• The most cursed PC build guide [The Verge]
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"this just in: people are unable to criticize more than one thing at a time"
I mean that was probably shot right after the video. The guy should just shut up and be forgotten about, but this picture doesn't prove anything about him fixing it himself or not.
Here's a slightly more elaborative editorial statement: https://twitter.com/reckless/status/1041760692183945216 LOL @ 70% of the message implying it was all because of racists.
https://clips.twitch.tv/SassyCovertAnteaterBudStar "It's a better computer than what most of them have", he couldn't miss the point any more so than he is if he was blind, dismissing people as "nerds" rather than people legitimately complaining about the way he assembled a computer and how it's not a good thing to teach people who are new to building computers. Oh it's just a bunch of nerds lololo
If it's non conductive paste, you could lather that shit on all you want and have it get all over everything. The heat sink being screwed down pinching it will make it the same thickness between Heat spreader and heat pipes as it would be if you used a smaller amount. And you'll probably get better coverage with no chance of any pockets if you go overboard, too. But who the fuck wants to get thermal paste all around a socket or GPU dye
Ah yes the "im shit at my job so i will attempt to associate all critiicsm of me with racism" the verge is famous for. unfortunately not surprising.
If you've ever been on the receiving end of bandwagon, it's super easy to see that he probably has received a ton of racist hate - people will latch on to anything that they think will offend their target. It doesn't mean he's right, but that doesn't mean hate campaigns don't exist either.
Leaked early access video of The Verge's new guide to applying thermal paste: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TnyoJtv9Cx0
What kind of components will it be paired with? What resolution are you using? What kind of framerate are you expecting? The latter question is also sorta tricky considering the games aren't out yet
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