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Please don't kill my only online community. So much other shit this year from my childhood has fucking died, for the love of god don't let FP go down that way too.
Good to know! I'm just going through adulthood but otherwise fine as well. Your thread and the stuff you shared and the community helping you out there back then is a great example of the stuff I fondly love and will always remember about these forums. Glad to hear from you again.
I would not risk moving something like this to my box, something like FP would murder it, this is the kinda thing designed for and needed with a distributed system and it's already running upon a cloud service. The only issue is Azure and that can rack up the costs pretty quick depending upon usage, but slapping it all onto a single server is asking for hell, it'll be a single point of failure. Rust kiddos would be able to nuke it from orbit with just LOIC and other skid shit.
Reddit really stifles any discussion that doesn't follow the consensus narrative. It also is pretty terrible for keeping track of historical posts. With a forum your discussion gets coverage instead of being immediately down-voted because it's doesn't match the community hivemind. The majority of comments on reddit go unread. No online system is perfect but I find a forum is more of an equaliser for discussion.
please garry new man don't shut down facepunch forums!
The community would really try to help if they could. Do the forums cost too much money to host with little benefit? Bring the Community Fund back, but instead of the money being used for events, it gets used to pay the forums. Instead of titles, animated backgrounds could be used instead, or even new stuff like maybe custom fonts or colors for your name, or maybe even have titles come back in some way or form. Are the forums too much of a mess? Have a trusted community member or moderator manage stuff like forum/subforum creation, names, merges and changes. It used to be an upcoming feature that certain users would be able to be highlighted on special forums, so this could be used on them. I was probably one of the six people who thought that the subforum idea would've been great if more care was put into it, as I've seen it encourage posts in certain cases. Are the changes happening to the forums too slow? Have certain parts of the site hosted on a repository where people can contribute code changes, fixes or whatever else if needed. A lot of people have also offered their help as well. The forums don't need to die, a lot of culture and content would be permanently gone if so, and Facepunch is unique because of it. This is probably selfish to even say, since we've been using this forum for basically free and a lot of people never gave anything back, but I'm sure people would contribute something at least in times like these. A lot of people complain about changes, but it's really out of passion for the community and the forums rather than complaining for the sake of it. I just hope the removal of the forums is heavily considered, and hopefully the result ends up benefiting everyone.
Why isn't fp on github yet? Would love to send some prs
Do you actually use reddit? Any type of discussion there is a shit-show to navigate. I don't really have anything to say about reddit other than that, to be honest. I don't like using reddit, and I don't like being associated with it's user base. I want to address that facepunch is literally my only place to go for games, news, and funny posts. I don't keep up on sites like IGN or CNN. I come to facepunch for that stuff because the people here do a pretty damn good job of posting topics that are relevant to today's happenings. I'm sure we both work really long hours every day, but you have to understand that not all of us get to sit in front of facepunch all day, and there are those few of us that look forward to coming home after working 12 fucking hours every god damn day to sit down and laugh at some good memes or share pictures of questionable content on the internet together. For someone like me, I'd quickly and easily get drowned in new content that could be posted in real-time. I'd argue that discord isn't set up to easily navigate past messages in a channel full of hundreds of posters talking about things constantly. Facepunch (and forums in general) is and always will be better than what a site like reddit has to offer. Garry I am begging you, please do not shut down the forums.
Facepunch has been a part of my life for the past 9 years. I visit nearly every day, and although rarely post, I have enjoyed bearing witness to the ways this community has developed in the time I've been here.Thank you Garry, for all the effort you have put into this forum. Thank you for providing us with an outlet for our creative interests, lively discourse, and shitposts. Does anyone have a steam group/discord/etc. to operate as a Facepunch refugee camp in the event we all wake up one morning and Facepunch is gone?
Proprietary software and the whole site is linked to the FP games api or something like that.
There is literally no other community like Facepunch anywhere. This is the best multi-topic online community - bar none.
Well, I’ve no real idea what’s going on, but apparently Garry is considering shutting down this place, so I might as well give my spiel. Bear with me, cause it’s early and the coffee hasn’t quite reached my brain but: I just want to get this out of the way first—I love this place. It’s probably obvious, because I’ve been here for 12 years, ever since GMOD 9.0(?) as a young, bright-eyed kid looking to goof around with half-life 2 engine. Now I’m a jaded, dull-eyed adult, bickering about politics and... where was I going with this? Ah, right. Comical cynicism aside, I owe a lot of my life to being a member of this community. Through thick and thin, ban waves and cullings, theme changes and forum migrations; I’ve seen a lot, met a lot of good people. Some, not so good, but it never got me down, because there’s always the bright spots. Whenever I’d have a shit day at school or, eventually work, I could always count on coming back down to the good ole Facepunch pub to catch up on this month’s memes or news, or whatever else I felt like reading. It’s a proverbial treasure trove of discussions, bants and “enlightened arguements”, but was always enjoyable to unwind too. Reddit, or whatever comparison we’re trying to make, just doesn’t have the same soul this place does. It’s like walking into a shitty, stuck up bar club. Sure, drinks are cool, and so are some of the patrons, but it just doesn’t beat the ole pub, you know? I might have not been a very impactful or well known poster outside my lame attempts at humor, but to say this place hasn’t impacted me for the better would be an outright lie. So Garry, I don’t know if you’re going to be reading this or care or anything, but I just want to say my heart will always belong to this place, to the moderation team, to your mod, and to this community. We all have to move on sometime, and if you feel that that’s what you really want, I think I’ll be ready too. We had a great run, and if your hearts just not in it, then don’t torture yourself about it. So yeah. The whole thing will probably hit me harder later, but that’s just my feelings as of reading this. I’m gonna go browse around while for a while. Thanks for everything
He totally can though. Not that I want him to, but there's nothing really stopping him from doing it. Other than his own conscious, but since he's not even part of the community much anymore, I don't know how big a factor that is. It would definitely suck for all of us who consider facepunch our home and have really become ingrained in the community.
