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Even other similar forums and other places that aren't even Reddit or a chan-message board doesn't offer the same community and experience too. Even with the jokes and perspective of Facepunch being a hivemind, the community here always offer a nice contrast to each other with differing views whether they're a majority or a minority. Not to mention the many unique talented individuals with their various works as mentioned earlier, and the overall interaction everyone has just doesn't compare to anywhere else. Not even Something Awful, especially in its current form can compare to Facepunch's community. We'd all really be losing something really unique and meaningful and I genuinely hope it won't come to that.
Well whatever you do Garry, FP is and will always have a special place in my heart, the community here changed quite a lot over the years, but I am still fond of nearly all aspects of FP, even your seemingly random, abrupt sometimes chaotic changes. I hope you can find a solution that doesn't weigh heavy on yourself and and the people you represent on Facepunch Studios, while hopefully also managing to keep FP alive. I am grateful to no end, you provided hosting, hours of coding and debugging and even moderninzing of FP whilst also dealing with the onslaught of feedback for every, sometimes justified, sometimes not. While directly not benefitting most of the time and even being a drag for you to handle. I can just make a wish that you keep Facepunch Forums alive somehow. However you may choose.
You get search working again and I'll stay quiet, since it's easier to just search for what you're looking for instead of going through the various forums, no matter what the layout is. Also want to throw my two cents in about Reddit, the UI update it got a couple of months back is fucking cramped and atrocious, places like this are way easier to browse.
Well I think Ignacio or Reagy could be trusted with it. Ignacio has gone out of they're way to create and maintain CSS for a dark theme for the site and Reagy owns a server if I'm not mistaken.
I'm never good at articulating my thoughts on this kind of thing but hey, Facepunch is my online home, there were forums since and after but only FP is where I will visit everyday. By and large this community is so diverse in opinions and interests that there is always unique discussion happening. If it shut down tomorrow I wouldn't know what to do. Maybe it's not working out fantastic for the company and the activity isn't as focused on products of FP as you'd want but even as the rest of the internet turned toxic and polarised. FP remained the port in the storm where I could come, even if it was just browsing LMAO pics. Reddit is too impersonal and moves at 10000mph and discord feels to small scale and unfocused. For what it's worth I can't raise a complaint against NewPunch and the changes you make, because it isn't the end of the world if my experience in accessing this forum changes in one way or another. As long as the people I see and the atmosphere I love on this forum remain intact then that is always going to be good enough for me. I've been here for just under half of my life and I don't want to lose this place. Albeit, as the founder and admin of the forum Garry can choose to do what he wishes with it and I can respect his choice, he's been here and in charge and responsible for it for over 13 years, I'm just hoping that Facepunch Forums isn't going to stop being my home just yet.
Garry's focus to make this website actually look good on desktops was a wise decision. Reddit's trying to go adaptive... yeah nah I still end up using it because I don't have an account to save the preference https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1755/55107dd0-8fd6-4a79-89c7-68cf2e8e96ce/image.png A Constant Reminder
Forums are still the best way to discuss topics. Reddit prioritizes only the OP, Discord doesn't prioritize the OP enough, and imageboards have a terrible archive system.
I've never run a forum, so i'm not an expert. Take what I say with a grain of salt. There's a lot of talented people on these forums. Why not have them help? We could set up the community fund again so it won't be as much of a leech on the company. Send some of that money to the people working on the forums. (of course, we'd have to monitor it and keep doing the weekly/biweekly fund reports, that was a good idea btw and I value the transparency, @Hezzy ) There's a whole lot this forum has to offer over reddit. We have an extremely strong sense of community here. Think about the memes. tudd, oh shit we're gonna be poor, wok, that cat, etc. Even if some of us hate some of us, we're still a big family here, as cliche as it is. We're at a great spot in the userbase size. We gain new active members occasionally, but we're just big enough where you aren't talking with the same 4 people, but we're small enough where you can recognize other posters. We have a few very notable members and that's cool. Reddit is just a bunch of shitslinging neckbeards craving those sweet sweet upvotes.
I mean, i was really hoping there had been some learning from the previous "shake up the forums" attempts. When subforums and communities people are regulars to go away for seemingly random reasons those people just leave and don't come back, even if you change your mind later and restore that community.
