• Concern over some pretty saddening posts, also a quick story.
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I hope you're all doing well, but if not, I understand and it's alright. This post may seem corny but I wanted to get this off my chest since there have been a few posts here that are pretty saddening. For the past few months, I've noticed a lot of worried and stressed posting, especially in Sensationalist headlines and Polidicks. A lot of it is dread and despair without solutions, now I can understand venting to a certain extent, I'm guilty as well, but some of the posts can be pretty alarming... Here's two of them; 1. Shit like this, cements my decision to kill myself when I turn 25. 25 is a quarter of life, I've experienced my Childhood, my Teenage years, and my Adult years. What's the point of going further? Especially with this shit. 2. This is kinda a reason I don't want to have kids, Don't love the idea of my progeny having to deal with a world heating up and going crazy. Bad news about the world, politics and society is posted all the time, but some posts about it can sometimes amplify the reaction. If a person sees that everyone is posting about how there's little hope and that things are going to get much, much worse, than that person may feel justified for feeling hopeless and apathetic. I know the world can be real shit sometimes, but I used to view it so much worse, to the point where I'd wonder why I should go on, and my Dad knew this. My Dad and I were driving home, he was hearing me out during a sad and hopeless moment. I told him that I thought the world wasn't that good'a place and that me trying to cheer up felt like lying to myself, like fooling myself into thinking the world is a better place than it actually is. He then told me about how he felt, how he used to be the exact same way as me. He grew up during the cold war, many people were freaking out over the Cuban missile crisis, so of course he had shelter drills and was taught to duck n' cover under his school desk. After that, he got to see all sorts of terrible things in the news, the Korean war, race riots, violence in the streets, Nixon's administration, and of course the Vietnam war, most people wanted peace, but they got the invasion of Laos and Cambodia instead. As soon as my Dad graduated, he received his draft notice in the mail, now at this point he was at an all time low and was ready to drink himself to death, for now he had a stupid war to look forward to, one that he lost some friends in already, so he made a vow to himself to never start a family or have children, he thought that it would be cruel to bring life into this world. So that would be it, he'd die, never meet my Mom, and there'd be no me. That was the most profound thing he ever told me, I might never had existed and he might have just ended himself, but he continued. Before he was sent off for recruitment he received his stand down papers and was later informed that the war was over. He ended working to improving his outlook on life, he met my Mom and had me. Since then he would play in his own band, run a music store for a while, restore a few classic cars, and he was very happy with the way things turned out. I'm not saying you should rush out and start a family, and I'm not saying that all the world's problems will be solved instantly or gracefully. I'm just saying that his story plainly details how that you can think everything's done for when it actually isn't. Summed up, Today; people despair over violent protests, the president's stupidity, political corruption, environmental catastrophe and the end of the world. Back then; people despair over violent protests, the president's stupidity, political corruption, environmental catastrophe and the end of the world. This reminded me that even though I could have very sad moments in life, I remembered that there was still more about life that I think are wholesome and good, things that I can hold on for. Now, we can look at an old photo of me when I was like 5 years old and I'd be there helping my dad restore his Corvair van and we'd both be smiling. I don't wish to sound patronizing, I know many people are going through big family problems, loss of a job, loss of a loved one, or just loss of hope and patience all together, but it might just be worth holding out for just a bit longer until you start changing your mind about things. Try and take a break from all the panic of the media, and try and take your mind off things with something you find good in life.
No, not the end -- the start of something new. The world never ends; only changes. Will it be a dramatic change? Yes. Will nothing be as it was before? No -- but it will also be little like how it is now. There will likely be famine. There will be worldwide crisis, yes. But, you know: people thought the world would end in World War I when 'all the nations of the world' took up arms against each other. We survived that; we survived World War II. People living in Japan where the Atomic Weapons fell -- most died instantly, some died sometime later; but some, undeterred, fought through it all and are still alive. They are little like who they were before - but they still can find happiness (and do) now. The World will not end; it will simply transform. We have weathered through worse -- we have survived extinction multiple times as a species when the full force of nature was brought down upon us. At a time some 72,000 years before now, consider that due to mass extinction thanks to a supervolcano spreading an endless winter across the world our total population dropped to perhaps as low as 10,000. If humanity could survive six years of the sun being nearly or totally blocked from view, having to live off lands with as much as 6-10 inches of ash laid across the surface of the whole planet, where the global temperature dropped 20 points for those six years -- I'm confident humanity will survive this. But only if we choose to survive.
