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Welcome to the MCQB! This is a general discussion thread that allows both enlisted, reservists and recruits from all around the world communicate, share stories and whatnot. It also allows people who are interested in joining their respective armed forces to ask general questions etc. Military Folks: (Username - Rank - Military Branch) OLD THREAD
ignhelper - Pte - HQ ARMCEG, bridging engineers
SKEEA - SPC - US Army Apache Mechanic
RG4 - Lance Corporal - USMC - Radio Operator. Speaking of that, I got put in for a meritorious mast recently. So that's nice.
Capgun-SSgt-USAF Flight Engineer
What about priors? I'm still doing the same job, but as a contractor.
Just pur contractor in a parenthesis.
Facepuke SPC- US Army Infantry
Smugshady - Specialist - US Army 11B
How's Afghanistan?
Quiet. Too quiet. It's not bad right now, just waiting to see how this peace goes and what ISIS ,is doing so we can bring the hurt.
Not like it was 5 years ago, Missions have really changed and the tempo has died down a lot. There is a lot of talk of peace between the Afghan Government and the Taliban going on further then planned.
Not sure how completely you would be able to answer this but do you feel successful overall in accomplishing the "grand mission"? I would think it would be "bring peace to the area" but that's just what I am assuming. Do you feel the overall mission you have been tasked with is realistic and a good one? Do you think the mission should be something else? Do you feel that you and your fellow soldiers have been effective in completing the mission?
I don't really know how to answer. The only thing I really can say is that I think our role in the war is about to be over hopefully.
The mission sets have changed so much and so wildly over the years that I can say that we have in a tactical sense, but i have no idea what the fuck is going on strategically. I wish we would just leave these dudes to duke it out themselves and just leave. Right now the mission is "kill bad guys." We do that well, but we've been doing that for the last forever.
My unit is rocket arty and is expecting to be sent over there in Feburary. You ever do support missions with Fox Bat?
There are a lot of Fox Batteries in the Army. I have no idea what HIMARS unit is at where I am right now. They sure got some the other day, heard the outgoing call and a ton of rockets flew out to ruin someone's day.
I'm in Kabul.
Marine HIMARS, but still one of our batteries fucked up like 50-70 taliban leaders recently. So they're getting some atleast.
Has Afghanistan modernized much or changed since the previous years?
Where I am it's very modernized honestly. If you go 5 minutes outside the city it's back to the stone age though.
l33tkill-Contractor-USAF Targeting
So who is gonna re-up for the Space Force?
If you think I'm going to give up another 4 years of my life for some kind of gag, you'd be completely right.
I'm thinking about going into the Air-Force right after high school, but hear that ROTC will pay for basically the entirety of my college tuition if I major in a needed field. Should I go to college first or do Air-Force for a little then college?
Updated the OP.
It's kinda funny seeing the heatwave headlines in England over ~86F temperatures when where I'm at it is 97F at night.
DICKFLIPMC60 - E3 FIREMAN - United States Coast Guard
All my gear is super sweat stained haha
Buzzkillington - E2 - US Army- UAS Operator
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