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smoak weid
blaze it fgts
why am I still awake?
major props to @vlad for maintaining and keeping the TAL thread history I made from all the links on oldpunch. it must have been a pain in the dingus to get all that formatted. I got a new lil keykey today guys!! meet tuukka https://i.imgur.com/E3dfn2O.jpg
blazing up at work, love it
I've started smoking weed and i've consumed about an eighth so far, but is it really unusual for someone to get really, really nostalgic throughout the entire high? Like everything triggers a nostalgia response and it's kind of cool, kind of weird. The nostalgia basically follows a thread of synapses that pretty much skull fucks me until it's done like the end of a whip. Even now, when i'm sober I look at stuff and it makes me intensely nostalgic.
17 days until Canadian legalization
Hey guys, I got myself a bit of an issue As I find it hard to partake in bud without onsent of panic I've been using xanax in lower doses once every 2-4 weeks so I can enjoy mary jane carefree. However in a lapse of judgement (and being around people who like to go hard) I took 4 bars (quarter doses from 4pm-2pm each day) over three days this weekend. I'm on the first day off and feel okay but regret taking it on consecutives days and am worried what the next few days have, if anything, to hold for me anxiety, energy and depression wise? Thanks for any insight bros
I think you're good. I've been worried about this myself but I've yet to get any withdrawals from only 3 days in a row the few times it has happened. people say that taking Xanax every day for a week or two is enough to cause mild withdrawal when discontinuing use. I assume larger doses would cause a dependence faster but don't quote me on that.
Anyone else went from being a good boy doing no drugs at all (alcohol, smoking, even coffee), and then all of sudden going crazy, at least with some? Till 23yr old I did nothing, but in last 6 months I tried MDMA, weed, and last week LSD (105 Voidrealm tab). Weed interested me greatly, and sparked a research about every possible drug, to know what is ok, and what is not (for me). I'm really into psychedelics now, slowly trying LSD, soon higher dose. It's kinda spiritual for me now, and I really enjoy trying out new "experiences" or states of consciousness with regular stuff I did, like walks in park, playing games, meeting with people, etc.Really opens up a new world for me. And makes me think a lot about life, universe, or myself.
Anyone here prefer to smoke their own joints? And not share 'em. Of course I may sometimes share a joint in a circle of people, but it's 200% more chill to puff it at your own pace, chilling and sometimes letting it die out, realize you're pretty high already, and then re-litting it later. I don't know anything more relaxing than that, not having to worry about passing the joint.
It's the fucking culture to pass a joint you white cis gender cunt Bob Marley is rolling in his grave boi srs tho nah a joint to yourself is fucking sweet especially if you are a natural at rolling, good times to be had then
Anyone can become a natural at rolling though ? But yeah I do me some hella smooth inside-outs, brrah
Not my partner, she has been trying to roll normal cigarettes and they are pretty bad tbh. She smokes weed and can't roll a joint to save her life, I guess she is an exception in this case Pass the joint I wanna toke of that
Like moths that fly into the flame it always ends up so::: You scream: "Not me! Take anybody else! Because it's not my fault!"
Snorting high grade coke at half 10 in the morning, what a life lads
ISSIT? ISSIT REALLY?? Telle me really?? What kind of life issit EXACTLY? because fuck if it doesn't feel like taking a torch to the heavens..
well well now, it's the kind of life where I don't often get coke of this quality my lad hard to come by you know pretty fuckin buzzed right now, im beyond heaven i've gone warp speed into the outer rim of the solar system
how far can you hope to travel?? i feel you travel far enough, fast enough you end up exactly where you've started and the only difference in scenery be an even more grotesque visage of what once was.. what once was in ones power to aid for the better
I ain't travelling too far, I think once I leave the solar system ill prob do a u turn cause its gonna take a shit load more coke to get to the next nearest star system I forget its name but yeah fuck, that's the part im not looking forward to don't remind me of the comedown!!
i done just drenched myself in isopropyl.. i think i'll have myself a beer~
what do you do with isopropyl? it's like pure alcohol i think but what are the purposes of it
Thank science for Xanax. Feel mint today
I'm out of weed, so I went back to my keto diet, that seems to be like ecstasy lol -> Feeling euphoric on a low
Couldn't donate plasma today because I'm schizophrenic. Dumbest shit I've ever heard
What They thought blood makes people schizophrenic when it's been proven medically to be a genetic thing in nearly all cases. Trying to do something nice as well, shame on them dude I wouldn't donate blood but that's cause I'm probably toxic from the amount of drugs I have taken
so glad those restrictions are in place! wouldn't want to catch all those nasty mental illnesses, ew. I personally only accept blood from perfect human beings to catch their positive traits
i tried this kind of living for a couple of weeks and my life became an absolutely dope movie but do not try it if you are not a rich business man or movie star who can afford it
My understanding is that you CAN get drunk on it, but you really shouldn't. Rubbing alcohol is made with what’s called denatured alcohol, meaning that chemicals have been added to it in order to make it downright poisonous, incredibly bad-tasting, and nauseating, with the express purpose of discouraging recreational consumption. -https://www.thedailymeal.com/eat/what-happens-if-you-drink-rubbing-alcohol It took me ages because I have a learning disability called dyspraxia that negatively affects my fine motor control, but my cigarettes and joints are always well-rolled these days. Benzodiazepines, whilst pretty addictive, are unlikely to cause you massive problems over 3 days. In fact, you probably won't even notice it. I don't think smoking weed on Xanax or other benzos is worth it though, because I find that it significantly blunts the positives of weed and just makes me feel more spaced than with either on their own.
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