• Whats wrong with the bow
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The bow feels weird, and all my friends says it change. if so please bring back old bow
What's wrong with posting in the right section
Long bows or short bows? I think short bows are more stylish and easier to carry around. They're my ranged weapon of choice in D&D.
I suggest your return your faulty bow to wherever you bought it
idk what you're on about, bows and slings are (from my experience) the only way to beat Baldur's Gate, and I don't think they ever changed that.
I don't know, bows feel pretty alright in NWN. What is your current character build?
what kind of bow is that
my ass is burning from this bow
why bow no werk??????? https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1717/0e6f78f7-8cb1-49e9-a3cf-b5bb9e84291a/article-2009603-0CC9AFB200000578-568_634x474.1.jpg
How Do I Shot Arrowe?
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