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I've put a birdfeeder outside of my slider which is right next to my workspace, so now I've got like a whole flock of birds that come chill near my window every afternoon while I'm doing my schoolwork.
Had the same experience with showing my GF AVGN thinking she might not like it or be interested at all but she actually watched most of season 1 with me on youtube and didn't have one bad thing to say. It's awesome
My boyfriend lives in the UK. We've wanted to live together for a very long time, going on 10 years now, but various circumstances have kept him there and me here. One of the much easier ways to get a visa for the UK is to transfer within the same company from the office in your own country to an office in the UK. I had talked to my management before, because we're a very large company, and despite all of us keeping an eye out for around two years there have been no jobs available within my field. They simply aren't finding engineering opportunities. Well, I happened to speak to a member of management yesterday, and he brought up that our company is merging with another in the next couple of months. We took a look at their jobs site and found well over a dozen positions that I could work in the UK, some of which have remained open for over a year! Them being open a long time means I have to fight through less red tape since it's more evident they haven't been able to fill them with UK citizens. So not only is this going to be the best opportunity I've had in a long while to relocate, but a significant portion of my leadership is going to help make it happen, and I get to be with my boyfriend without having to bail on the best company I've worked for in my entire life. I could even transfer back after I help my bf sort his hurdles out. I was tearing up thinking about it last night, I will be so incredibly happy if this finally pans out. :3
adopted a dog today https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/526/7c18ca9f-d925-4baf-9338-3600c3e0ba5d/IMG_20190425_172543.jpg I fuckin love him
I ordered a new motherboard to finally pair up with the other PC parts that were on sale, that I bought months ago. A 2600x, which i'm thinking of pairing up with a 2060 or a 1660ti. Then coincidentially, A Hat in Time online coop gets announced, and Resident Evil 2 Remake goes on sale. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbeC2w-uIEU
I feel shorter today. Its weird and kinda scaring me because I generally think I've been losing my mind recently, but at the same time I find the thought of just shrinking slowly really really fucking funny in a few days I'm gonna be 2 inches tall going "🇭🇪🇱🇵 🇲🇪🇪🇪" before i get stepped on
i've detected levels of anxiety exceeding thread parameters- https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/240059/06294cea-2fa6-4686-b6dc-82926329c0fe/image.png
feels like a long time since anythings made me truly happy, but apparently the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers theme song is on spotify, lightly remastered. THIS IS AMAZING. https://open.spotify.com/track/5BiTv8eMvZXMvVP1lgpwbm?si=6FXU4KiOQSaqnds-RKN5kw
I finally learned how to swim after all these years. I learned all by myself. I havent felt such joy in such a long time.
I know this has probably been said before but they're gonna change the design of Sonic in the upcoming movie. Someone give me a happiness smooch please.
After six years on Facepunch, I finally got gold. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/184561/1bfddf98-fdb2-4ece-8328-7bf6a3492b63/image.png
Hanging with my best bud today
Finished a book, "Jagged Alliance 2" by Darius Kazemi. Was short but really good and provided a ton of insight on the development and people behind one of my favorite games. I also just discovered the same publishers put out a book on Baldur's Gate 2 which is another favorite of mine. Once I read the BG2 book I've got another about a guy's experience with a WWII tank division. I've also still got Masters of Doom, a book about Dunkirk, one about the culture of Canadian soldiers in WWI, and one that seems to just be a comprehensive collection of maps and descriptions of offensives in WWII to go through as well. reading fuckin owns
I've taken up baking stuff when I'm feeling anxious or bored. It's relaxing and my friends tell me my brownies (the not drug kind) are the best they've ever had. Next week I'm going to try making gooey chocolate chip cookies.
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/89601050759139328/575728845517225994/IMG_20190508_130040.jpg Say hello to Kirby. I'm so goddamned happy, I've always wanted to own an axolotl and even though he was a lot smaller than i expected and gave me a bit of a scare when he arrived and wasn't moving right away... this is one of the happiest days of my life. I look forward to raising him as my own son.
Dancing Pikachu
Make some posts in the Aquarium thread.
When a semester is finally over and most students did alright. (Uni course I help at with the professor)
I did in the past. Meant to bookmark the thread and forgot. I'll come hang out now.
Fresh cow milk is the one drink for me that consistently manages to taste awesome.
Had a great week, I've been in a great mood since Tuesday. Before that things were pretty shit and mood was very low, but I feel like I'm back on track and the mood is still up a week later. My sleep has been really shitty, my body keeps waking me up 3-4 hours after I get to sleep and I cant wake back up, but I've been managing to catch up on sleep here and there with some going back to sleep, some naps. When I'm in a good mood I feel like I have control over everything, even if something goes wrong I feel like I can hold my own and make up for it with confidence. Saturday night I was super anxious about work because my work situation has been shit, but I worked the whole night seamlessly, enjoyed it, and because of that shift alone I'm now good on rent and my other payments with money for food and stuff for the next two weeks. Sunday for Mothers Day I visited my mother and gave her what she said was the best mothers day in recent memory! I bought her an electric throw blanket, a box of chocolates, and also purchased dinner for us both to eat together. Just today I went in and finally was able to do stuff I wanted to do after all the necessities and I got a sweater I really wanted, a manicure (it looks great, im so happy with the colour!) and also a portable fan heater with a timer so I can set it for an hour or two for me to fall asleep to and it will turn itself off. Its just so cool that a week ago things were genuinely so bad and I thought I was at my lowest low, and now its so easy to forget all that now that things are going my way. I'm hoping to keep the rhythm up as much as possible. Awesome stuff, so happy.
I've done the impossible. I got me a sugar mama.
Officially graduated, got my Masters in Writing Arts. For the first time since Kindergarten, I'm out of school.
Tell us how and when you did it in the anonymous confessions thread so we can hear all the juicy details and get our own sugar mamas, and you can remain anonymous. Everyone wins
bought a "sold as faulty" psp 3000 off ebay (due to the person not having a charger), works perfectly and is in practically mint condition, to get the funds back I managed to sell my old PSP 1000, which wasn't in the best of conditions, scratches on the screen, faulty buttons, etc etc for the same amount of money that I bought the PSP 3000 for, so it was basically a free upgrade.
Playing my favorite zombie game (that isn't even for sale anymore) again after 10+ years, getting adware trying to get it to work, and mirroring the fuck out of the game and the fixes so I never lose it again. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/281734/2926513f-c427-44fc-a01f-80ceffd9639b/20190517104542_1.jpg This game fucking rules
I wish this game would get a remaster. Such an underrated game.
I think this is the first time I've ever heard someone else talk about it. Every single person I talked to had no idea what it was, absolute shame cause it was so fucking good.
What the hell, it used to be on steam. Why'd it get taken off?
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