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More Personality. Than the last 2 games!
more like the last four :<:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nV8_aVymv7g The beginning with the keybind-issues is fucking hilarious.
EVERYONE SHUT UP https://youtu.be/wCCBQmiBIZY
Strength go up. Story progression go down.
I've been playing Angry Dad Simulator for the past week or so a few hours a day (give or take) and I've not caught up with the bumblefuckery since their first hour of gameplay or so. I have a really strong feeling I have probably out progressed them despite them being 40+ episodes in based on damn near every LP where they can get sidetracked (and holy shit getting sidetracked is easy in this). Enjoying it immensely though. Might have to catch up with their LP a bit now I've made my own progress.
Considering the game is done already, this is likely footage from their last session: I suspect after this sidequest thing, it'll be story progression until the Gods come home.
"Ye vs Minaj" You son of a bitch Woolie
https://twitter.com/MattMcMuscles/status/1007029744167260161?s=19 Pulling this tweet up because today's TMS had a sidequest that had me laughing hard and it reminded me of this. I'm glad they keep sticking with it.
The side quests are the best part of the game as far as I'm concerned. Yashiro is such a fucking dumbass, I love him.
There's so much shit in Detroit that is like, one step away from being the coolest thing ever, but immediately ruined by thinking at all. So many scenes have massive plotholes. It's easily the best so far though, hands down. How do the androids have so many faults, how do they magically gain superpowers, why does nothing in the worldbuilding make sense? Why are characters still super inconsistent and change personalities from one line to another?
The classic quantic dream "wasted potential hurts more than no potential at all"
Been reading the comments on youtube, but have they fucked up the perfect ending for conner?
Question one: Because their code keeps breaking. Question two: (Spoilers) Because they were built that way to become what they are - not what CyberLife wanted, but what their creator wanted. What problems do you have with the worldbuilding? If anything, I felt the characters personalities were a bit too rigid and trope'd rather than super inconsistent. The most complex character in the game is the detective - and he has reasons for why he says all his lines even though in this playthrough they've skipped a lot of that reasoning by not being Hank's pal. For instance, to resolve Hank's 'inconsistencies': (Heavy Spoilers about Hank and Connor) Hank feels Androids are alive even when people keep telling him they're just robots - because his son's death taught him there's more to it than what the robots are even aware of. He hates people who just treat and see them as robots because it absolves them of their own decisions and makes them think that they're not to blame but their programming. Part of what keeps him pissed off is that Connor doesn't realize he's in denial about his deviancy despite showing signs that there's more to him than he wants to recognize. That's also why he keeps treating him like he would a human partner - because he subconsciously feels that the robots have always been alive in some way or another and he keeps trying to tease it out of him. He's an outstanding detective after all and he suspects throughout the whole playthrough that Connor is a deviant but is trapping himself in denial about it (which is right on the money because Connor was built by CyberLife as a Deviant from birth). This can come to a head when Connor is confronted by Hank on the rooftop overlooking Marcus' rally where Connor is ordered to execute Markus and, if Connor refuses to listen to Hank's effective truth-telling that he is in fact a Deviant in denial, will kill him to keep him from committing violence. All of this, kept in mind, lines up perfectly with Hank's statements on just about everything; he works with and supports non-violent criminals on a daily basis, working with a criminal partner to redeem him wouldn't phase him. Additionally, he likes Connor if you stay on his good side despite refusing to admit your deviancy, and wants to save him all the way up until he passes the point of no return - when he becomes violent. In my run, Connor ultimately repressed and rejected his deviancy until his confrontation with Hank where, unable to contain his emotions but unable to let go of being a robot, Hank killed him to try and keep Marcus' dream alive when Connor refused to back down but also refused to harm Hank. After that scene, and after Markus got the President to stand the military down and public opinion shot through the roof on Androids, I shot Markus in the pre-credits final rally from the crowd, ensuring that he would go down a martyr and keep his dream alive indefinitely - and allowing Connor to remain the Deviant in Denial through malicious compliance with his orders.
i don't care about the perfect ending, i just wanna see Pat go full terminator on Matt and Woolie
Uh, literally everything about the world makes no sense. Unemployment is higher in the US than any country at any point in history, including countries that have completely fallen apart due to BOMBING AND TERRORISM WHERE THEY HAVE NO GOVERNMENT. That is complete and utter anarchy. Why do people in regular situations not affected by robots who have jobs get upset that an android is around when they're literally everywhere and have been for years. Why are they so cheap? Why would anyone hire a human when like, a month of my wage at minimum wage (Cheaper because of fucking inflation holy shit) can afford someone who can do my job perfectly. Why do they look like humans when people would explicitly have problems being creeped out by them. How are there not constant riots outside of the company that makes the robots for deviants being a huge issue (And apparently they can go deviant for no reason and at random). Even if they're intentionally designed to become human which is what I'm getting out of the game. People would fucking find out. People would freak out when their android that isn't supposed to feel pain fucking starts crying. People would be taking these things apart and realizing "What the fuck, these androids can regenerate their android skin around their stickers???" Oh wait, no. The UN or whatever regulatory committee made it so that the company had to make androids instantly identifiable would have immediately, and I mean before they were ever implemented, looked at the androids and went "Are you joking? No, fucking go back and fix this" because literally anyone could have fucked with it.
