• In case you're wondering what the fuck is going on with facepunch (recap thread)
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have a coin for your grief
things definitely said by people who arent offended also not upset or anything
for someone who doesnt care you seem to be posting quite a lot.
Maybe Garry could opensource the code for the site, then turn it over to best mod craptasket
What the fuck where did the TF2 subforum go?
I remember back in the day I really wanted to be a gold member so I got this newspaper delivery job, worked my ass off for a month so I could buy it. It would feel like a kick in the guts if this forum gets taken down.
I know it's always been the case but it kinda makes my stomach churn thinking about how Garry could very well just flip a switch and nuke the forum tomorrow without as much as a warning.
If Garry really doesn't care about facepunch why not just hand over ownership to like Hezzy or something
It’s actually really nice seeing people giving blue members their gold wish. what a lovely community it would be a shame if someone decided to end it...
WE should have more pixel style clothing avatar system, and it costs money. Gaiaonline is still kickin strong despite being 1000x dumber than the dumbest person here.
Facepunch can't shutdown. After being here since 2005, I can safely say, this place is unique. Reddit or discord ain't got shit on this place. I've visited this place pretty much everyday, and has helped me in so many ways. My English grammar skyrocket when I was young because of the smartness system back in the day. This place has also helped me become more social, and more extrovert. For the love of god @garry don't kill this amazing forum. You made an amazing community, and if you don't feel like handling this place anymore, maybe hand over the torch to someone else from the forum?
Are you suprised? Garry has always been a spiteful, egotistical cunt, especially after Gmod 10 made him a shitload of money.
Though my post rate went down a lot since newpunch with the new account and whatnot -- I've been a regular lurker/occasional poster that spends atleast 2 hours a day on this site, almost every single day, since I was 12 years old in '08. It would honestly crush me to see it go, and I'd probably have a hole in my heart. Facebook and Reddit just seem like trash in comparison.
God forbid I have to use reddit, always kinda hated that place and how it works. Give the forums to someone else, Garry. I don't want to leave here.
And maybe i'll magically get laid tomorrow, world peace will spontaneously arise, and humanity will develop warp drives for interstellar travel.
I think Garry deleted nearly all his tweets recently, as well. I suspect something's going on with the ol' fella, and he should probably talk to someone about it instead of taking it out on a long-time dedicated customer-base... that's just counter-productive and will hurt more than it helps.
Why would you delete the video forum it's like the only one I look at
is it time i finally get a somethingawful account?
I've been in this community since 2005... Seen it burn and live again, collapse and get reborn. I don't really see the point of remaking something only to abandon it completely. I love Facepunch and I'd never want to see it go away, discussions are stimulating and it's always a fun time posting here. Even if I mostly lurk around nowadays, it's become a habitual thing. Facepunch has been with me through good and bad. I've made friends here whom I still am in contact with. These news have brought me sadness. And I really hope it gets reconsidered. It used to be about gmod, but now it's about the users here and how we're all familiar with each other, being from different countries and backgrounds and still have a common place to discuss stuff. Honestly it's sad. IF it does get taken down however, I hope that it gets remade by the community or something. If/when it happens, please contact me on steam or something. However for now, I hope that this is just one of garry's tricks, or autumn depression. Whichever it is, please don't remove facepunch.
I don't want to just go on Reddit. Facepunch offers a deeper experience and has done that for the last 11 years I've been on it.
I'm not really sure how someone can look at the forums, and the community created by and centered around them, and only think about what they themselves have to benefit from it. If it really isn't worth it anymore, pass it on to someone who cares instead of fucking everyone over continually until nothing's left.
Yep this place is going to get killed. Honestly it's fine. Facepunch is honestly like an Avant-Garde type of website, Rust being very Avant-Garde.
The first one sounds like its the easiest. Find a facepuncher near you.
and so the bears asshole closes shut once again
I've been here since 2006, forum went a long way and i sort of grew up along side it, use to do tons of gmod related stuff. It would really bum me out if the forum got shut down, i don't post a lot anymore but still actively check videos/lmao thread/creationism corner.
Name 5. Hard Mode: Not Grenadiac because he has never posted any opinion that wasn't such common non-offensive agreeable nonsense he might as well be posting static white noise. And he barely posts in political threads anymore because he probably doesn't want to let on too much of his real opinions in fear of being seen as less of a "figurehead of levelheadedness" or something equally as dumb and unimportant on these forums.
I honestly don't post as much as I used to, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't still pretty engaged with the forum after all this time, just lurking instead of posting. Like everyone's said, this site is pretty irreplaceable and holds a special place in my heart, and I really can't think of anywhere else I'd go. Hell, for several years the front page was my home page.
Goddamn i keep coming back to get disappointed that the videos sub-forum is gone. Dont do this man, I need this.
Heh, at least Garry is lurking.
Yeah I mean I'm always available
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