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I heard dream market is shutting down. Does anyone have a replacement?
Wall Street market here mate. In other news, everything is good now! That girl ended up going back with her partner after I nearly fucked it up (nothing new there!) Went to my local city for a night out and had a damn good time, ended up in some random girls bed at wetherspoons. The true british way of doing things. Love you all
It's been a while since I posted here, but I've been trying several new things lately because I frankly don't give a damn. I tried cocaine this weekend, and it was really fun. I partied till 9AM It's crazy how it affects your self confidence. It's sort of scary how much fun it is, definitely going to do it only very sporadically. Also tried MDMA, I think I prefer that over cocaine, although I didn't take that much. The jaw clenching is a bit annoying though...
Same thoughts here, and just as new as you
Does anyone have an inhaler for hash here? How do you 'degrease' it? I use pure alcohol to actually get the hash out but seems the oil still sticks to the metal cartridge. Maybe I need to buy some really hardcore soap.
For my next act of psychological debauchery therapy I've decided to candyflip. I've experienced MDMA solo and acid solo before. MDMA has been a blast every time, acid I did begin to get fed up with after getting stuck in a hallucination loop. I find it hard to keep myself occupied during the most intense part of the acid trip, but I figure if I'm dropping molly that'll keep me stimulated and 'on my feet'. I've never candyflipped. I'm cautiously excited. I'm thinking 100ug acid, then 3 hours in 0.125g MDMA. Can anyone recommend some forms of entertainment? I don't have any idea what to do visuals-wise. I was thinking of downloading some audiovisual shows, or maybe Audiosurf or something. Music is key. Also, if anybody can recommend any MDMA-compatible boner pills...Cialis is so expensive!
"Luckily I'm out and be buying anymore of this crazy drug." https://i.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/027/528/tyler.jpg
I'm sad that I have nobody to abuse class A's with and bang
took LSD with my SO this weekend, was fun and surprisingly intense! we both took 150uq of some of the most potent LSD I've ever bought and whew, we both almost experienced ego death. it's so weird when you're looking around and no matter where you look, you feel like you're looking at yourself. the difference between yourself and the world around you gets so blurry you're not even sure where you begin and the world ends.
i took LSD with a guy I don't know so well but had a pretty fun time, probably a bit less than 105ug. I felt so many different effects. Drifting, laughter fits, face morphing, symmetry shit, changed in bodily felt form. There were so many feelings, so much insight. Had to drink half a bottle of Disaronno to fall asleep, there was too much shit to process. I like the unbiased view you get on things in your life, besides all the fun trippy shit. Trees seemed to blossom on their own in my eyes, however most prominent was drifting. Internal and external hallucinations were not that strong otherwise. But my delusions were quite strong. Sometimes felt like it was a dream, sometimes a memory, sometimes back to reality. At some point I sat in my chair, and I forgot the chair even had wheels, so I was very confused when I slid back and it started gliding on the floor. Overall: WTF. Would recommend. Need a sober person or very experienced tripper with you though.
Candyflip was the most intense experience of my whole life. I'm still trying to comprehend how relaxed I still feel, 3 days on.
I felt fine, but not extra relaxed/mellow after MDMA. With acid I still feel very chill a couple of days later. It's like I was through a hectic and experimental part of life, and now I found some peace.
how2not fuck up doing shrooms asking for a friend
So uh, i'm on Adderall and I feel like i'm struggling to grasp for the correct words when i'm talking. I also have trouble doing this when typing. Somewhat. It's like I have a brain fart mid sentence for the best vocabulary word. I'm also afraid of fucking up my brain from these binges which i'm stopping after this. What are the chances i've caused permanent brain damage btw. Also weed depersonalization hurts and I hope it goes away quickly
be outdoors, in safe place, with a trip sitter, be prepared to think some weird thoughts but always remember you'll come out of it, and embrace any feelings as true. also start with a small dosage but you already knew that.
Benzos are the one thing I've never been able to wrap my head around. They're just too unpredictable lol, the definition of a blur. It's still fun despite the fact that you can never fully remember or describe it.
Is it a good idea to trip acid with a very new partner ( < 1 month) I've done it plenty of times in the past, she's done shrooms a few times before, first with acid. We get along really well but I'm curious to hear y'alls experiences on tripping with SOs of any kind.
Tripping is amazing when you can really shed your skin and get intimate. If the mood's right and you synch your trips I don't see why not!
I think acid, especially at higher doses, is just so stressful on your emotions that being sober is a godsend. Especially if you're sobering up in the golden hours of the morning with a hot coffee. I could walk through nature for hours post-LSD. Unfortunately, I'm resolving to try quit all drugs again bar CBD oil. See you in the event of my failure, DD!
how does shrooms compare to LSD? I've yet to try shrooms and I'm thinking I might try some soon.
shrooms feel much more "earthy" to me if that makes any sense. along with this, shrooms, at least for me, have a stoning effect. it's hard to really sit still on acid, i have to keep moving or it gets uncomfortable, but shrooms make me melt into the couch.
I'm going to regret taking this much MDMA tomorrow
like weed almost? MDMA hypppe!! I'm 2 hours in @ 200mg with a 100mg redose. how did you take?
in the stoning effect, yeah, but i find shrooms have a lot less anxiety attached to them. also way trippier, of course
Does alcohol count?
Yes. You can get addicted to alcohol, you can get addicted to coffee. This is the addicts' lounge.
it's weird cause for me it's the opposite, where shrooms usually cause anxiety in me easier and with acid I almost never have anxiety
I dosed 50ug of LSD recently and decided to see what effects weed would have during the peak. As I was inhaling, I noticed the hallucinations got stronger. This might be because of oxygen deprivation though, not sure. Eventually this light dose of LSD but heavy dose of marijuana got me stuck in loops. 'What am I doing here in this chair? I had some plan of what to do?' When I finally got out of these thought loops, which took hours, I entered a stage of anxiety/paranoia for an hour or so. Needless to say, I'm not gonna smoke weed while dropping acid again, but I felt like I had to try out. Some say it's horrible, some say it's amazing. I guess it varies from person to person and from set/setting to set/setting.
weed and LSD is absolutely amazing if you manage to submit to the experience. it loses the spiritual and clear headed feeling but it becomes so god damn euphoric. last time I did it successfully, it felt like every single cell in my body was having a never ending orgasm. my body was warm, tingly and amazing feeling. complete psychedelic bliss. but when it goes wrong, fuck that. I haven't taken any chances since I my first bad trip after taking 2C-B with weed. its all fun and games until it's not.
Yeah that was interesting, the submission part. I did feel like I was slipping out of reality half of the time. But I don't really think losing consciousness or memory is an amazing experience. I dropped the acid 2:30 PM and finally felt like I was out of thought loops and anxiety around 8 hours later...
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