• I love facepunch. Don't you?
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Please stay positive and stay on-topic when discussing the video in this thread. Or else. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mohx35WGvKk
God damn this dude's high
This reminds me of cringey religious conversion videos.
dude needs the get the pubes off his face
Lmao yeah fight the power my dude
It feels like I'm being grabbed by the face.
I feel betrayed.
Facepunch is okay.
2 minutes in and he only mentions garry and hezzy ah fuck i cant believe hes done this
the video is 4:20
this thread makes me feel like i've entered the twilight zone
Its a real reply girl omg
okay I have to admit i didn't see that one coming
Fucking legend. We need a playlist of moments like these.
Who the fuck is this? Also Hezzy is an asshole when he needs to be, I've been banned by him for saying stupid shit and if it wasn't for his assholey ways I probably would've ignored it, but mainly I walk away going "meh, he was right to ban me, where did I get off saying something like that" Gary is just a asshole, but hey I can't blame the guy, he's smart as all hell and I think he's earned the right to be an asshole, especially dealing with all of us. Facepunch is great, because it has people I both love and hate, and even the ones I hate I care deeply about and always wonder each day I wake up if any fpers won't be logging on anymore and I hope they have a good life, and always remember this site as a place for people to be who they are, and not be ashamed to share their views or thoughts. I went from being an Anti-gay Anti-drugs Anti-weed Christian boy when I first joined, to an Atheists, pro-choice, pro-equal rights, pro-weed man because people on this site discussed and talked to me about all these different things. I've learned alot more, I can say honestly from you guys than I have most other places. Things like dancing rocket man, the kid who asked for us to photoshop him and his dad, the sonic models with giant juicy dicks, HQRSE (didn't he fuck a horse?) some of the great bannings, Gurant (?) posting pics of his naked self, that one dude who pretended to be in the military, all sorts of funny and odd shit happens here and it's always awesome to share these experiences with you. Paddymazz Angry Baby Nirriti Bloocobalt Kirby are some of the amazing people I got to know during my time here. I still wonder about AB and Paddy, haven't talked to them in years and last I heard of Bloo was he was in the Army. Kirby and Nir I talk to here and there and those two will always have a special place in my heart, especially Nir since I've seen him go from a depressing emo acting asshat to a funny upbeat always willing to hear my bitch about my problems type of guy, him and Kirbs are like family to me and if I had the money, if anyone fucked with them, I'd fly my ass out to them to murder who ever wanted to fuck with me and mine.
This is a nice surprise. It fits right in with the surprise restructuring we've had the pleasure of experiencing from time to time. I too am excited.
Facepunch is awesome, for me it feels like home in the internet. I'd even say the best site in the internet. Just follow the rules and don't be an asshole will get you far here.
Can we just do video replies in this thread?
you can... if you dare *spooky musical sting*
Okay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69wTti94kHs
dude you are a furry..............................................................................
So, 1/4 facepunchers are Furries too, especially me.
added to the list
I love seano12 more than anything
I really love That Cat. Very nice mascot.
Why the fuck is the FP community blaming Garry? The community caused it's own death by being behind Garry,something that's a big no-no ESPECIALLY when they more than likely saw the fucking changes.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwI10uPbik4 I really am not a camera person to the point where I'm not going to rewatch this or else I might vomit, so i dont even remember what i said exactly in the video But yeah hi fp dont be shy
this thread is EPIC! https://memecreator.org/static/images/memes/4811311.jpg
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