• Ban for no reason
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I have been game banned for absolutely no reason i was playing rust today all fine but now it says game banned and i have never cheated ever before so i don't understand why it has happened i have had 1200 hours on rust so i don't see why they have only banned me now can you please help my situation because i don't want to buy another copy of rust or make a new account. my steam account is Steam Community
Nope! You're lying to us, so you aren't getting an unban. Look at the sticky thread at the top to contact EAC. They'll unban you. We cant, and lets be honest, they probably won't. Oh, and don't bother buying another copy of Rust. Your PC is already flagged, and you'll only be able to play for about an hour before you are automatically rebanned "For no reason"
I was banned for buying a new mouse and using a logitech mouse software profile and they say they do not want to take away the ban that is permanent and on the same day I received the ban a person who says he works for rust wanted me sell a spoofer id hardware to be able to continue playing seems pitiful
We can't help you either! Read the sticky, and also Logitech mouse macros count as hacks
lol what i did??
We don't handle bans here. This wouldn't even be the right section if we did. Honestly, I can't wait for the day that EAC just outright bans all Russian IPs.
do not use macros just activate a profile that came in the same logitech program I find it very unfair that I have stained my steam account for such a thing when in any other game and received bane only you have banned me by the way it seems despicable to use hacks and cheats to be above other players I have been a victim of other players who have used hacks and cheats and have not played those games again because they are full of cheaters and now in this game I am banned for using a profile a program in which I trusted and not knowing that it can be detected as "traps" and that you do not take away my ban since it is unfortunate
Too bad.
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