I agree with you. For a while I was feeling really negative, but in all honesty I'm glad I live in this time period. We have so many things to be thankful for like medical advancements, the internet, and strides in creating equality. Things are still bumpy but I know if we all try our best things will be great.
Also the amount of agrees that suicide/discontinuation of existence related posts in LMAO pics get is fucking disturbing.
Suicide/nihilism jokes are a common theme in "millennial humor" apparently.
This. I fucking hate this. It was funny back in like 2010 but seeing it so much now seriously makes me worried about people, especially those who I know have been depressed or suicidal in the past (they make these jokes). I don't think any of that kind of joking falls under gallows humor.
Why was it funny at all to begin with?
There is a difference between chuckling at a black humor ass joke here and there and seeing fifty fucking agrees and nervously wondering how many of them are serious or ironic.
Joking about it allows us to cope, it's a way stop thinking about it too hard to be able to move on to something else.
But why does the joke have to be about killing one's self?
just because it's a coping mechanism doesn't make it a good one
I've made several suicide attempts and am in fact now disabled as a result, but I actually find suicide jokes fairly humorous for this reason. I understand that many find those sorts of things to be in poor taste, and I get that, but I suppose my own experiences are the main reason for finding dark humour enjoyable. I agree with the OP, btw. I would argue that the person who said he was gonna end his life at 25 is highly unlikely to do so - suicidal ideation turning into an attempt doesn't tend to be planned, at least in my experience.
Some people don't realize how close we actually came to nuclear war, there were many people who though that was inevitable, some things were bad like the U.S./Soviet backed wars, but the point was that we weren't annihilated and we're still here, and we still have reasons to live and find some joy in it. You can also help the situation by not calling it "inevitable", that's not very encouraging to some people, because otherwise why bother doing anything to negate it even a little? However, the main point of this thread though is to draw attention to how common despair and defeatism is, and how it's having a terrible impact on peoples outlook and mental health. We used to be able to just turn the television off and put the news paper down, but now everyone is carrying devices that easily connects them to everything, including the nonstop barrage of awful stories that are being pumped out. People end up convinced that they must focus on solely the awful in life, and that's not right.
Because it's relatable and makes it feel like we're not alone in dealing with it all the while providing some levity which usually makes us feel better.
Because joking about it lets us open up about the thought and discus it with others which is therapeutic. Leaving it bottled up will just make the feeling worse.
This, as someone who is miserable on a deep level, dark humor is a way to cope tbh. Maybe other people find suicide jokes depressing, but I'm sure many people who are depressed like me find them the opposite, they're liberating and uplifting.
I appreciate your concern OP, and I understand where its coming from because I know it sucks reading stuff like that too, but thats just how FP is. Most threads I browse theres at least a few users making a point about how miserable they are, and from the years I've read posts and talked to people, sometimes attempted to reach out and help them, I can say without a doubt that the people you see still posting shit like that just dont want to be helped. In fact its the opposite case; sometimes people dont really need help at all but blow shit out of proportion (something thats just part of millenial society with all the nihilism jokes previously mentioned on the page) a) If you're saddened by people on fp, don't be. b) If someone says theyre going to kill themselves when they get to a certain age, they're bsing. They just want attention. By saying theyre going it at a certain age, they're intentionally giving themselves more time despite their misery, which doesn't add up. As morbid as this sounds, if people were at a really concerning level, they would either seek help or not be around to complain cause they'd have already hit their breaking point c) most people on fp don't want to have children because they're still growing up themselves. i mean it in a nice way, people just simply arent ready to even consider the idea, let alone see the benefits of it weighing out the responsibility
No it's not. Nothing is inevitable (except maybe the heat death of the universe?). Some only become inevitable when you give up and start saying it is, because you create the prerequisites for that to happen. Where's there's hope there's a chance, and where's the a chance you take it and run. And run with each successive chance until you come out the other side.
