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so should I go with a Geissele SSA or KE Arms SLT-1 for my AR build
I haven't had the fortune of feeling up any Geissele triggers, but the SLT-1 is amazing. It feels like an electronic pushbutton.
@awcmon spotted a blem 601 lower for like 50% off so I've finally got a lower coming in for my retro AR!!! That means I just need a (rifle) buffer tube and I'll be done. Exciting times
Yeah, I was interested in it because of the WWSD project. I might just end up going with it. Geissele's are on sale for the labor day weekend by the way, if any of you guys were thinking of grabbing one.
Man, I didn't realize that Kel-tec's lifetime warranty is a lifetime warranty in the same way that HP's 4-hour response just means they take 4 hours to answer your phone call. I just want my rattly 223 happy meal toy back it's been a month I think I'll just build an AR
We gonna post family photos? https://i.imgur.com/XIOZa3E.jpg
From what I have seen with trigger packs is that you might want to buy antiwalk trigger and hammer pins, that KNS one. You lose the spring tension and spring legs to lock everything together.
Where did you hear this from? Never heard that before. Haven't had a trigger pin walk before either, even after going through a few magazines with a bumpstock a few years ago. That was with a CMC flat bow triggerpack and even that didn’t present any issues and tbh the CMC didn’t seem that great. The CMC felt like a mil-spec trigger that was just lightened up a little and put on some caged bearings.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_k8EmXBmmro So here's a thing I did
I bought a hatfield 12 single (known in some regions as "the Walmart gun") against the better judgement of @awcmon because i just really wanted a break-action. Still gotta wait for it to ship but in the meantime, I read that it kicks like a mule, what with being just about 6 pounds and all. Given this I've been thinking that I should pick something up to counteract it in advance. Should I go for a limbsaver or one of those wearable recoil pads? Anyone got experience with either? Both?
both at once
and a witt machine muzzle brake, barrel weights, eotech 512, matchsaver and a stock-mounted shell holder and you're golden on recoil
0:09 Girl right here 2:23 Guy right here I see you got one of them guns that just cant decide its darn gender, i hate when that happens
I didn't run into that issue, my finger just slipps left as I shoot.
I don't have that issue with mine either, never heard of someone having that issue before.
I have a mid-length 16" setup and I'm running it with an H3 buffer.
Yeah if im taking my time with every shot it rarely happens but when i start to do more rapid shooting my finger actually slides downward because of how slick the trigger is, not an issue on my 509 since the trigger is more textured
Canada to Consider Handgun & 'Assault Weapon' Ban Blair will work with Canada’s Public Safety Minister, Ralph Goodale, to work on policy, regulations or legislation surrounding gun control. Trudeau’s mandate letter said: “You should lead an examination of a full ban on handguns and assault weapons in Canada, while not impeding the lawful use of firearms by Canadians.” Oh yes, I'm sure blanket bans won't lead to impeding lawful use!
“We’re looking at things that have been done around the world, things that have been done in other jurisdictions, looking at the best evidence, the best data, to make the right decisions to make sure that we are ensuring our citizens, our communities are safe into the future.” Lol bullshit. If you were looking at the data, then you’d know that banning shit without addressing anything else has practically 0 effect on gun violence or mass shootings; and that regulations which keep guns out of the hands of bad/unqualified people work infinitely better when properly enforced.
after a couple days of hanging around with UPS it's finally mine https://i.imgur.com/wuvZKq5l.jpg also a lot heavier than I thought it'd be. Who would've thought an all steel gun would have some weight to it
sadly that also means you have about one square inch on the slide where you can actually grab it properly but otherwise I love it so far still need to actually shoot the thing but from what I've heard they're excellent
so some veteran at the local shooting club gave me a stripper clip of .30-06 that was apparently from wwii and was carried around the south pacific anyways, its kinda corroded all to shit https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/390956029548036097/486780499033849867/IMG_20180904_230842818.jpg maybe he was just trying to get rid of some ancient ammo, but true story or not, i think it'd make an interesting display piece. i was wondering how i should go about removing the corrosion from ammo (or if i even should?), if i should take out the powder, etc
wipe 'em down with some brasso, stick 'em in a press w/ a collet bullet puller, resize/deprime, reseat the bullets, drill holes through the cases to mark them as dummy cartridges
There's zero reason to do that unless you really want dummy cartridges.
Hi! My girlfriend bought me a ride at a gunrange as birthday present, shooting with handguns for two. I've never shot any real rounds, but I'm hella excited. Any tips or thoughts? There will be an instructor to walk us through though. I can pay 5€ extra for shooting with rifles as well although I'm mostly interested in shooting handguns and see how accurate I can be on my 1st try. I also wanna try a heavier handgun with my thin man arms.
Like Flecktyphus said, CZ75 is the way to go, it's kinda heavy, but the triggers are usually top notch. Also, marry her.
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