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I got a question for any medics, corpsman, etc in here. I've been thinking about enlisting in the navy reserves and going greenside corpsman. My main motivations are I miss working with Marines, I loved my greenside corpsman, I wanna be out in the field taking care of Sr and Jr marines, and I never got a chance to deploy/I don't feel like I really contributed much in my short lived time in. However I do have reservations about joining the navy reserves and becoming a corpsman, I've been in college using my GI bill and I have absolutely zero interest in pursuing a career in the medical field outside of being a corpsman reservist, my father was a medic in the army and told me I should reconsider pursuing a medical MOS in the military if I don't have an interest in medicine outside of the military. Thoughts?
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I can't speak for US military in general but as a medic I can tell you that regardless of branch or nation working with battlefield medicine is educational, challenging and fun. If you have a genuine interest in battlefield medicine then it's a great pick though you should beware that it requires the absolute best of your own physical capabilities. Speaking from a personal experience you learn plenty of useful stuff that applies to the civilian life as well being one of those soldiers that acts as the foundation for the rest of the troops. I also love the teamwork and the way you connect with the other soldiers.
DS thought making my company do some normie memes would be funny and it went a tiny bit viral with like 2 million views https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/114338/16459d3a-eed4-435e-a454-81ece2e7c749/Shark Cadence.mp4
LimeDeer - LCpl - British Army EOD Didn't even know there was a thread, really got to stop lurking so much.
welcome to the party, mate! now having flown on c-130's a few times, what are y'alls tipz n trix for getting through the ride? i think the only one i got so far is don't get on one with more than 15 pax
Added. You're our first UK grunt.
If it's a long ride, hang up a hammock, or else bring a pillow and sleeping pad and find a spot on the floor or on top of the cargo. Most C-130 crews are okay with it, some might not be. I've slept under forklifts and on top of generator trailers before.
BTW medevila - SPC - US ARNG, IT Specialist
Army National Guard, similar to Army Reserves but our mission is primarily to our respective states
Gotcha. Asked so I don't add you to the wrong branch list and risk a missile hitting me in my head.
In demob from my first deployment. Was in Poland for 9 months in support of NATO - Enhanced Forward Presence. Super ready to be home, been on orders since early July of 2018.
Had fun in Poland though? I'm pretty excited at potentially having bases there, get to meet cool people with fucked up names and stuff.
It was... alright. Lots of seasonal depression cause of when we were there. And we were in a backwoods ass part of Poland. But I went to Warsaw with my wife for a few days and that was cool, and their currency is worth way less than the dollar so I had a lot of purchasing power there which was nice. The names are super fucked up though, lots of shit is basically unpronounceable. They don't believe in vowels. Also the taxi drivers are insane. 180km/hr down backwoods straightaways was not uncommon.
What sort of workout routine should I be doing to get ready for the Canadian Forces fitness evaluation before basic? Having a solid schedule for that sort of thing would be an immense help imo. http://www.forces.gc.ca/en/news/article.page?doc=canadian-forces-physical-fitness-standards/hnps1vfu Keep in mind that i'm 28 years old.
So uh, I got some great news to share. Last friday I was officially approved for basic training. This time it's not for the Home Guard but for the Swedish Marines and boy, I'm fucking hyped. I'm heading out in july and I will be fully trained by june next year. Honestly a part of me is still trying to understand it all- this has been a dream of mine since I was 13/14 years-old. Don't get me wrong, I love the Home Guard, I love being a medic and I love my squad but I'm still young (22 this june) and a professional career within the SAF is something I've worked so hard to achieve. This is basically the culmination of a teenager's dream, years of hard work and at least four gears of intensive physical training to whip my body into shape. Mentally and physically I'm ready for this, though it's been weird just going over a list of people to notify. None the less this feels like a new chapter for me and as much as I love running private security in malls the military lies closer to my heart.
Where are you in Sweden exactly? I have a friend who's Homeguard comms in Umeå.