I think you misunderstood me, and maybe I worded it poorly, I'm not saying the future is sunshine and daisies, I used past events as an example. I haven't had too much of a bright outlook on the future in a long time, I just think that it is what it is, but no, I don't think I should "end it now" I hope to pull through as well, and I hope more people are able to as well, which is the main point of this thread. In my OP "I'm not saying that all the world's problems will be solved instantly or gracefully." I know things will get bad, but there's still worth holding out "pulling through this mess.".
In the face of universe so fast and full of information, where certainty is impossible and the nature of our very existence is rather senseless, it is even more senseless to end one's own existence.
Entropy is the most certain truth in the universe. Nothing will last forever -- thus there will always be opportunities for change even when things seem irreparably and inevitably horrible. You've done a good thing by posting this here, OP. More people need to understand stories like yours and take them to heart.
Some people don't realize how close we actually came to nuclear war, Funny you mention that, there was a case where a soviet spy satellite was having an aneurysm about some clouds because when the sun was almost completely set in that area, the tips of the clouds or something were lit by direct sunlight and they looked an awful lot like missile launch clouds. Supposedly the only reason they didn't start launching nukes in response was because some guy went "hold up what if it's a false alarm" and did his damnedest to convince them it wasn't a launch. Oh and this happened twice by the way. edit: oh hey, a link
I’m 25 now and I’ve tried to off myself twice now, both times in the last 2 years. I can understand where you come from, but not everyone has the benefit of good parents or physical help nearby. My folks regularly laughed at my pessimism. My shrink just told me to deal with it. Every time I came here to the net, it’s always flooded with news of jackasses in power making everything worse, minorities getting killed or beat down, the world flooding and burning up, or comic book super villains who have escaped their confines getting away with literal evil schemes in broad daylight. Good news comes in small droplets which get washed away by the flood of sewage every day. The people who are supposed to be helping you only benefit themselves, and they know full well that the small folk can’t do anything about it. It takes the mental fortitude of a psychic wizard to look at the current world and try to think positively about it when all facts and forecasts point to the next couple decades being a tyrannical racist rule. Not everyone has that kind of strength, and having depression like most of the country does makes it even harder. The scary part about suicide isn’t the act itself, but rather, how much easier it gets to try again if you’ve already tried once. I agree with you about the place as a whole being concerning, but to me, that’s just telling of the world we live in. Maybe if things ever look up at all, these kinds of posts will reduce in number.
You don't understand how it feels to be suicidal, then.
