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I'd honestly miss your posts. In terms of Discord, I think Discord is far too informal and intermittently active to be terribly interesting or informative. I've tried it a few times, but it's just really inefficient for any type of discussion and there's something about clicking 'Post Reply' that engenders one's critical thinking. By that, I mean that publishing something to the Internet in perpetuity feels like it means more and I put more effort into it for that reason.
Facepunch has been a forum i visit daily for half my life now... when it shuts down it'll be the end of an era, at least for me. I like facepunch because it's better organized than Reddit (never did get used to that website's layout) and it's not as toxic as 4chan.
I can support this with far more drastical measures, Garry you sick fuck, sell me the forum.
Facepunch has been a big part of my life and in the web's current climate there is absoloutely nothing like it. Speaking purely about function right now, Reddit and 4chan dont have that personal factor that made facepunch so cosy to me. Everyone there is faceless, just another name in the void given a short line of text. On facepunch, people have unique avatars, we have emotes, more screen space is dedicated to a single post and they're strictly ordered sequentially. In a single thread, nothing gets buried. These parts are what made facepunch's community so great, and it would be a colossal waste to lose it.
I think that's unfair. I can, at least in some respects, see where Garry's coming from in terms of his concerns regarding the forum, but I really think deleting them is a terribly bad, impulsive idea. All this site does is use up bandwidth from his perspective, one imagines, but I think Garry's neglecting to consider that a place for players of his games to congregate being officially connected to the developer probably increases profit margins. I think the fact that Garry doesn't want to hand management over to somebody else is a confusing problem and I wish I could understand his rationale.
reddit is definitely NOT an alternative to Facepunch.. that's really incorrect.
Garry didn't realize that he's in the middle of revolutionizing the online social discussion space and he's giving it up hastily because of reckless decisions and us bitching constantly. Com'on man, there's a void between Reddit and Discord, fill it. I know you're demotivated but this isn't a complete lost cause.
[PHP]💥🔫👀 It's gone, for good
I am just surprised about how he perceives that the forum doesn't build the brand. It is still active enough to be viable.
Please just link this site on the main menu of s&box, and see if the community grows, before considering closing the site. I don't know how close s&box is to release but gmod is the reason these forums exist, so the redesign and stuff might really be a new experience for people that played gmod in like 2013 then moved to other games, but are seeing the new hot thing s&box and its forum.
maybe that just means someone else should be in charge. that's not a problem with you or the forums, just a square peg and a round hole.
This account doesn't show it since I nuked my previous one, but the 8 years I've been here has been a great learning experience for my own personal growth and one of the only websites I can visit regularly without feeling like a complete waste of time with how much content people post and produce here. Like others have said I pretty much get all my news here and I come here to get updated on games I like while giving me a chance to engage with good people with a diverse range of opinions. Large Discord servers gives me bad anxiety and reddit is so fake-feeling with its up-vote fishing that I find even 4chan preferable, and I hate 4chan too. FP is one of only two communities I ever engage with, and I'd hate to see what I'd consider the best corner of the internet go away. I need FP to survive, or at the very least to have a properly endorsed new successor that this community can migrate to, I feel like I'd lose so much to see FP go away.
Something Awful tho.
Something Awful has an appropriate name because they're fucking awful. I tried spending time there and their community is the worst.
Facepunch sprung off SA for lots of reasons including holding Garry's Mod which was super early days back then.
I really, really don’t agree that Discord and Reddit are somehow replacements for a traditional forum. a traditional forum fosters an actual community, and its design should hopefully encourage thought out posts and discussion. Reddit’s design does not do this. Oftentimes the first comments are the most upvoted, and the rest are left to rot. If you have a disagreement, there’s not usually any real discussion. I’m a reddit user only for a select few communities that I just wasn’t able to get here (history based). So I know from experience how bad Reddit’s design is and how it discourages discussion. The lack of things such as profile pictures, and the vast userbase, means its often hard to personify the person you’re speaking to, and its likely you’ll never talk to them again. It’s just not a replacement for places like this. Real-time chatting is also not a replacement for a forum. One of Hezzy’s/your criticisms of megathreads is that there are only “one or two” threads of discussion at a time, which in my experience is false. But do you know where it’s not false? In a chatroom, on discord. It’s just a chat program, and chat programs existed long before discord and weren’t replacements for forums then, and still aren’t now. Limited threads of discussion, conversations that move too quickly, and are often just whatever is on the top of someone’s head rather than a more thoughtful post. As well, I think you missed the point of the subforum criticisms. I liked the idea of having some more subforums, but the implementation was awful, they were way too specific for a community the size of facepunch. In the case of games, they would easily date themselves as a game loses popularity, what myself, and presumably others, wanted was those new subforums to be broadened. Read Dead/GTA becoming Rockstar, Mario into Nintendo, Cooking/Fitness/Mental Health becoming lifestyle. Stuff like that. Broadening them to encourage an array of activity and keep the sub alive, but keeping them specific enough to not let everything in. What you have done is gone too far in the opposite direction, it’s now a bigger mess than it was. Criticsm was never directed at the Videos subforum, or fast threads. Those were forums that were not too broad, and not too specific, and had plenty of activity to show for it. Videos was the only sub I really visited regulalrly since all the shakeup too. Everything else became a chore to navigate, my favorite threads killed in an effort to curb megathreads. My point is, we wanted subforums refined, not totally eliminated - especially not longstanding and active ones like Videos. i hope you take some of this to heart garry, you have it in you to make a great forum, you just can’t go it alone and need to take the considerations of your end users into mind as well