Forums for the most part are going to be around for a long time. People like having a sense of community and place of being. Be it the small time boards that were used between universities/colleges to discuss things, or otherwise... These types of things are pretty human. I don't know if this is asking too much, but please do not delete this community. I have way to many fond memories and several friends that I feel I'd lose contact with if this forum disappeared. As mentioned by @DaCool , I'm forever grateful for this communities existence, and suddenly being without it would be a loss for the internet as a whole. I know you are trying to keep up with the times Garry, but sometimes it's better to just keep up with the old ways and adapt/addon with the new ways. Is that not how Garry's Mod became the game it is? By adding on, and letting the community build up on it's own? Maybe the future of this forum is giving Facepunch a similar open-source/modding feel that Garry's Mod had. What such a thing entails, I really have no idea... All I know is that this forum should keep on existing, at least so the community can go on. We are a big dysfunctional family here, and it'd suck to not have it anymore.
mostly true but there have been a few returning members thanks to the re-intr
This isn't really that hard to do though tbf The entire thing is really just managed on some Microsoft Azure servers, with code being pushed directly from visual studio to the machines. It's a neat system. Sure the entire site goes down every time this happens But like, they make it so easy in practice https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/visualstudio/deployment/quickstart-deploy-to-azure?view=vs-2017 I use something similiar for publishing .net core applications to executable files, but nothing web
Garry, please hand over the keys to somebody else if you don't want to manage Facepunch anymore. Please, please do not just nuke it because you have no personal interest in the site anymore. There are so many reasons why I use Facepunch and not Discord, the first is obviously the community, the second is that Reddit is awful for discussion and Discord is not the same thing at all. Please, just let somebody handle it for you if you don't care. Don't just destroy the only community on the internet I enjoy just because you personally don't think it has merit because other sites are more popular. I don't know about you guys, but I don't have anywhere to go if Facepunch does. Reddit is NOT the same.
when sweeping changes are made to facepunch once again
This has to be the most selfish thing I've heard, 4chan is cancer and reddit hates me. This is the one place which doesn't put a kick me sign on my back. Get someone else to maintain the forums then I don't like this depression period you're having right now.
Smooth... can't understand why another community would dislike you, based on that.
Actually fuck Reddit and Discord for discussions, with all the reasons being said. FP is the only site I haven't stopped regularly coming on for so long nor have I ever gotten sick of, and I can't see that changing for the next ten years. I will always prefer forums so much more than Reddit, Discord or whatever alternative there are. Please just find someone trustworthy to hand ownership over to.
Do recognise that Garry gave you this place to begin with, and that Garry primarily runs a game studio. It's no surprise to many of us that Garry's focus has been shifted away from the forums, and we can't really blame him for losing interest. However, we can cooperate with him and come to an agreement that benefits everyone - and we can do that without being dicks towards Garry for honestly speaking his mind.
Just please don't think that forums have no merit because they aren't explosively popular like Reddit or Discord. Those encourage a very different form of discussion, and Reddit is absolutely awful for actual discussion. It's not a popularity contest, please don't look at it as "if forums are so great why aren't they as popular", because that's like saying that motorbikes or trains are obsolete and worthless because cars and aeroplanes exist.
Come to think of it, we even saw garry grow as a person, from some random nobody from SA creating a forum for a sidescroller in 2004 to the CEO of a recognizeable company who makes some pretty awesome games. We saw the growth of someone who barely knew how to code to someone who made his own damn forums which is an amazing achievement if you ask me. The ant farm, the other ant farm, his wedding and two kids, garry himself has a lot of personal history with the forums and, I assume, that's the reason why he hasn't really let go of it yet. Even if it hurts him in the long-run to keep single-handedly running a forum in which he has no interest anymore and whose people ostenibly don't appreciate his work, it's his forums, I'd even argue facepunch's (both the company AND the forums) is almost as important to garry as his own family, although that could be badly interpreted. It'd be a damn shame to let the story come to an end. Ultimately, as per usual, we are at the mercy of your decision so we can only hope you either pass the mantle down or come up with a solution to keeping the forums afloat. The last few updates and posts show not the picture of a ruthless dick but those of someone who's genuinely frustrated he can't keep up with what used to be his home, and sees changing it to adapt to modern times as a way to maybe fix that issue? I didn't want to seem all "deep armchair psychologist", I'm on the younger side of facepunch's userbase, so I'm not exactly the most experienced person when it comes to this lol, but I do hope to be able to continue discussing in facepunch well into my 20's and even 30's as some users here have. I honestly can't think of a future without WAYT, LMAO Pics, Videos and that Crap, General Discussion, Sensationalist Headlines, the mapping section, etc. In fact, the mapping section still has, to this day, the most talented group of source mappers I've seen, maybe barring actual valve employees. The quality of work displayed there is absurdly good.