What baffles me the most thus far is that somehow cases of deviancy are not overblown and super covered by the media and the game just flat out says they've avoided all media attention without going into details as to how that's even possible.
I may have missed it, but wasn't the prologue of the game supposed to be like the very first case of deviancy ever? It's not a huge issue [i]yet[/i] as far as I understand
It can't be the first case of deviancy because Jericho has an entire secret network for guiding deviants to them through complicated graffiti across the city, while also being a shitty warehouse with like 20 androids and no supplies. Also of the androids we've seen an interacted with in the story more have gone deviant than not. Kara went deviant in like 10 minutes, and the sex bots were apparently able to go deviant (and have a relationship) in less than two hours.
Sure but people seem to be getting murdered at an incredible rate by androids and some in public places, its literally impossible that the media haven't found out yet. And if they have found out then that shit should be caused for massive alarm. But instead its like "my android beat me up and ran away" and cyberlife just shrug and send a detective robot and everyones cool with it? You know, better not treat this like the biggest threat to all of society or anything, just go back to the android sex club that incidentally a guy got murdered in by a sexbot.
I'm just not even trying to make sense of anything involving Jericho at this point, Markus' storyline is clearly where the writing staff gave up on actually trying and just went for the simplest possible fighting for civil rights/discrimination story possible without actually thinking about it. I honestly feel like the game would be a much better experience if they focused on Connor and Hank's crimefighting adventures and Kara's escape from domestic abuse and the relationship formed between a robot caretaker and her human ward even though QD throw that shit out the window by going oh Alice was an android too all along.
Feels like every character story arc was thought up in void, and the world and rules of it built around those stories
It's not anarchy, it's rabid unemployment. People are in great unrest, yes, but they're also being held back by the largest police force ever assembled which can be manufactured on demand. We don't focus much on the human elements of Detroit: Become Human (somewhat ironically) but despite unemployment being extremely high, Detroit itself shows no huge signs of it. That would mean that elsewhere in the country there is mass unemployment and unrest that we're not privy to on account of the story taking place in the most opulent and wealth-flushed city in the United States if in the in-game lore is to be believed. Why do people get upset about androids when they're everywhere: Because they're still relatively new. Why are they so cheap: Because CyberLife is deliberately trying to get full market penetration. They make money off the constant repairs and maintenance of a captured national market rather than the upfront cost. They also sell them pre-used and at great discounts to even further make them affordable. Why would anyone hire a human: Because a lot of people are still upset/freaked out about the sudden throng of robots walking around literally everywhere. But they are slowly and steadily replacing jobs in spite of this because, as can be seen, they're both disposable and discrete. Why do they look like humans: Marketing. Why do they look like humans despite people being freaked out by them: Not everyone is freaked out by them. In fact, they've become so human-looking that people aren't freaking out because they're sitting in the uncanny valley -- they're freaked out that this person they're talking to winds up being an android - which is why the LED thing was a thing that was demanded. How are there not constant riots: The game starts showing such a riot/demonstration outside one such building in the opulent city of Detroit. It can be safely assumed there are lots of riots/unrests elsewhere in the nation. Why are there not riots when the public learns about deviant androids: The information is constantly suppressed by Cyberlife who's spending massive amounts of capital and political favors to keep it quiet while they try and figure out what's causing deviancy. People would fucking find out. People would freak out when their android that isn't supposed to feel pain fucking starts crying. Those people's silence is bought and, if it can't be bought, they're dealt with elsewise. People would be taking these things apart and realizing "What the fuck, these androids can regenerate their android skin around their stickers???" (1) That ruins the warranty and their parts are expensive. (2) The regenerating skin isn't a big deal because it's a feature to begin with. The problem is 'oh shit they can remove their LEDs' but the thing is you can't order your Android to remove its LED - only Deviants can do that - and as aforementioned that information is being suppressed. Sure but people seem to be getting murdered at an incredible rate by androids and some in public places, its literally impossible that the media haven't found out yet. It's stated on the down-low that the media has found out - several times in fact - and that CyberLife has made those stories die or go away. Note the absence of coverage of anything about it on the news until Markus makes his big speech to see how effectively they're doing so.
