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guys please stop toying with the nuke button
You know, for someone who got upset with us for being "assholes" you don't exactly seem to be leading by example. That response is the embodiment of "Cutting off the nose to spite the face.".
Dude, that’s going to have the opposite effect, by making everyone feel even worse. What will make everyone feel better is restoring everything to before the ginormous cleanup, with a small cleanup to “Games” and possibly “General”. Something that I've been suggesting for a little while now.
This is the best roller coaster ever created. Such a wild ride!
hey garry i heard that if u restore the video section then all the furries will leave facepunch
hey i remember you from schindler's fist, no wonder you want them out you're just out looking for bloood @Saint Furrybutt defend your nation dude also, as for the existance of OIFY, that was a useful subforum when the mods were the goddamn police and would "arrest" (ban) at the slightest hint of a rule break (fucking backseat moderation bans). Nowadays you really gotta stretch your calves and eat your vegetables to get any ban that's above a day or a week. Hell, outside of very obvious spam accounts/alt trolls, I've seen maybe one or two 1 month bans.
you should be a fruit farmer since you're so good at cherry picking garry
I was wondering if we could start separating video posts from general posts by adding a "[Video]" tag on the titles of videos. I'd help with signalling what is a video or what isn't.
I don't think I've ever seen someone be this self destructive before.
Stop addressing shitty posts. Instead address those who are trying their best to be constructive and helpful. This feels pretty hostile towards us all, and I'm not sure what we've done to deserve it.
A few of us have said mean and or sarcastic things towards him and now he's cranky at us all.
Can someone tell me what happened to addict's lounge? That was like my home.
Here in General. You can always ask for a relocation if it gets political and whatnot.
The only way facepunch gives garry joy now is him seeing us all panic. You are very correct, Hezzy is the one actually responding to good posts, and this is second job
Garry vs Facepunch (2018 colorized) https://youtu.be/brTeI8X-SoQ
Garry has gone the way Spoony has. He went from the likable guys who was a bit full on in terms of a personality, to an asshole who only pays attention to bad comments and tells them to go fuck themselves. All we wanted to do was hang out on the forum and talk to each other.
Spoony has the excuse of being cripplingly mentally ill though.
I don't know if this has been asked before in here, but can the Developers section be partitioned into Software and Art or something? My interests in the section was entirely programming related, and forum is being primarily used by people asking for model ripping
Am I the only one that stopped coming to FP after the redesign? I used to read this forum a lot for gaming news and gaming discussions in general. Are there any stats on active member numbers before / after the redesign?
Honestly can't tell if Garry is just being troll or blind. Community already asked what they want, can't be that difficult to answer or do something about it.
ALOT of people left during the switch
According to Hezzy the numbers are better then they've been since 2014, in terms of unique visitors.
I seriously hate that we don't have a video section anymore This is literally no good reason to have it amalgamated into general discussion - I'm not going to click every thread and hope the OP has a video in it to watch
@Hezzy can we please get the main NSFW threads moved out of OIFY? I'd rather not have to look at pretty girls while being spammed with fucking horrible gore pictures. Why was that section even removed after the MONTH of debate we went through to get it in the first place??
Im sick of looking through general for each video thread, its fucking cluttered for no reason. Do you just have a fucking vendetta against your own users or something? Does it not matter how much respectful feedback pepple give? Why be so impulsive just because of one or two sarcastic comments?
Tbh either garry and/or the mod team prolly couldn't be arsed dealing with it anymore and so just decided to let oify kill it.
Our attempts to peer into the inner machinations of garry's mind remain an enigma
What do you mean “couldn’t be arsed dealing with it anymore”? What the fuck was going in that section that was worse than any of the shit that happens in the other sections of the site?
After the first few weeks, nothing really, but someone would have to go in there once in a while to check there's nothing breaking the rules that hadn't been reported. Doubt any of the remaining mods would be too keen on that.
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