• Da Rules - Read Before Posting
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So here's a some rules in regards to whats supposed to be in here. No Porn - That belongs in another Forum No Gore for the Sake of Gore Anything NSFW should be linked instead of embedded, and Tagged as such in the post If you're going to post videos you have created that is fine, so long as you keep them to ONE thread. Multiple threads from the same person will give you a ban. If you join just to post a video you will get banned. That means your first post is a video, you're banned. Your second, third, fourth, etc means your banned. If you are afraid of what that means take a quick look at your post count and how long you've been here, so long as your an active member of the community you shouldn't be concerned. Lastly if you see anyone breaking these rules just report and move on. If you choose to instead shit up a thread you will be banned as well. General Rules of Conduct (ie how you would act to normal people face to face) still apply.
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