You know what forums have that Reddit/Discord/SocialMedia don't? Discussions that stick. War on megathreads was honestly the first misstep. Forums HAVE a place on the internet, it just needs to be promoted, not have every developers bringing their communities to established platforms due to maintenance and moderation concerns.
I mostly lurk now days, occasionally post (hell I haven't even bothered putting my avatar back on since the move from Oldpunch) but damn. I think I've been on this forum every day since '07 and I consider Facepunch my internet home. I don't want to be evicted! I don't mind visiting Reddit from time to time but I don't think I could move there permanently. Facepunch is where I got my start in photoshop back in the day with the Garry's Mod screenshot section and making really cringy comics.. That turned into me getting into source mapping in the Source Development stuff, I'm sure it was called something else back then. After that, I moved onto the 3D modeling section and began to learn how to create assets for said maps. That turned into me going into game development as a career and now I work in the game industry as an Environment Artist. I can directly link Facepunch for giving me direction in life, for helping me form a career and even getting said career with a job I love. That's not even mentioning FP slapping us across the face and forcing its user base back then to use proper spelling and grammar with the Smartness system I can only think of other people like me who are just tinkering around with Rust or still with Gmod and push themselves and find a passion with a community of like minded individuals trying to also make their way in life. I'll miss this place, but I don't want it to end- not yet..
I've been here for basically a decade now, a sudden death would be kinda painful tbh. I dedicate a lot of time to these forums, have made some great friends and achieved my career goals based on discussions within said forums. Just hand the keys to someone who actually cares about the forums, y'know? Don't just kill it, it would be devastating to a lot of people.
Facepunch is the only source of "socializing" I have, exept saying hi to the cashier each 9th day, please don't do this
I second this. I've been a member for 13.5 years and I am 27 now. This means I have been a member of this forum for half my existence and I'll be super sad if it disappears. So many memories. I know I don't post here as much as most people and I'm probably not at all well-known due to a long hiatus, but I think we'd lose something special.
I've never been much of a poster on these forums, and instead more of a lurker, but they are the only ones I've always come back to because of the unique, recognizable, and resourceful people on it. I've found out about the gmod server that got me to learn programming on here so it's become pretty significant to me. The modern approach on the forums is a great effort, but it definitely needs someone with more time that'll listen to feedback and can be dedicated to it. I understand these are garry's forums in the end but it'd be a shame to throw everything away.
I don't really have anything to add that hasn't been said but also want to echo a lot of thoughts from the last few pages. I've been here since '05 and joined in '06 and still read the forums pretty much every single day, I love the community, the posting style and the content. I met some amazing people on here and made some lifelong friends. It would be heartbreaking to see my online home for more than a decade die like this.
This is basically the forum that taught me English, would be pretty sad to see it go, even if it's not as active as it used to be. The fact that it still has an active userbase, albeit a small one, is a testament to the fact that it does serve a purpose. Everybody here has their own reasons to want this forum to stay, and simply aren't interested in the "alternatives".
Fuck, man. It'd be real disheartening to see this go, not going to lie. Been lurking here since at least '05 before I went and made an account a year later, it's the only place that I still smile a bit when I bring it up again. I'd be all down for Garry to hand the keys over as long as the community stays as it is but I do understand why he'd shut it down, and if that's gonna be the case then it's been a good fuckin ride my friends.
Garry, please watch this video and tell me FP isn't deserving of continuing a few more years. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyjjC0-Rh2M&index=31&list=FL60L_YJ96JUnTLAr-0dDGrg&t=0s I still remember Hezzy's "plz dnt take a fence" meme from like, 2007 and oh my god I am scared. Hold me.
If this forum dies I don't have anywhere to go. That's it. All these people I enjoy discussing things with, gone. Most will scatter, and I'll never see any of them ever again. That's just depressing.
I cant understand your logic. If you could bring the happiness to your users/customers - why are you stooping ? I just cant describe my wonder . Just why not ? and I cn say what are you losing - youre losing our respect to you.
Just give us Oldpunch back.
Maybe we should get some official effort underway and make the Facepunch community migrate? Seeing the theme that Garry is fed up and changes shit, people are spooked, he says to let it run for a few months and we repeat the cycle when Garry is fed up again. (Or just nukes everything entirely, Garry, please don't) It ain't exactly a healthy outlook if the Owner of the forums becomes increasingly frustrated over time, and might decide one day to just be done with it. We all operating on Garry's goodwill here and I'd rather take some action for the Facepunch community to save itself rather to complain and bargain to just let this all hang in this realm of uncertainty.
Well, guys, no matter what is going to happen soon, we will still remember our happy lives on Face Punch. https://youtu.be/8nHV2mOCIRA
I really hope the forums don't get shut down. They're basically my morning routine at this point. I get the majority of my news from here as well as good discussion on a number of other miscellaneous subjects that I can't get elsewhere. And that on top of a community that's overall better than what you find elsewhere. And while the migration over to the new software hasn't been without its bumps the forums are still, even at their worst, far more navigable than the shitpile that is Reddit. Discord really isn't an option for me either. I just end up lurking and almost never saying anything in realtime group chats like that. An lper's community I used to run the forums for moved over from the forums to Discord earlier this year and I went from being the most active poster to one of the least active. I wouldn't even know what I'd do with my mornings if Facepunch disappeared honestly. With the exception of days when I wasn't near an internet connection I've come here every single day in the morning to catch up on stuff.
I've been lurking around here for 10 years, I don't post much because I don't have much to say. I can say however that if it died, a small part of me would die too.
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