Keep in mind headlines and news themselves are biased and will tend to report on what gives them money. That's to say, between the headline: "Man rapes woman and murders her" is going to bring in a lot more views than "Man gives money to homeless man" just because the first one is far more attractive, in a morbid way, than the second one. Or, hell, I used an extreme example, let's see a simpler one, you're more likely to hear: "Person robs storefront" than "Person shelters kitten". I can tell you we've sheltered tons of kittens and that doesn't come on the news, despite being a good action. Now you might be saying "Of fucking course good things still happen" and you're right, but that' not entirely the point. The truth of it is that if your world view is mainly comprised of headlines, news and what-not, you're inevitably only going to see the bad aspect of it. Again, unless it's some extraordinary act, you're not going to see good deeds on the news, but bad deeds will always come up. Thus commences a vicious cycle. You see the news and get depressed because everything is fucked. In said depression, you ignore not only optimism, but down right realism and start veering more toward pessimism/fatalism. And surely you can't be insane, after all, the bad things is all the news talks about! Then you go out onto the street and notice the world isn't such a bad place after all. I am lucky enough to be living in one of the world's most peaceful countries, but even here the news are constantly raving on about murders or kidnappings or robberies. If I had an euro for everytime my mom said the world was ending I'd be fucking George Soros. Just the other day a few buddies of mine helped out an absolute drunken fool in the street, took him home. You think that's gonna show up on the news? It is natural that one's view of the world paints an evil picture if they are looking through an evil-scope (wow that was terrible). I am of the opinion that the news should not depend on economical groups/support, because they will inevitably be biased to report on certain things, and not necessarily lie but not go so much in-depth as they should. This is also were sensationalist headlines come from. One of our major news stations here is infamous for sensationalizing. You hear about a train-crash that had 30 people at most in the traincar, those fuckers counted 40 or 50 bodies. Then you open the actual article and they meant casualities or hell sometimes they just straight up lied, it's not like anyone gives a shit here anyways lol. Unfortunately, I can't tell you what would replace this, because you couldn't have the government own the news station either, as that would be super super super prone to censorship. You could have it tax-funded or something, it'd still be tied to the government but wouldn't be paid by government directly, per se. Shitty reporting would lead to people complaining to officials who could take action or something? idk, pretty unfortunately the system we currently have is the best working one thus far. That goes for consumerism in general, I find it lends itself to being depressed. Naturally it's not as simple as "well just go out dude! : ^ )" but I hope that you can atleast start to see that you're stuck in a vicious cycle where you'll only further spiral into depression. As the cycle continues you even grow cynical, what few good news there are are met with cynicism: "Doctors find certain strains of cancer are more susceptible to certain medication!", might have an expected "yeah fuck cancer!" from most people but some more cynical people stuck in this vicious cycle might go "what's the point, that's 1 in 10000 strains cancer will never be cured and even if it were this world is not worth living on global warming has as fucked, icecaps will melt sea levels will rise wars will break out famine will exist and we will all die" which is, I believe, a slippery slope. Again, just telling you this probably isn't worth much but I was hoping to maybe do something. Perhaps, as a way to tell myself that I amn't insignificant?
hmm we're teetering on the brink of fascism and genocide, billions are going to die off as climate change fucks agriculture, and hey there's the looming threat of annihilation by big boomy bois any day. And of course, Half Life 3 is dead. Shit is genuinely and provably wprse than it ever has been. I'm not going to lie to myself about that
Your life is infinitely better than that of a medieval age peasant, and yet they did not fear the end of the world. You'd be wise to not do the same.
I take it that you believe that expecting the worse is a safe bet based on what you see, I've been there before, but telling people that things are "worse than it ever has been." is not very productive. Also, I'd say the threat of "boomy bois" is considerably lower than it has been in the past.
@Wappen that's a really good post. It's also worth nothing that the media runs on causing fear and panic. That doesn't just go for right wing shock jocks, all forms of media do it. That is not to say the world does not face problems - it certainly does - but don't let shit get to you. My mother's branch of the family were stuck in the DDR for most of the Cold War and were involved with the church underground movement. You can imagine that made them a target for the Stasi and paramilitaries, especially in the early years of the DDR, and several family members just up and went 'missing' (read: killed by the Stasi or shipped to Siberia) for their involvement with anti-government groups. To people like my grandmother, this seemed like the end of the world but they kept on pushing on. And now my grandmother is incredibly glad she did that and didn't give in to the hopelessness of the civilization. The world looks grim, yes, but nothing is a guarantee. To my grandmother and her relatives they were certain that life under the hell of the communists was all they would ever know and that war would erupt, but that didn't happen. Slowly life in the DDR got better, and now East Germany is free again. Sure, there is still problems, but a huge improvement compared to living under a dictatorship. I guess what I'm saying is that you have no idea what the world is going to be like in the next few years no matter how bad it seems to you, so keep that in mind. Facepunch is one of my main online communities and it's disheartening to see so many people shrug and accept things like that.
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