It sounds weird and maybe really over dramatic but I really credit this forum as being one of the major influences for shaping my personality and sorta who I am, on par or maybe even more than anything irl (practically introvert NEET stage when I was a kid) The time I've spent here especially the early years, I have learnt so much on various things such as computers, software and game development, modding, helped a bunch with technical issues (imagine all those good help threads that would be lost of it weren't archived). I picked up proper grammar, spelling, attitudes and tastes, gained a fuckton of self awareness, assistance when I questioned myself on certain personal issues, this place gave me some kind of belonging, fuck at times it was even a place for me to come and vent during those moments I was seriously considering offing myself which really ended up helping. Facepunch has helped me a lot in so many ways. I could go on forever about what I've gained from this forum in the past, and what I still gain from it. I believe this place still has potential to grow even during these times when forums are dying out. I think this can be achieved as long as there is an active dedication to improving/developing the forums and listening to the community, combined with existing users embracing new ideas and change as long as they're aren't completely splitting the community and destroying what people love about this place so much. I have seen a lot of new members that as far as I am aware aren't just members from the last forum, joining after the transition. Like I said it sounds over dramatic considering its just some internet forum, but I've been here since I was 11 and it'd be fucking SHIT to see this place go though everything comes to an end one day, maybe this is finally it
It really isn't dude. It's basically the exact same as any sub-forum on FP depending on where you go. Unless your only experience was GBS or FYAD.
Facepunch has been a long time favorite website of mine. I come here every single day a few times, or a bunch of times, to check out the news, videos that people share and the discussions that follow, discussions and conversations about life itself and video games and computer parts and so on and so forth. It's a lovely place overall, and the people that post here are fucking incredible. It's a community effort to make any website tolerable and pleasant to visit, just as much as it is an owner's effort. I like this forum because it's partially self-moderated, as well as moderated by a team of dedicated moderators. I like this forum because of the vast array of categorized discussions available. I like this forum because the people here make it likeable, no matter how disagreeable or artistic or whatever their posts may be, Facepunch is a very likeable website. Reddit is not comparable to Facepunch. Reddit is faceless, it's cold, and simply too big. Facepunch is a community, made up of tight-knit individuals and friends. We have avatars and avatar backgrounds - thanks @garry ! - that make posters unique and identifiable. We have sections where users frequent, and so much more that makes places like reddit and discord uncomparable. I'm sure I'm not the only person who frequently thinks throughout the day, "huh, I wonder what's happening on Facepunch right now?" It's like an internet home for me at this point, I come here so often that it might as well be my homepage, as at one point it literally was I'm not sure of the significance of levels, or your particularly intent with them Garry, but I'm a level 30 poster if that goes to show how much I love this forum at all https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/132/67106c2b-b8c2-4684-8291-75ee0352ae0c/image.png
Fill the void between a chat service and a short term discussion platform? I don't know what kind of demonspawn this service will be. It's 4chan, where threads only last as long as they survive systematically pruned, with threads updating content automatically, and a limit to one post per minute.
everything that has to be said was said already but man im getting vibes from the days the SLAG(ye olde tf2 community) Forums slowly died bleeding out after their head shifted focus reddit and discord have their roles and they are both good, yet forums like these are not replaceable
Since subforums have now all been crunched together now, including Meta, are we still expected to create threads to report issues, or will there be a bug report thread created in the future?
garry is a joke lmfao
The automated Unity/Unreal engine update threads were hitting top of google searches and the transcription for the Unity ones in particular were easier to read then on their website. I'm not saying the engine subforums were the most active, but they were useful for reference. I don't mind them mixed in with a general dev subofrum, but faster moving source/gmod modeling/mapping/modding got all mixed in with the dev chats which immediately buried all of those topics.
I joined Facepunch 8 years ago, which is wild to think about. While like a lot of people posting right now I tend to lurk more than I post, I cannot understate how important this place has been to me these past 8 years. I cannot begin to count the amount of games, videos, and websites I likely wouldn't have ever discovered if it weren't for Facepunch, or the people I would never have met. Facepunch truly is a website that is one-of-a-kind, I cannot think of another community I've been a part of for so long that has given me so much entertainment so consistently. I've never managed to find another online community that's clicked with me as well as FP has. I don't really know where to go with that paragraph but I just wanted to put it out there how much this place and the people here mean to me. I hope at the very least my thoughts with everyone else's show that Facepunch is a place worth keeping around, one way or another.
There are more gold than blue users, IIRC.
I doubt he is looking for a financial incentive, more like redeption of the responsibility of the forum he doesn't get any good feels from.
useless features
Ah hell this is what I'm greeted with this morning Garry please for the love of god don't nuke this place, this place is one of the main reasons why I'm still alive, if it wasn't for this place I'd probably have just been another mark on the childhood suicide statistics.
Tax issues
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