• In case you're wondering what the fuck is going on with facepunch (recap thread)
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>spoonfeeding Just kidding, I know where I am. Here. You have the usual shitposters, people who legitimately disagree, but there's also actual discussion on what made this place different, but good.
well yeah, but in the end the person who bears the responsibility for the site is garry. the person who has to manage the backend is garry. the person that might have to legally answer for what goes on here if stuff were to degenerate really badly would be garry. he can't delegate everything... or if he does it's by using discord/reddit, hence why it's not a inherently a bad idea if his main goal is just focus on the stuff that matters to him (making games)
He's also a horrible judge of character, considering some of the videos he posted of himself making fun of a SFM artist... then uh. Well I don't even have to mention the rest because the irony would kill half of the forum
Well, it's off-topic, but for what that's worth the videos had been requested by people in the deviantart thread at first, long after the trend of mocking said artist had already settled in. I didn't want to just deliver a reaction video like what was requested, so I kept pausing in the videos to try to give constructive criticism and suggestions. As a result I ended up having lengthy discussions with him where I answered his questions, mostly 1) how to do this or that in SFM, 2) taking a look at his script ideas because he was really tired of being harassed by the people in the DA thread. I later deleted the videos at his request. You can complain about me having done some questionable bans back when I was an overzealous mod if you wish, that's perfectly justified and I acted like a really big dumbass on more than a few occasions back then, I'm 100% aware of that.
I'm honestly can't even fathom the idea of Facepunch being put down. I grew up with this website and learned my internet etiquette and 'don't post like a retard' skills here. I shared in discussions of games and all manner of things with countless of you, and participated and hilarious shenanigans like the Bitstrips Thread which I still have fond memories of. Hell it was here that I learned my SFM skills amongst the other animators when it was first released, and continued to find help and assistance which allowed me to make the videos I did on my Youtube channel. People posted my stuff to share here sometimes and I would be pleasantly shocked and see what people had to say about it all. This has been my go-to site every damn day to for news, and I was always easily able to kick back with a coffee or something and lurk for a bit to kill time and read through the interesting discussions people were always having. You just don't get this kind of shit from a place like Reddit or 4chan. Fuck up all the layout all you want Garry, but don't take the site down. We love this damn place.
I've not always gotten along with the other posters here, or mods. I've been perma'd before and garry unbanned me when he decided it was wrong. But if this place goes, I'll miss it. Some of the best deviants I've associated with, I've met on here.
if you've been here long enough you will have seen the writing on the wall forever ago minus the antfarm most of garry's activity from the beginning has just pulling the trigger on users honestly think the guy's hated this place since he busted up the mr apple thing
what's the "mr. apple thing"?
some good old gmf hazing
I remember the mr. apple incident. Far as I can recall, he was being bullied in the GMF, then one day they gave him mod powers and he went hog wild. It was kinda funny.
Facepunch has been ahead of the curve since its inception. A community was formed around an amazing game with physics, where anything could happen. Garry recoded a boring forum package into something that looks and works great for its users. The reason I stayed is because there's a lot of good people here. People are always going to hate change and it's no reason to quit. Give ownership to someone who will maintain the forums, and time is freed while responsibility lifted. If the forums went dark the world will keep on spinning... Though it's up to those with the knowledge and skill to maintain good things to do so. Facepunch is a good thing. Take a look at some other popular forums and you'll see that we're one of the least toxic.
Truly, the end of an era.
I grew up with this forum and it's been my little slice of home on the Internet no matter where I was. It would be a real shame for this to just end.
Please don't. I've been on this forum for for around 11-12 years - almost half my life. I like this place. I don't mind some of the changes but I can see some of them pushing people away due to them being settled with the way things worked. But I genuinely like it it here. There's a bit of camaraderie. I don't post as much as I used to though.
I've been on this forum for awhile, lurking, reading threads, laughing at the Refugee Camp. It's kind of been my go to for a long time now, kind of sad to see it go. I really wish it would still stay around.
Facepunch is the only only message board I go to that I don't consider complete shit. Between my Youtube channel dying, my health problems, and my inability to get a job after over a year of searching, if Facepunch shuts down that might be what finally sends me into a suicidal depression.
