you have a great fuckin mood but nobody to share it with, makes you think that it's a waste
I like the agreement that I have with my boss. If I do x hours of overtime through the week, she’ll let me leave x hours early on the Friday. Eg I did 4 hours of overtime on Mon-Thu, so I was able to leave the office at 1PM on Friday.
Just look yourself in the mirror, you'll get some good feedback. Smile and dance to yourself!
So I just finished all my exams in the accounting body I was studying in. meaning I am now classed as a qualified accounting professional. Im going to take my studies further and study the chartered accounting body but I’m so proud of myself for coming this far! i said I’ll treat myself to a PS4 and a VR if I passed and I will!!
Reading this makes me happy.
My mom making it through surgery and the thought of her condition actually improving.
Being alone in nature. Hearing the sounds of birds and wind blowing through the trees is one of the most calming experiences I could ever imagine.
I usually hike around and camp as a green therapy. Always alone listening and suddenly fall asleep at a tree. Wake up in the night trying to pitch a tent with a hand-held flashlight
New gw2 chapter today
I bought Batman Arkham City in the Steam sale after having it on the 360 and beat it. One of the best games of all time imo.
It's probably a decent amount of placebo goin' on but I'm feeling a lot better after a few days of exercising at home.
I've got a daily schedule spanning at least a month ahead so I certainly plan on getting into better shape before the fall semester, where at that point I'll at the very least be walking all over campus daily.
Did my last shift at my annoying retail job (the contract ended), meaning I have two full months off before heading off to a uni course that I'm really excited for! Going to be a good summer.
I bought the wax that my barber uses. Bad hair days are forgotten. The nostalgic songs of my country in my mother tongue. Mom got me a set of inverted pedals for my racing sim setup for my birthday.
I finally figured out how to make Gmod not crash my computer after mere minutes. I needed to set the fps_max from 300 to 60. I'm so happy I got that issue out of the way.
When its hot as balls outside And you rediscover the joy of taking a cold shower at these times.
This fluffy little bugger https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1717/43c58777-2715-4eee-8406-eec97736d03c/IMG_20180512_225239.jpg
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