I joined here around eight years ago, and I can't say I'm a frequent poster: my profile says I have exactly 666 posts before this one, but most of these must be years old since I don't post much anymore. Still, I've found a few minutes to lurk around every day and occasionally making a post or two, and I'd be pretty bummed to lose this site. Alternatives like Reddit and Discord don't fit the same niche due to many differences that have already been laid out in this thread. But there are also the small pieces of FP culture like the Subway Photoshop incident , the guy who got stuck in a closet, the Wok incident and all the regular posters with their own claims to infamy or fame; all of which has made this community more closely knit and personal, as weird as it may sound. In a larger community, those events would have likely been forgotten by now or swept aside in a huge stream of comments, pictures and videos, all competing for a few hours of attention only to be replaced by the next big thing that comes around a few hours later.
I've been coming here since 2004 and i made an account here in '05. Reddit is trash for having actual discussion, discord is essentially for chatting with people for incredibly brief periods of time or when you're playing a video game and need to communicate with people, 4chan is just shitposting/shitflinging, and a lot of other forums are either terrible (Something Awful), or don't have quite the breadth of topics as Facepunch does. Plus scattering the community that Facepunch has built up for ~15 years to a bunch of other disorganized forums doesn't make much sense.
If FP gets shut down, it'll be sad to see it go. I remember finding this place forever ago and posting like... all the time on LMAO Pics. It helped ease some of the issues during my life at that time, dumbass memes on a internet forum board, some of them unfunny but I still got a chuckle out of them. I remember the movie nights people would host on here too, those were always fun. FP had that kind of community you couldn't find on Reddit or Tumblr, it was different, it felt right. Shit, how I even got most of my news was on here, still do. I check Polidicks and SH for my daily news over sites like CNN / BBC. Sounds silly, but seeing stuff on here feels proper, feels right. But in the end, nothing lasts forever, so hopefully if FP does decide to bite the bullet, it can at least be archived for nostalgia sake. Next to Something Awful, this is one of the first forums that actually felt right visiting, and not a cringy mess of disgusting profile pictures and mile long signatures.
I like this change, makes the forums easier to browse. Im sure after the threads settle it will be fine.
Gentlemen, it has been an honor. Should the forum shut down, best of luck to you guys. You magnificent bastards. <3
People here like to point out how FP is a gaming forum first and foremost but I haven't seen a single other forum out there that has as many topics and bear an all-in-one nature like here. It's the reason why I joined years ago and keep coming back despite being a lurker for 98% of the time. Nah, I'd argue the internet would not be the same without it.
I've been here for over half of my life, so to have it just disappear would be immensely strange as it is a large part of my upbringing in some ways. I do hope Garry sees that people have a use for the forum compared to the alternatives he suggested and perhaps he will hand it off to someone so he can focus on games, but if not then it's been a good run.
I'm a pretty new user, but what drew me here was the greater sense of community facepunch has. I feel like I can actually recognise people, while in reddit you only know like a couple people's names per subreddit if you see them post frequently. The personality and uniqueness that avatars and backgrounds provide are much more meaningful and memorable to me than just a username. Even though I don't have the same history with facepunch that many others do, I'd be sad to see it go.
Another thing: when people pointed out that the subforums were dead, they didn't mean that we shouldn't have them, just that we should have more focused ones. I assume that Garry saw subforums as a replacement for megathreads, hence why they were focused on individual games and not general topics. And I assume this is the mentality that led to "if people don't like subforums let's just get rid of most of the sections, they can stuff them into those megathreads they love so much. People like having more subforums, and they like having a tagging system. If you reverted things to exactly the same as they were a few hours ago and changed things to stuff like Red Dead to Rockstar, Mario to Nintendo, Far Cry to Ubisoft and so on, they would get much more regular usage, and there would be room for regular small threads and megathreads alike. The subforum idea was a perfectly good one so please don't confuse it for people disliking subforums and wanting less of them. You can't look at it like Reddit. Reddit is totally unlike a regular forum, they're totally incompatible due to how discussion and the posting style is totally different. Reddit is more akin to the comments section on a news article than a forum an imageboard. There's no community, no creation, people don't know or interact with each other outside of maybe some small subreddits. Plus, their interface is awful to use. Please don't try to compare us to Reddit and judge us by their merits, most of the changes to Facepunch have been trying to capture Reddit's success without a real understanding of why Facepunch of Reddit succeed.
Gosh I was wondering where have you been. I remember you posting that thread on reviewing those Famicom controllers and everyone participating to help you out on with tips and even a hand in editing your videos and stuff. Hope you are doing well.
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