Are they? I haven't seen any android cops. They all seem to be human for now, besides androids aren't allowed to use (or even hold) weapons so how would they be an effective police force? Connor is the closest thing to an android cop in the game but he's a private investigator for Cyberlife who is working with a cop. Most people tend to hate non-human things which look too human. People are more receptive to the yellow smiley face than they are to the most advanced CG faces because the closer you get to human the more the minor imperfections stand out. This is just a minor thing but being IN the uncanny valley is the bad thing. You want to be out of the uncanny valley on either side, either so human no one can tell the difference or so obviously not human that the human features become endearing. But we've seen multiple news reports about deviant androids, especially when they were playing as Kara. Public Opinion go down. Show, don't tell. If something isn't shown in a piece of fiction it may as well not be happening. You can't rely on your audience assuming anything because everyone is going to come up with something different, you need to at least guide them. That applies to all modern tech, it doesn't stop anybody. People were voiding their warranties by modding their 360s the day the 360 was released. A void warranty is only a worry for people who think they might one day need to rely on the warranty, and when the robots are so cheap why wouldn't hackers and tinkerers open up their robots? There's been multiple news reports on the androids going deviant. The one where Kara's owner goes on the news is mandatory to see. Public Opinion go down.
You've seen them, you just didn't realize they were androids. There were a bunch of them in the police station and there's some out patrolling the city while you're looking at Graffiti as Markus. Androids aren't allowed to use weapons but they are allowed to restrain people while calling for assistance; with them not caring about becoming wounded/et cetera, that makes them able to advance on and subdue suspects of minor crimes. Major crimes involving weapons would require actual humans, which they can call for, but since they're dealing with most of the more minor crimes that frees those officers up to deal with the weapon/higher-stakes crimes. Connor is a Detective android but we've seen plenty of police officer model androids in the game. They're mostly assigned to partners but are shown to act autonomously when not assigned to one. RE: Uncanny Valley. Already stated that they're 'beyond the uncanny valley', which is what necessitated the LEDs and so on. The only thing that gives them away is they're somewhat stiff in their expressions at times and aren't exceptionally good at conversation. If you were just passing by one on the street by the game's backstory, you wouldn't be aware that they're an android. It's only when you engage with them in something that's not mundane that you find out they're not. But we've seen multiple news reports about deviant androids, especially when they were playing as Kara. Public Opinion go down. Yar, and given that public opinion doesn't go down massively, the public is manipulated into feeling the impact of those reports less. Also, the reports focus on specific androids which are framed as defective or unique in regards, which gives more the impression of 'a few of these things are freaking out' rather than 'every android is a potential deviant'. Show, don't tell. I grant you that it's not shown - but there's nothing to really solidly contradict that the unemployment rate is what it says it is elsewhere in the nation (and may be higher since Detroit is getting by just fine and is thus dragging that figure down). That applies to all modern tech, it doesn't stop anybody. It stops a lot of people - it just doesn't stop everyone. Stopping everyone can't be achieved - but all they need to do is stop most people. I don't crack open my consoles because I want them repaired when I need to - and because it'd be more expensive to be forced to buy a new one in the event it fails. Even though I'm pretty confident I could fix most of the things going wrong in there, I'm not an expert solderer or anything and a lot of the newer consoles are 'rigged to fail' if someone other than who's supposed to be opening it up opens it up and screws around with it. The one where Kara's owner goes on the news is mandatory to see. Public Opinion go down. In fairness, he looks like (and is) a junkie who just recently also reported that their android got smashed by a car and suffered such major damage that they had to reset all of its stuff.
Let's ignore the fact Markus now has robo-Jesus powers. Where did the Jericho androids get this heist equipment? I can buy the suit and uniforms (I would like to buy that suit jacket, actually) but a laser saw? Suction cups equipped with a vacuum? These aren't things you find at your local walmart.
Jericho can't even get equipment for their own androids, yet can pull off heists. What
The answer is Markus has Robo-Jesus powers. He could just go up to construction androids at worksites and be all 'hey give me that laser cutter, thanks' and I could buy them having some equipment stored away at Jericho they weren't using. They're shown to have resources - just not enough to go around and solve their problems before Markus arrives. They're very conservative with what resources they do have because they're just playing the waiting game. I could also buy there being laser cutters onboard an old cargo ship much as I could buy them having welding equipment onboard.
None of that is explained in game though. There should have been at least a scene where they make the plan and then you play as Markus to get this equipment. Echoing Janus, none of this is shown in game and a lot of it isn't told either. We're just left to fill in these gaps ourselves.
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