This scared me so bad I had to download the discord mobile app to join the FP discord server. I've never been one for the meta-discussions about moderators or back-end work, but I know that I really enjoy this place. I first came her for tf2 mods and now I've learned a lot about politics and that has even influenced my decision to try for law school. It would be very sad if the site was shut down.
Well, i was gonna post about how i just can't fathom how one man can just selfishly not give a fuck about so many people and what they think, then it hit me, well, that's basically my whole country right now
FP forums would be better off given to the community, it isn't a duty Garry has to hold on to for whatever reason. If he lacks motivation and doesn't see the value of doing upkeep on the forum anymore, then the next logical step is to give it to someone who has both.There's quite a handful of people willing to do that. To shut down these forums could ultimately shut down this community, as it's been our home for so many years. There is a certain and ambitious possibility that someone will make a new forum for us to migrate or splinter off to, but at the end of the day I've never felt more at home in a forum than at Facepunch.
Been a long time coming. Been a time seen from afar. Shut it down. You get banned for supporting a candidate, you get banned for opposing views. You let the cockroaches infest the building. Best to let it rot with them inside it. https://i.imgflip.com/1exkdb.jpg
I really just don't understand how Garry feels this place isn't unique or doesn't do anything Reddit or other places don't. He's always been a bit of a standoffish prick but even a short lurk on our boards makes it pretty clear what we've got that others don't. Facepunch just has more content and more substantial content than almost anywhere else, pure and simple, not to mention a more level-headed (mostly) community and better people. Yeah i mean you can get a flood of immediate content from like Reddit but barely any of it is real content whereas you go into a Megathread for a game and there's some real meaty stuff there, the STALKER thread is a golden example. Even if it doesn't get many posts, there's ALWAYS a discussion of the game, favorite mods, or mods that FPers are creating going on and users helping each other out. The Battlefield thread always has a good discussion going on gameplay mechanics and current developments in the game. The (now folded into GD) videos section never fails to have SOMETHING interesting to watch in it. SH keeps me up to date on my news that i usually see here before i see it anywhere else. Something like that on Reddit would get buried in minutes, not to mention the layout's cancer to read and navigate but then upvoting and downvoting shifts comments so you have little idea of context and most of it is memes and shitflinging anyway. Hell, if nothing else, if a bullshit place like SomethingAwful can still exist in this day and age, Facepunch will always have a place.
You're one of those refugees complaining in the /v/ thread, aint' you?
Is that your best excuse for my reasoning? How daft are you?
Oh yeah sorry we don't support racism and climate change denial. Man you're right what were we thinking. Get the fuck outta here.
Better off selling it if Garry gets nothing from the site then give it to someone who will appreciate it (and hopefully not ruin it). FP has always been my preferred forum because it wasnt too big to be trash and still retained an "old school" style of operation. If Garry wants to talk about "wasting time" how about the fact that users have been on here for years and years every step of the way, is our time worth nothing? I know that it isnt. So be fair to your users and not pick up your toys and go home just because people didnt like "newpunch" the forum is fine and doesnt need to be reddit 2.0, just make games and be happy you made something that so many people have dedicated so much of their lives to.
[a bunch of posts calling us a circlejerk of leftist whiners because we bash on the idiot in power] I don't really know what I was expecting. I guess all of 4chan is basically an extension of /pol/ at this point?
See kids, this is why FP is a haven from having to dredge through the absolute cesspit that is Reddit/4chan/SA.
This forum has definitely turned into a cancer. Been here since 2006 and I have seen this forum just go south. I really used to enjoy this forum even if people didn't agree or like what I said. It was at least constructive. But lately it has become hostile to anyone who isn't part of the hive mind. I hate to use words like SJW's or snowflakes to describe the people on here but it's sadly become the norm. There is no decency here anymore. If I have one suggestion it is to bring back the old facepunch. Where people had to use things like spellcheck to avoid being banned. Would cull some of these 20 something babby neets real quick. This forum with all its little cartoon icons has become very reminiscent of a daycare center at this point.
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