@MrWasabi Stockholm so about fifty Home Guard battalions off :V
Turned 18 in March and I feel numb and empty with college studies and have such a dim view of the world. I'm a year ahead of everyone in community college (with 30 units) because I graduated high school early and I have pretty good grades. But, I'm afraid of studying for another five years straight trying to get my masters or even a Ph.D. I feel an ache for enlisting even though my dad is a disabled Vietnam vet with chapter 35 disabled benefits that pay for my college. The plan set for me is to keep my good marks, transfer to a good university, get a degree, and get a job or commission. But, I feel that I don't have the work ethic, the drive, and the habits that I need to succeed in the ways I'd like to academically. I've never been a type-A student, and I think I'm pretty lucky to have kept a 4.0. Service academy is sort of out the window. It's an incredible commitment, and I know I'd like to get a graduate degree in Cognitive science. I need a purpose, a job, a schedule, and a group to work with. Being in service, I'd like to feel that my time figuring myself out is justified: that is, I don't want to be wasting 2+ years in college fucking around. I don't think I have the maturity, drive, and habits that'd necessitate taking advantage of my education. Could I get some advice? Should I enlist now?
Oh yea tell me about it, in Afghanistan in 08 I deployed as a 25B... but I did 94E+94F+25U shit, and when I wasn't doing that I was a .50 gunner. Ended up doing 90% 25B stuff in Iraq in 09-10 but turns out its shitty and boring to do that stuff deployed. haha... until uncle sam says "title 10"
I mean normally I'm just here to answer questions and I'm never interested in recruiting people. I joined out of high school, burned out from high school with no money for college nor an idea of what I'd want to do in college and the Navy has been an enjoyable experience. I lived my entire adult life in Japan up until recently, had a house, got to travel all over Asian, Malaysia, Saipan, Guam, Thailand, Philippines, Korea, Okinawa, Australia, Hong Kong, India and Singapore. I got help people and do more with my life even though I only wanted to join for free college. Honestly if you are really that burned out from school and want order in your life I'd say do it, go on a 4 year Rumspringa in the Navy, travel a bit, you can continue your education while your in with TA that doesn't touch your vet benefits and enjoy yourself. I only say this because I can actually relate because I went to the same thing when I got out of high school, even though I didn't have a high GPA like you.
Oh right protip for you other former national guard types: Any time you need your dd214 for something related to your veterans status, you will also need your ngb22 for it. Unlike the active folk, your proofs of veteran service and honorable discharge are likely to be on different documents (you aren't discharged from active duty, you are released, when you demob). I wanted to get a veteran identifier on mu drivers license and the NY DMV gave me a hard time about it, even though I had everything. CO DMV knew what was up as soon as the clerk saw my dd214+ngb22 and that was that.
When I was 19 I joined the delayed entry program for the Marine Corps, my ship date was 7 months away which gave me way too much time to think about my decision and as a result I started stressing and dropped out of the program. I'm 27 now and I feel like I'm just living to live, going job to job and not making any progress in life. My town was destroyed by Hurricane Michael and I'm living in a camper with my gf until housing becomes available again. I'm considering trying to join the Navy as I've been stuck in Northwest Florida my entire life and I'd love to travel and see some of the world. I haven't made the decision yet but each passing day the recruiting office looks more and more attractive to me.
Almost three years later from the post I made here, I've got my selection on Tuesday. Appeals are over. Absolutely buzzing lads!
The mad lad, he actually did it. Congrats!
Thanks for the advice. Went into the Navy Recruiter Office and talked about becoming a Cryptologic Linguist. It sounds pretty awesome because I've always wanted to be fluent in multiple language, plus extra monthly pay for language proficiency, plus it is in line with my career/academic goal. Now I have to decide whether to go with Navy or Chair Force.
Be aware that CTIs aren't crew that are on ships, depending on your language specialty you won't deploy and visit anywhere nice. For example Farsi CTIs stay exclusively in the Middle East, so if you're wanting to travel and experience other cultures don't cuck yourself for a few extra $100 a month and be miserable in your rate, additionally CTI like Nukes have a very high failure rate, if you drop out the Navy with stick you as a nobody where they need you not in the job you want. Not saying don't follow your dreams or whatever but just understand the risks involved in following it. You can take TA while you're in and further your academic goals without fucking yourself in your job choices.
I think your best bet would be to ask here: https://www.reddit.com/r/CanadianForces/comments/bo2ocd/weekly_recruiting_thread_ask_here_about_the/
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