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Facepunch Community Event Hub What's this about? A thread for ideas, discussion, voting and news. Why? This is about bringing the community together from all sides. Doesn't matter who. What. Where. Specifics? Generally multi player games, community competitions. The main focus for multi player games will be Facepunch games but can be other games not made by Facepunch. Format for suggesting? Game? Trailer. Good description maybe some gameplay stuff. If we've done this before in the past link some of the content that came out of that. Competition? Good description. Prizes. Can I help in setting servers or events up? Yes. You are more than welcome to help out. Post your interest here and show us what you have. What happens if my idea get's the go ahead? Make a thread and link it here. Discussions for your idea should go into it's own thread. What's the first idea? Setting up the community Rust server. At the moment. I've just finished setting up a vanilla one but I'm stuck between modded and Vanilla. I want some input. If you're interested in talking and discussing the Rust Community Server. Let me know here and I'll make a dedicated thread about it in the Games section. This thread is under @Hezzy blessing. https://chie.club/files/images/st/db944f55-4e28-4304-a102-7ddc3fc633f6.png
we should account for multiple timezones and get some weekly events to get people in voicechat, these shenanigans alone are goldmine.
Sure. Maybe we can run a little competition on singing or comedy shit or just really out there or bizarre stories.
you can also make theme elitist circlejerk by requiring specific amount of coins to join channel.
On the spot tropsical guy like reading's of thread's replies.
Okay we finally got this thread sticked. Discuss ideas.
We could go back to our roots and actually have a FP community Gmod server
I like this idea. What game modes should we run? TTT? DarkRP? Sandbox? Zombie Survival?
BTW I've already gone ahead and thrown up the FP Forum Community Rust Server days ago and I forgot to update it. When your clock reaches xx:25 it will probably be back up and updated with the spooky as fuck Halloween update FP just did...
Here is an idea I had. Quoting posts from the (now closed) thread: >Could I make a thread for a board game tornament (tic-tac-toe, chess, etc..) with like steam games prizes. >The idea I had was like a community funded tournament. The participants and donators would supply the prize pool. I'll elaborate when more of it comes back to me.
Basically what I had in mind. There are still some funds left. Hezzy can shill us FP game keys.
Some more thooughts: On entree fees: The idea was that each person entering the contest would have to donate a game (or valuable game items) to the prize pool worth at least X amount. (maybe they can give a 'promise' that they will purchase a winner any game of X worth?). They can keep their entry fee if they are a winner of the tournament. Ideally they would give them to the tournament host, who would then distribute them to the winners. But that doesn't really work. The problem is trade restrictions with game gifts. You can directly gift to a person immediately, but IIRC there is 1 month trade restriction on all steam game gifts. So indirect trading is delayed. So how do we handle people with trade delayed games (or the promise scenario)? In this case entrants accounts would have to be above a certain forum age or whatever. They would keep hold of their stuff till winners are decided, and then directly gift item to a winner. Put their names in a "pot" and assign them in proportion to the 1st/2nd/3rd place winner.
I'd really love that GMOD server, would give me a reason to play it again, and I've been craving some TTT with folks I know, playing TTT with randos just isn't the same. Would also love to have spacebuild up and running, or that space gamemode by some dude here where you travel various solar systems and shit and even visit planets to mine them, that one was great also.
One issue with the idea of a board games tourney, is how many people would actually be interested in it? With stuff like video games we can be pretty sure that people would be interested, FP is a video game forum. But I can't say the same about boardgames. Should I make a new thread for this topic?
Yes make a new thread link it back here.
Even if it isn't our own server, it would be pretty fun if FP got together to play gmod.
Does any notable Facepunch-forum user here actually plays Rust?
id throw a thread in the rust section but to be honest nobody knows me and It was decided that Hezzy could introduce me so I could continue to work on it been too busy so atm the server is up and empty with no players
I actually wouldn't mind playing rust at all, liked what I played in the legacy edition and I kinda cream everytime I look at the devblogs for it. Really about the only thing I dislike about rust is that they've got wipes every month, would love to have a server kinda like 2b with just a fuckload of abandoned structures, remains from raids, etc.
Hey guys i got the biggest news for you, no matter how hard you try if your account gets hijacked/hacked and you get ingame banned by the devs only to find this out once you try to play after gaining access to your hacked account once again and then to file an appeal FOR the ban only for them to say "bans can't be lifted" and yet theres an appeal department for them !?!?! So yeah be extra careful this company tries to stop cheating at all cost even if its at the cost of cheating their loyal customers out of playing the game and forcing them to repurchase on another account.
sorry man ill refund you, hit me up on steam - garry
where the fuck do these people even come from like is there anyone that plays this game that signs up on the forum to post something pleasant?
On topic but sort of not, I have tried connecting to the FP Rust server ( In the hopes that we're going to organise something over the next couple weeks ) and not getting anywhere. Is that what being a Rust Kiddie feels like? @Taliyah
Haven’t had much time being on it due work starting to pick up. Rust isn’t bad though. Just a long game with out people. btw play it
Ah, I mean as in I literally can't connect to it - is the server definitely running?
Unless Rust updated it should totally be up. I'll give it a kick.
I agree - since it seems to be a virtually private server, it's doable. Should we make a separate thread for it?
I would be down for TTT, darkrp is also a good laugh. Haven't touched Gmod in YEARS.
If we played TTT would it be vannila or would we ask people to suggest what addons it should also have?
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