• What are you known on facepunch for
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You still do!
Gmod poses, birth of Sex Posing Megathread (before SFM was a thing, ya know?), constant fight for glorious Russia, and close non confirmed ties with goverment officials.
Making some popular gmod stuff occasionally i guess?
I made some props that people like. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1096822321 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1096782485 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1102625863 Also I said some cringy shit a long time ago that got me banned...I'm trying to make up for it by making cool stuff so that hopefully I become better known for my good work and not some shit I said years ago when I was of my meds. I'm trying to be a proper functioning adult and I really wish I could go back and delete all that garbage.
My guess would be the Facepunch Droid app. Other than that, not much.
I used to be the raging spreg on the Deviantart Appreciation threads Oldpunch and getting in to fights and defending said "artists" I also was probably the most death threats revived user on there because of that... Made me realized how much I couldn't handle internet back then But I grew up, now I'm just the regular who post on the Nintendo shit on here and now I'm slowly posting and giving feedback on the Creationism Corner, trying to improve my skills and just in general trying to be a better person as he slowly becomes a adult
Some people told me I'm a pretty cool poster, that was a few years ago though and I don't know if it still applies. I was recognized by my avatar on oldpunch but that's gone now.
i was once known for a quote of myself when i was 13 in which i said "but its not deadly like pot"
I dunno if anyone even really knows me for anything or at all, if I'm wrong though please let me know.
I went on discord and talked about getting caught masturbating by a UAV also sock monkeys
Nothing good Mostly Skyrim mods...
A looong time ago, when I was a dumbass teenager, I remember thinking it would be funny to fake my own death online. Then I pretended to be like my mom or something, having found the forums open on my PC. Then I said a friend or someone had gotten on my account and was fucking with me, thinking it'd just be a stupid unfunny joke... until like one person on here said, "I think he's fucking with us..." and Hezzy showed up and said he'd check the IP and I freaked out. Nothing ever came of it, though. I think @Hezzy turned the tables and was fucking with me instead... wonder if he remembers that...
shitting up WAYT with nonsense for a night as shotgun334
Someone posted a pic of TotalBiscuit in Lmao Pics where he was wearing a t-shirt of that Ctrl Alt Delete comic. I replied with "Well now we know where he got the cancer from"- this was, I think, two or so years before his sad passing. Got a few pages of reaction pics. Also I'm on that one reaction pic montage of "transraccoon."
Maintaining a Funny rating collection
I was the "convert it to communism" kid
i accidentally pissed off gabe newell https://imgur.com/mc6fR15
I don't remember that specifically, but usual kind of procedure when those things happen is to try and locate information about the person to send the police around to check on them
IF I was to throw a random guess out, it'd probably be 'Abrasive dick that hates anything eco, but on a rare occasion can make a good post'.
A long time ago I used to frequent a chat thread in fast threads along with the stream group it had. Outside of that, I rarely post.
probably just sheer quantity of posts
being gay
I secretly stole @Hezzy 's lawnmower
I'm known for being zukriuchen you couldn't ignore me if you tried
Huh, so apparently the right wing members have a really detailed conspiracy theory made up about me. I guess that's kinda cool. Also I used to make really crappy SWEPs and model ports and was way too defensive about them. Also also I made this https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/266286/d020a331-e8b8-4fdb-8a77-aa85d5245cfc/knuckles%5E2.knuckles.png Oh and a couple months ago I made a dumb joke that somehow netted me enough diamonds for a gold membership. To be honest I really don't know which if any of those actually stand out, those are just the closest things to anything noteworthy I could think of.
"Sorry! We can't help you ignore zukriuchen" wtf garry
Oh ya I decided to give myself the name ignhelper because I thought if I kept posting IGN articles they'll notice me and I can work for them I was also a dumb fuck back then
I'd say I'm only vaguely known now because of when the forums died and people flocked into the Discord VC. I was one of the peeps who kept micspamming in there, mostly Ed, Edd n' Eddy soundfx and other shit. I was there in the VC for so much shit, it was glorious. I was eventually muted, moved out, moved in, and had my nickname changed to Bob Dole. So, I'd say that all played out well.
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