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Literally no one wants the forums to shut down and we all know how well Garry listens to our opinions therefore the forums will be shut down.
god forbid someone closes out the local tranny hangout spot
How about you shut the fuck up and post on your actual account you coward.
Could we put a delete proof shield around the forum?
this is my actual account you shitheel, i just lost all my posts when garry broke the forums to make this dumb ass layout
100% this. Fucking stupid. It's like he wants to piss everyone off so much that we'll beg him to shut it down to fill his stupid fucking fantasies.
Just woke up on my B-Day only to find that garry is considering to delete this forum all together. Honestly, I never really thought I would stick around in Facepunch when I first registered in this forum back 6 years ago as SevenBillion. I was only there to ask questions about how to port models to Garry's Mod initially, but then for some reason, I stuck around here. I didn't know much people here nor did I talk to other people that much since I spent most of time here as a lurker, but for some reason, I treated this forum as my online home despite that. Maybe it was because I was familiar of seeing all of these people in the Fast threads, Modeling, and GMOD/SFM Screenshot sections (All of which are now gone as of today.) or maybe it was just the place where I met some of my porting friends here. Anyways, I had a quite lot of memories from this site and I am going to miss this site a lot if garry ends up deleting this site for good.
I'm not sure why some of y'all are surprised that Garry's considering pulling the plug, considering the lackadaisical attitude he's been showing for a while. Tbh, I'm not sure what I'd do if this place did get shut down. The only 'community' on here I really like is the Nintendo Mobile thread and I'd sooner take a pair of pruning shears to my toes than go back to the FEH subreddit.
If this goes,t hene very Forum/community I used to frequent will be gone within a two year stretch. Reddit a nd Discord are not the same. One has an awful layout, features, and virtually everything and the other is a chat program. Neither can replace a traditional forum. Discord only works if it's small and sparsely active, otherwise it's a clusterfuck you have to constantly watch or miss out on. It absolutely is not an alternative. Discord doesn't want you to go back and look at anything more than a few hours old. You can only have a continuous conversation in discord, it's not the same. Reddit is just a navigational nightmare and ends up looking like a clusterfuck 9/10 times. Plus there's no user identity, as there's no avatars or backgrounds.
Hi passley, hows the weather?
Only way I wouldn't mind if someone made another forum that worked, then garry linked to that with the shutdown page.
Voting Inacio as a development manager, even if its only temporary for him
If Facepunch dies, no doubt somebody will make a new forum for its' refugees. And perhaps that's for the best.
I joined other forums when I was around 12, mostly gmod server communities. they fell apart after a year. I joined facepunch when I was 14. I am 21 today. this website was a part of my growing up and of many others. Who says that "yeah, reddit made me a better person as I grew up." We love this madhouse, please don't tear it down like this
I was gonna make a separate thread but eh. So considering that Garry is basically being Garry and looking to shut the place down I figured I should just open about a few things. A. If I've come off like an asshole, I know, I am one but I am also aware that being an asshole doesn't excuse it so fuckin' I'll work on it. B. Its been a pleasure and honor arguing, shitposting, memeing and generally being random internet users with all of you gentlemen, ladies and those who lieth betwixt. C. If you want to add me on steam or discord, just know I really only talk in the communities but I will respond in PMs. My discord is Braydad#2077 and this is my steam. As a final thing I want to say, its been nice being able to interact with, discuss topics with and learn the issues and triumphs of the individual members here. I've always been able to interact with people of various backgrounds, ethnicity and political leanings. I even still have that ability at work but it was also nice to have an online presence that did it that wasn't terrible designed like Reddit. Yes, even this redesign is not nearly as terrible as reddit's. Like I said, it's been a pleasure. Technology is a curse, it'll kill us. Buy Gold. Vote Ron Paul.
its been fun lurking here for the last 9 years. rip
Even as a mere lurker this forum has been a great source of entertainment, news, and inspiration for me these past 8 years. It would be incredibly sad to see it all go.
LOL I've been here for 13 years. Honestly I love this place, if it went away I would be actually quite sad.
Only been here for 2 ish years but I love you guys all the same
I've been here since 2007, I hate to see the site go, but if it does, can garry atleast give us a warning of like a month? Maybe someone can cobble something together as a replacement, and it would be out of garry's hair. Maybe hand the source of the current forums to whoever?
hey this is a bad time but is custom css fixed or..?
Yeah, 13 years ago too, and this is pretty much the last bastion of forum culture, will be a shame to see it die. Mostly haunt Games for the generals, which have been screwed over by the recent updates. Reddit and 4chan's /vg/ are poor substitutes.
Does this mean we can finally have animated backgrounds again?
fuck man, there goes 6 years or so of lurking. never really posted up until these last two years with my old spoder55 account. adios, amigos
i ain't even reached the 10 year mark yet, was really hoping we'd live to see the day
Been here since 05 and am on here every single day, even if I barely post. This forum is my homepage and my most visited website and I even run my own goddamn forum! Yet I still visit this place more. @garry . I know this place doesn't benefit Facepunch studios. But most of us joined this place because of your creations. If it wasn't for Gmod I would've never found this place. If you do not wish to keep running this place, please hand it over to someone else. If anything, I am more than willing to host a replacement for the forums or what have you if you do decide to take this place offline. But I know i'm not a known person around here. Ps: Bring back the smartness system from 05. Thank.
Well this is a hell of a thing to wake up to. I'm not gonna bother writing a wall of text about what FP is to me cause the last dozen pages were just that. I'd love to see this place stick around, but if it has to go, I just want to say one thing Its been an honor posting with you boys
A lot of indie game devs would kill to have a vibrant community like this around them
Would suck complete ass if it does shut down, but I'd be satisfied with a solution like this, anything but Reddit
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