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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSByN0PL-vY https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/8/88/Flag_of_Australia_%28converted%29.svg/1200px-Flag_of_Australia_%28converted%29.svg.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/2239/2c7ebdcf-6677-4df0-9fea-c98097a93cf7/05c217df270b6b7f5c694caae9e2c809.jpg FUCK YEAH CUNT
fuck oath
Fuckin' rippa smell of a new thread cunts, what's going on?
VB is fucking shit.
saw a clive palmer billboard on me way home, just reminding everyone he still exists
He has formed a new political party. I thought he was in some serious shit with AEC over the last political party and I also thought the ATO wanted to kick his ass over his former company that went bankrupt.
some people shouldnt be allowed to be politicians and anyone related to clive palmer should be on that list. they clearly do not have the best interest of australia's citizens in mind.
tax times coming up, if i claim $300 as a deduction for work clothes even though my work doesn't have uniforms but my profession usually does am i gonna get fucked by the ato? i'm sure someone here is an accountant?
The best that you can do without having to substantiate your expenses is claim up to $150 for laundry at D3, and up to $150 of ‘assorted’ at D5 (other work-related). For a total of $300 of deductions. But don’t claim any more than that for either, and it’s probably safer to claim a few dollars less for each.
fuck taxes if the government wants my fuckin money they can come and get it (they won't tho because i;ll kick their fuckn asses)
this is a fight id like to see
Who knows how high the tolerances are for mobile speed cameras? I was driving home from work on the motorway and a highway patrol was positioned rather deceptively on the side of the motorway. Didn’t realise it was a highway patrol until I had just driven past it, and also saw the bloke aiming a camera right at me. I’ll admit, I sometimes do a few k’s over from time to time when traffic is quiet. And this was one of those times, because I was doing 115km/h in a 110km/h zone. Should I have been? Obviously not. I own this mistake. But I’m going to be bloody pissed if I get a fine for exceeding the speed limit by just 4% on an empty motorway.
In WA I know that there was a 4km/h tolerance of the mobile and fixed speed cameras, not sure what state you're in but I'd imagine it's similar nationwide
iirc they automatically knock off like 2ks because that's as much as the courts'll give you if you challenge it and it saves a lot of bullshit to keep it out of court. stationary cameras don't trigger unless it's at least 5km/h over limit (7km/h total) but highway patrol can use their discretion. also having made speedos, i know that they scale in favour of displaying higher than you're going just so that with variance, you won't display lower than you're going (scaled higher at higher km/hs) and can vouch for that having driven a few cars clearly going 95 while displaying 100. you're probably ok given those tolerances, bit of a danger zone though. worst case scenario is you can look into getting it downgraded to an official warning. vicpol does that and its how i got off the one speeding ticket i've ever gotten
I've gone past a couple stationaries going about 110 before I saw them and never coped a ticket for it, you should be fine.
Cheers boys. Maybe I can enjoy this weekend without stress now, lmao
In NSW they have to put up signs warning you that a mobile or fixed camera is up ahead so they're easy to deal with. I've also noticed that highway patrol cars don't really give a fuck if you're going 5-10 km/hr over the limit on the highway/freeway. I usually drive at 120km/hr in the 110, but my car's speedometer is about +5 off so I'm only ever going 115 max.
Do they have to always? Because I was thinking it too. Because there were no ‘speed camera ahead’ or ‘your speed has been checked’ signs set up.
I could be wrong but if its a highway patrol cop in his car they have to pull you over and write you a ticket. If its one of those travelling van mounted cameras they don't, but they have to put up a sign. The signs are tiny though so they're easy to miss.
I love driving home past unmarked van with heavy rear tinted windows hiding a speed camera. Always parked around corners off the road, super sneaky. Thanks to that I dont speed often..
palmer has changed the motto on his billboards. it is not longer "make australia great" it is now "put australia first".
Who's gonna break the news to him that getting likes on grogdog memes doesn't translate into political popularity???
Not related to our great country but I'm really worried where the forum is going at this point, even as a Australia this shitposting is too much. Please keep this thread sacred.
as a australia i think it doesn't matter also plamer will get shit all votes because anti-establishment sentiment is way lower than in 2013 and that's all meme candidates ever get
man i fucking hate toll roads, fucking throw them in the bin. "look at all these time saving routes we've built for you to cut through traffic" except it cost 5 bucks to use it each way. eat a dick cunt, ban toll roads.
I'm glad WA doesn't have toll roads, would have driven me nuts trying to navigate them as you know they would put it on the only freeway we have just to be cunts.
I was under the impression paying taxes was to pay for things like infrastructure, charging to use the thing your tax money build leaves a bad taste in my mouth, if not that then what he hell are my taxes going towards?
Yeah why are they like stupidly expensive, are they trying to make everyone convert to public transport.
yeah supposed to but the government lets private companies build private toll roads.
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